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The usual beach holidays no longer offer you stimuli? Are you tired of spending your holidays in the usual tourist village? Give yourself one holiday different in contact with nature! Discover the fascination of terrestrial natural wonders. Here she is ranking of the 10 most beautiful natural parks in the world.

10 - Gran Paradiso National Park, Italy

At the tenth position we find the Gran Paradiso, considered the most beautiful national park in Italy. Located between Piedmont and Val d'Aosta, together with the Abruzzo Park, it holds an important record: it is the oldest Italian park. Since the time of King Vittorio Emanuele II, the Gran Paradiso reserve was an important point of community naturalistic interest, often used by members of the royal family for organizing hunting trips.

9 - Sagarmatha National Park, Nepal

Higher up is the Sagarmatha National Park, in Nepal, whose importance has been recognized by theUNESCO inserting it between protected sites. The mountain stands out among its heights Everest, known for being the highest peak in the world.

8 - Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

Park Serengeti it is one of the best known protected areas on the African continent. The reserve, declared Humanitarian Heritage in 1981, it presents an incredible fauna richness.

Among the "inhabitants" of the park there are all the "big five", the five great animals that own the savannah (lion, elephant, rhinoceros, leopard and buffalo).

7 - Yellowstone National Park, USA

In seventh place here is it Yellowstone National Park, park that inspired the Jellystone, the fantastic "home" of the bear Yogi. Grizzlies are one of the symbolic species of the reserve. The park, which takes its name from the river of the same name, is located above a huge volcanic caldera, which is why its geological structure is rich in geysers and hot springs.

6 - Galapagos National Park, Ecuador

Also the islands national park Galapagos wins by right a position in the standings. Here there is an exceptional quantity of endemic animal species. Especially the famous ones are remembered Galapagos giant tortoises, which live for over 150 years and can weigh up to 300 kg. The Galapagos and the surrounding marine reserve are among the world heritage sites.

5 - Tikal National Park, Guatemala

The Archaeological / Natural Park of Tikal takes its name fromancient Mayan city, whose ruins are still perfectly preserved inside.

It is one of the most important tourist places in Guatemala: The magnificence of its pyramids are recognized by historians and experts, and the site is now included among the World Heritage Sites..

4 - Fiordland National Park, New Zealand

The fourth position we find the New Zealand national park of Fiordland. It has a particular geographic conformation: following the last ice ages, the glaciers caused the deformation of the coast leading to the creation of fjords or even some small islands. Secretary Island e Resolution Island they are an example.

3 - Grand Canyon National Park, USA

Il Grand Canyon, gorge carved by the Colorado River, is one of the 7 best known Naural Wonders in the world, for this reason the national park that surrounds them has earned the third step of the podium.

The surrounding area has dense vegetation that makes the area difficult to use.

2 - Canaima National Park, Venezuela

One step higher is the Canaima National Park, which with its 30.000 square kilometers of extension is the Largest National Park in the World. But the considerable size is not the only quality of the nature reserve: it has in fact an amazing floral heritage rich in endemic genera.

1 - Kruger National Park, South Africa

But the primacy of the most beautiful national and natural park in the world belongs to Kruger Park in South Africa. Kruger is the largest natural expanse of Africa as well as the most inhabited by rare animal species, typical of the Savannah such as elephants, zebras, monkeys, lions, buffaloes, condors, rhinos, hippos and warthogs, in short, all those animals that we Italians see only in documentaries on TV. The park is part of the "Kruger to Canyons Biosphere", area protected by UNESCO.

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