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Breathtaking views and delicious gourmet works. When the incomparable beauty of Mother Nature is combined with the culinary masterpieces of great chefs is born an excellent and spectacular combination. An alchemy that will ignite your senses and make you enjoy a meal like few in the world. In Italy there are many, but we present you the 10 most beautiful panoramic restaurants in the country.

10 - Spazio Capofaro, Salina - Aeolian Islands (Messina, Sicily)

A small temple of Sicilian culinary traditions. A terrace overlooking gourmet on the silhouettes of Stromboli and Panarea. Spazio Capofaro is a gastronomic laboratory in the heart of our Mediterranean Sea. His chef Niko Romito, three Michelin stars, has brought to Salina a simple but versatile type of restaurant. His young collaborators, from the Niko Romito Formazione of Castel di Sangro (L'Aquila), create dishes based on the ancient flavors of Sicilian culture giving them, however, a new culinary impetus. A menu focused on products of the Aeolian Islands and on the producers participating in the Natura in Tasca project. Spazio Capofaro is open only for the summer season at the Capofaro Malvasia & Resort in Salina. Here it is also produced an excellent wine, the Tasca d'Almerita, thanks to the seven hectares of vineyards overlooking the sea. Spazio Capofaro is a place for lovers of taste and for anyone looking for a new concept of luxury, in harmony with nature.

  • Average price per person: à la carte on request
  • Phone: 090 984 4330
  • Address: Isola di Salina, Municipality of Malfa, Via Faro, 3, 98050 ME

9 - Monte Turri, Tortolì - fraction of Arbatax (Ogliastra, Sardinia)

Table with a view of that corner of Sardinia between the Mediterranean and the beginning of Barbagia: a primitive, intact and wild landscape. The spurs of rock are thrown into emerald waters, while caves, fjords and postcard coves slip between the green of the Mediterranean scrub and the pink granite of the stacks. A sublime spectacle served by this restaurant inside the Arbatax Park Resort: eight hotels spread among olive trees, mastic trees and myrtles. A park of 40 hectares populated by wild boars, fallow deer, donkeys, sheep, Sardinian cows and Giara horses. On this lovely terrace your palate can taste a full immersion of local flavors, including: malloreddus (the typical Sardinian gnocchi) and culurgiones (symbol of the area's cuisine; stuffed with Sardinian pecorino or potatoes and mint, seasoned with tomato and grated pecorino), seadas with cheese and honey (the famous sweet-not sweet Sardinian).

  • Average price per person: à la carte on request.
  • Phone: 0782 667500
  • Address: Via Faro Bellavista, 08048 Arbatax, Tortolì OG

8 - La Pergola, Positano (Salerno, Campania)

40 kilometers of Amalfi Coast they will appear before your eyes as in a picturesque vision. La Pergola dominates that strip of coast which embodies all the splendid peculiarities of the area: that harsh purity expertly mixed with hanging gardens and vegetable gardens, pergolas and bougainvillea cascades that descend to the sea. A restaurant that it also leaves you amazed inside. Former home of Franco Zeffirelli (and even before the Russian writer Mikhail Semenov), today it is a charming hotel with 16 suites named after the great director's closest friends. To the walls

  • Average price per person: à la carte on request
  • Phone: 089 812076
  • Address: Via del Brigantino, 84017 Positano SA

7 - Verbano, Isola dei Pescatori - Stresa (Verbania, Piedmont)

The romantic Hotel Verbano on Isola dei Pescatori, the smallest of the Borromean islands, welcomes you with its few rooms that can only be reached by boat. A little restaurant with a terrace with an enchanting view: Isola Bella, Isola Madre ("earthly paradise" for Gustave Flaubert) and the frame of the mountains that cuddle the shores of the lake in which gardens and villas are set. An oasis of peace that has enchanted artists, writers and musicians, like Toscanini, Simenon and the aforementioned Flaubert. The chef Diego Pioletti It offers a menu with delicate fresh fish from the lake and fuller flavors and I decided of the Ossola valleys, as well as rice-based dishes from the nearby Novara plain.

  • Average price per person: from 65 Euros upwards
  • Address: Via Ugo Ara, 2, 28838 Isola dei Pescatori, Stresa VB
  • Phone: 0323 30408

6 - Timeo, Taormina (Messina, Sicily)

Etna remains in the background in this one postcard panoramic view. The Timeo boasts an incomparable position on Capo Taormina and on that stretch of coast that winds towards the Cyclops Riviera. On this balcony David Herbert Lawrence found the inspiration to write the then scandalous novel "Lady Chatterley's Lover", Truman Capote here loved sipping cocktails and Guy de Maupassant loved the landscape. In front of this panorama, which has remained practically unchanged, you can enjoy Acitrezza lobster, Palermo-style swordfish rolls, wild asparagus agnolotti, underwire macaroni standard, Aeolian-style sea bass escalope, Messina-style stocco fish salad and others tasty creations by chef Roberto Toro.

  • Average price per person: from 80 Euros upwards
  • Address: Via Teatro Greco, 59, 98039 Taormina ME
  • Phone: 0942 627 0200

5 - La Sponda, Positano (Salerno, Campania)

At nightfall the restaurant La Sponda turns on four hundred candles, a mandolin and a guitar whisper song pass and large windows they frame the sunset that slowly dissolves behind the yellow and green majolica dome of the church of the Assumption. La Sponda is the flagship of the hotel Le Sirenuse, an old manor house converted into a high-class hotel. A terrace in the blue e a room inlaid with vines are the perfect setting for the masterpieces of chef Matteo Temperini, Michelin star and great lover of traditions and Neapolitan and Campania flavors. Linguine di Gragnano with clams and lemon zucchini pesto; rock octopus poached with Ponza lentils, escarole and Termini provola foam; seared imperial prawns with toasted scampi, broad beans, new artichokes and dried tomatoes; pears with anise and pistachio, coffee sauce and licorice; creamy milk and dark chocolate, pine nuts and crunchy ice cream… and other classy reinterpretations with excellent products await you at La Sponda.

