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    The 10 most important cities of the State of New York

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    The State of New York is one of the Federated states of the United States of America, with capital Albany. It is a country full of varied landscapes, from big cities to quiet American towns that are also seen in movies, from holiday resorts to resorts located on beautiful lakes. It is located on the border with Canada and, in fact, Buffalo is a strategic point for visiting Niagara Falls. But not only that, the best known city, which overshadows the whole state, is the very famous New York City!

    Let's find out together then what are the 10 Most Important Cities in New York State!


    1. New York City
    2. Buffalo
    3. Albany
    4. Utica
    5. Saratoga Springs
    6. Ithaca
    7. Yonkers
    8. Syracuse
    9. Rochester
    10. Watertown
    11. User questions and comments

    1 - New York City

    In the first place there could only be New York City, one of the best known and most desired cities in the world! We have all wanted to go there at least once, also thanks to the many films and TV series that have been shot here. Located at the mouth of the Hudson River, it consists of 5 districts: Manhattan, Brooklyn, The Bronx, Queen and Staten Island.

    To visit New York probably a month would not be enough! There are so many things to do and see. If you are visiting it for the first time, we recommend the great classics: the Empire State Building, the Top of The Rock, Times Square, the Brooklyn Bridge and the Statue of Liberty. There are also numerous museums, with some of the most important collections in the world, and a walk in Central Park is a must. Spring and autumn are the perfect seasons to visit the city, but it also deserves a lot Christmas timedespite the cold!

    • Best time: from April to October for the most pleasant temperatures and sunny days (perhaps avoiding August, the peak season). December for the Christmas atmosphere
    • Main attractions: Times Square, Empire State Building, Central Park, Statue of Liberty

    2 - Buffalo

    It is located on the shores of Lake Erie and on the border with Canada, you find the city of Buffalo! Capital of Erie County, it is the second most populous city in the state after New York, with 270.000 inhabitants.

    But Buffalo is visited and known above all for one reason: it is the perfect starting point for visiting Niagara Falls, which are only 35 km from the city. We advise you to stay here at least two days, one for the falls, one for exploring the city, which still has several attractions to offer to those who visit it! Plus, Buffalo is there home of the famous Chicken Wings, the spicy chicken wings. They were born right here and still today you can enjoy the original ones, as well as the best in all of America.

    • Best time: from May to October, for the mildest and sunniest days, the perfect time to visit Niagara Falls as well (being on the border with Canada, winter is very harsh)
    • Main attractions: Niagara Falls, Guaranty Building, Albright-Knox Art Gallery

    3 - Albany

    And the capital of the state of New York. It is located in the western part of the state, near the border with Massachusetts, and is approximately 245 km from New York. Despite being the capital, it is not a very large city: it has about 100.000 inhabitants and an area of ​​only 56,6 sq km (compared to 784 sq km in New York).

    Despite being the capital, it is still an (unfairly) little visited destination. Being only 2 hours / 3 hours from New York, we absolutely recommend that you include it in your itinerary! It is about a lively and modern city, located on the banks of the Hudson River, home to some of the most important universities in the area and home to the New York State Capitol.

    • Best time: from May to October, for the milder temperatures and the sunniest days, to be able to enjoy the wonderful parks on the Hudson River
    • Main attractions: New York State Museum, USS SLATER, New York State Capitol, Washington Park

    4 - Utica

    It is in the heart of New York State, 150km from Albany and 390km from New York. It is the capital of Oneida County and has about 60.000 inhabitants. It is a suitable destination above all to nature lovers, as it is located in the Mohawk Valley, in the Adirondacks Mountains.

    Thanks to its lovely location you can then enjoy a wonderful nature, made up of mountains, rivers and lakes, here are indeed the Erie Canal and the Mohawk River. With the Adirondack Scenic Railroad, you can also cross Adirondack Park comfortably by train and admire all its wonders. Also not to be missed is a visit to the Utica Marsh Wildlife Management Area, a nature reserve where you can, if you are lucky, see some rare species of birds!

    • Best time: in the summer, from May to October, due to the mild and sunny temperatures, suitable for making the most of outdoor areas such as the Utica Marsh Wildlife Management Area
    • Main attractions: Munson-Williams-Proctor Arts Institute, Utica Marsh Wildlife Management Area, Utica Children's Museum

    5 - Saratoga Springs

    It's a holiday resort located in western New York State, approximately 67 km from the capital city of Albany and 303 km from New York. It counts 26.586 inhabitants and it is perfect to visit in two or three days. From New York it is easy to reach thanks to the direct train that connects the two cities!

    It is still a little known destination for mass tourism, but it is one of the favorite places for American tourists. It is most famous for the horse racing season, which is held in the summer between July and late Besides that, Saratoga Springs is a major one spa. In the city you can find several wellness centers located around the thermal springs, perfect for spending a few hours of total relaxation thanks to the many wellness treatments they offer!

