The 10 most high and fastest elevators of the world

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You are not claustrophobic? Love the speed, L 'innovation el 'adrenalina? Then this article certainly interests you! Not only skyscrapers tallest on earth: man measures his power also in the realization of super-fast elevators. Scroll through the ranking and find out which are the 10 fastest and tallest elevators in the world!

10 - Jin Mao Tower, Shanghai, China

  • Speed: 32km / h
  • Travel time: 46 seconds
  • Height: 421 meters

The Jin Mao Tower is the ninth tallest building in Shanghai, a city very much at work for its "vertical" development. The construction of this skyscraper was finished in 1999, and contains a food court, the Grand Hyatt Shanghai hotel, a shopping area, a nightclub and several offices.

9 - John Hancock Center, Chicago, USA

  • Speed: 33km / h
  • Travel time: 38 seconds
  • Height: 457 meters

The John Hancock Center is one of the tallest American buildings and approaches the fulfillment of 50 years of age: it was in fact completed in 1969. There is also one inside Swimmingpool.

8 - China World Trade Center Tower III, Beijing, China

  • Speed: 35km / h
  • Travel time: 33 seconds
  • Height: 330 meters

33 seconds to travel 330 meters in height: adrenaline at will for those on this Beijing China elevator. On the ground floor there are shops, offices, a car park, restaurants.

7 - Shanghai World Financial Center, Shanghai, China

  • Speed: 35km / h
  • Travel time: 49 seconds
  • Height: 492 meters

Rather recent construction, completed in 2008, also hosts the Park Hyatt Shanghai, the second tallest hotel in the world. It is located at sixth place of the tallest skyscrapers in the world.

6 - Sunshine 60 Building, Tokyo, Japan

  • Speed: 35km / h
  • Travel time: 24 seconds
  • Height: 240 meters

The Sunshine 60 Building is the th tallest building in Japan, the tallest in all of Asia until 1985. The building is used for multiple purposes: from Shopping all 'post office, from cafes to the gym.

5 - Burj Khalifa, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

  • Speed: 35km / h
  • Travel time: 1 minute and 24 seconds
  • Height: 830 meters

This construction was finished in 2009 and today with its 830 meters it is the highest in the world. The building is part of an area under construction, and the budget for its construction is close to one and a half billion dollars.

4 - Yokohama Landmark Tower, Yokohama, Japan

  • Speed: 45km / h
  • Travel time: 24 seconds
  • Height: 296 meters

Skyscraper completed in 1993 housing a 5 star hotel which occupies floors 49 to 70 and numerous shops and restaurants. On the 69th floor there is a observatory. Its lift is among the fastest in the world

3 - Taipei 101, Taipei, Taiwan

  • Speed: 61km / h
  • Travel time: 30 seconds
  • Height: 508 meters

The elevator in this building was built by Toshiba and travels at 61 km / h. The name of the building derives from the number of floors, 101 precisely. Every day they gravitate towards you 10.000 employees.

2 - Shanghai Tower, Shanghai, China

  • Speed: 69km / h
  • Travel time: 65 seconds
  • Height: 632 meters

Building of 128 plans and currently the highest in China. Between the 84th and 110th floors is the Jin Jiang Hotel, the tallest hotel in the world. The tower is equipped with 106 elevators supplied by Mitsubishi.

1 - Guangzhou CTF Finance Center, Guangzhou, China

  • Speed: 72km / h
  • Travel time: 43 seconds
  • Height: 530 meters

The elevator of this building is equipped with extreme security measures, designed to guarantee the maximum comfort. The builders managed to create a model free from any lateral vibration and people do not suffer from pressure in the eardrums.

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