  • Average price per person: from 100 Euros upwards
  • Address: Via Cristoforo Colombo, 30, 84017 Positano SA
  • Phone: 089 875066

4 - Grotta Palazzese, Polignano a Mare (Bari, Apulia)

In the suggestive setting made up of narrow alleys and overhanging white houses, this insinuates itself curious restaurant, housed inside of the fascinatingPalazzese cave, the largest and best known in the area. It is accessed from the road through a narrow staircase, carved directly into the rock. Inside awaits you a large semicircular "room", about 30 meters in diameter. In the past it was a ballroom built in 1730 by Duke Leto of Naples, lord of Polignano. The cave thus became a meeting place for great occasions e meeting place of high society. Abandoned after the French Revolution, it is currently very busy during the summer months. The room inside the cave with a limestone vault, directly overlooks the sea giving breathtaking dinners in a dimly lit and surreal atmosphere.

They await you gourmet menu tasting and à la carte, fish. Some examples: tartare of red tuna and almonds, mayonnaise of green tomatoes and purple cabbage; cod, cucumber sauce, cucunci crumble and carrot chiffonade; pacchero rigato with prawns, yellow datterini tomatoes, aubergine crunch and limonella powder; soft yogurt with mango and peaches, salted cocoa crumble and coconut dacquoise. A place very special, of undoubted scenographic impact and linked to an equally impressive hotel.

  • Average price per person: from 150 Euros upwards
  • Address: Via Narciso, 59, 70044 Polignano A Mare BA
  • Phone: 080 424 0677

3 - Olimpo, Sestri Levante (Genoa, Liguria)

Last year, at the World Travel Market in London, it won silver for the most beautiful panorama in the world. A sort of Oscar for the Vis à Vis hotel, on the top of which stands the Olimpo restaurant. Never has a name been more appropriate given the divine view that gives: on the one hand the Bay of Silence (among ten most beautiful beaches in Italy) and on the other the Bay of Fables, as Hans Christian Andersen baptized it during his stay in 1833. In the middle, a thin strip of land with the characteristic Ligurian caruggi. The huge windows they frame portions of the landscape creating real paintings. A luxurious atmosphere, almost of other times. The chef Vladimiro Ghio offers delicious dishes such as: marinated fish with exotic fruit and raspberry citronette; monkfish and tuna with clam cream; grilled shrimp with tarragon in the garden of spiced vegetables; pork fillet in black sesame and cinnamon crust with plum sauce; loin of lamb on tapinanbur cream and a basket of vegetables with sweet garlic; hazelnut parfait with caramel sauce. A place that enchants eyes, heart, soul and palate.

  • Average price per person: from 120 Euros upwards
  • Address: Via della Chiusa, 28, Sestri Levante GE
  • Phone: 0185 42661

2 - Belvedere, Ravello (Salerno, Campania)

I look at it from vertigo of the Belvedere restaurant, flagship of the Hotel Caruso (a building full of Norman arches, eighteenth-century frescoes, wisteria and oleanders), defies natural laws. Poised on the cliff at 350 meters overhanging the sea, this restaurant is located exactly where the eye is lost in the blue, touching olive groves and lemon gardens. The chef Mimmo Di Raffaele gratifies the palate of guests with zero kilometer flavors: tonnarelli with buffalo ragout and Amalfi lemon pesto; pezzogna with Corbara cherry tomatoes; Neapolitan pasticciotto with almond milk ice cream and other delicious dishes. A challenge to the law of gravity that will give you the illusion of dining suspended between sky and water in the presence of the profile of the Lattari Mountains. And if that's not enough, the restaurant reserves also a surprise: a floating table on the infinity pool when, at sunset, the border between sea and sky dissolves into a magical e suggestive fairytale scenery.

  • Average price per person: from 140 Euros upwards
  • Address: Piazza S. Giovanni del Toro, 2, 84010 Ravello SA
  • Phone: 089 858801

1 - La Terrazza, Portofino (Genoa, Liguria)

In the fifties and sixties it was, together with the legendary Piazzetta, the symbol of the Dolce Vita of the Riviera. The Splendido di Portofino, one of the most exclusive hotels in the world, in a privileged position on the tiny bay made famous and romantic by Fred Buscaglione with his "I found my love in Portofino", welcomes guests in his La Terrazza restaurant. Breathtaking scenery: the iridescent and iridescent promontory, the Costa dei Delfini and the entire Gulf of Tigullio that fades into the distance towards the Cinque Terre. Between climbing plants and flowering pergolas, the chef Corrado Corti, with its 22 employees, delights guests with classics of Ligurian cuisine and refined combinations of flavors as: artichoke salad with scampi from the Gulf flavored with thyme; red mullet stew with olive oil croutons; Ligurian style cuttlefish and chickpea zimino with rosemary scent. A place loved by the VIPs of the past and crowned heads, still much appreciated today. Among the most loyal customers stands out Elizabeth Taylor, which the menu pays homage with his favorite dish: spaghetti with trio of fresh San Marzano, Sorrento and Pachino tomatoes. Yesterday like today, a best seller not to be missed.

  • Average price per person: from 160 Euros upwards
  • Address: Via Roma, 2, 16034 Portofino GE
  • Phone: 0185 267800

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