    • Best time: summer months, from May to October. The horse racing season is held in July and August, the racecourses in the city are different
    • Main attractions: Saratoga Spa State Park, Roosevelt Mineral Baths, Saratoga Springs History Museum, Race to the Hippodrome

    6 - Ithaca

    It is the county seat of Tompkins County, located on the shores of Cayuga Lake, one of the Finger Lakes (name that comes from their long and narrow shape, like the fingers of a hand). With a population of around 30.000, it is 270km from Albany and 360km from New York.

    The life of the city and the area develops all around the lake and around the prestigious University, which you can also visit! But that's not all: this is one perfect destination for those who love nature, because even near the historic center you can find spectacular landscapes! This is the case of the Ithaca Falls Natural Area, near the University, where along the Ithaca Falls Trail you can come across wonderful waterfalls. The local market, center of the life of the inhabitants, and the parks on the shores of the lake are also worth a visit.

    • Best time: in the summer, from April to October. Spring and summer perfect for outdoor activities and nature trails, early autumn with its colors and red leaves that transform the landscape
    • Main attractions: Ithaca Falls Natural Area, Stewart Park, Ithaca Farmers Market,

    7 - Yonkers

    It is a city very close to New York City (35 km), in fact it borders the Bronx borough and therefore is perfect for a day trip if you are in the Big Apple. It is located in Westchester County and will give you wonderful views of both New York City and the surrounding area. Furthermore, with a population of around 200.000, it is the fourth largest city in the state.

    The city is located on the Hudson River and the perfect place to start your itinerary is the Downtown-Waterfront District neighborhood. This is in fact the most modern and luxurious area in the whole city, full of bars, restaurants, entertainment and shops. If you like the genre, don't miss an evening at the famous Empire City Casino, the very modern and super elegant city casino. And for children, not far from the center, you can find the LEGOLAND Discovery Center Westchester.

    • Best time: from April to October, for milder temperatures and sunny days
    • Main attractions: Downtown-Waterfront District, Hudson River Museum, LEGOLAND Discovery Center Westchester, Empire City Casino.

    8 - Syracuse

    It is the county seat of Onondag County. With 142.749 inhabitants it is the fifth largest city in the state. Is situated on the shores of Onondaga Lake, one of the Finger Lakes. Full of events, many of which focus on food, it is worth a visit all year round, but the best time is summer, to enjoy the area to the fullest.

    City of culture and entertainment, this city is capable of satisfying the wishes and needs of all travelers! In fact, here you can visit wonderful museums, such as the Everson Museum of Art and the Erie Canal Museum, or enjoy a few hours in nature at Lake Front or Onondaga Lake Park. But not only that, very close to the city center there is also the WonderWorks Destiny, a playground for young and old!

    • Best time: from May to October, for the milder temperatures and the sunniest days, which allow you to enjoy the best of Onondaga Lake
    • Main attractions: Everson Museum of Art, Erie Canal Museum, WonderWorks Destiny

    9 - Rochester

    E' on the southern shores of Lake Ontario which divides America and Canada, and is the county seat of Monroe County. It has about 210.000 inhabitants and is about 365 km from Albany and 530 km from New York.

    It is a destination suitable for everyoneFrom kid-friendly attractions like the National Museum of Play to cultural institutions like George Eastman House, from stunning natural beauty like Lake Ontario or the Braddock Bay Wildlife Management Area to sports-loving attractions , such as baseball and hockey stadiums. In summer, best season to visit the area, you can also relax on the shores of Lake Ontario at Ontario Beach Park, or take part in many nature excursions, such as the one to the Finger Lakes.

    • Best time: from May to October, for the mildest temperatures and the sunniest days, which allow you to enjoy the Lake Ontario area at its best, with the Ontario Beach Park
    • Main attractions: Memorial Art Gallery, George Eastman House, National Museum of Play, Rochester Museum & Science Center

    10 - Watertown

    It is located in the northernmost part of the state of New York, very close to the border with Canada and Lake Ontario. It is the county seat of Jefferson County, has 25.290 inhabitants00 and is 280 km from Albany 510 km from New York.

    This quiet town is steeped in history and is the perfect starting point for visiting the territory of the 1.000 islands, an archipelago of 1.864 islands that straddles the Canadian-US border on the Saint Lawrence River. You can explore the area by bike or with relaxing cruises along the river and reaching the lake. But not only nature: Watertown is also there favorite destination of Canadians for shopping! Plenty of people cross the border to indulge in shopping sprees at the famous Salmon Run Mall, a must visit if you're in town!

    • Best time: in the summer, from May to October, for the mild temperatures and to make the most of the territory of the 1.000 islands thanks to the many outdoor activities
    • Main attractions: 1.000 Islands, Salmon Run Mall, Jefferson County Historical Society
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