The 10 most districts Dangerous and infamous of the world

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In any city they exist places not recommended or to avoid. Each urban agglomeration has in fact boundary areas, from which it is better to stay away. There are so many problems that affect the metropolitan ghettos: drugs, religious conflicts and fights between gangs competing for the territory are just concrete examples. In these places the right path is an offense, while violence and poverty reign supreme. If you are curious to know these terrifying places for both visitors and inhabitants, all you have to do is read on of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the world.


  1. Av. Juan R. Escudero / Ejido las Pozas, Renacimiento - Mexico
  2. Kamagasaki, Osaka - Japan
  3. Dora, Baghdad - Iraq
  4. Petare, Caracas - Venezuela
  5. Iztapalapa, Mexico City - Mexico
  6. N Monroe St / W Lanvale St, Baltimore - USA
  7. Spanish Town - Jamaica
  8. Ciudad Bolivar, Bogota - Colombia
  9. La Perla, San Juan - Puerto Rico
  10. Nyanga, Cape Town - South Africa
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Av. Juan R. Escudero / Ejido las Pozas, Renacimiento - Mexico

Less than 20 minutes from Acapulco, once a charming beach town featured in many Hollywood films, you will find it Ciudad Renacimiento, one of the most violent places in all of Mexico. Along roads like Av. Juan R. Escudero and Ejido las Pozas, murder is rampant. Gangs reign supreme here and the infamous Mexican Cartel wars are the order of the day.

Kamagasaki, Osaka - Japan

We move to the east, and precisely to Japan.
Kamagasaki is a residential area of ​​Osaka, occupied by various slums and vagabonds.
The police keep away from this neighborhood, which is not recommended by all self-respecting tourist guides.
Homelessness and petty crime characterize the area, making it dangerous and unlivable.

Dora, Baghdad - Iraq

The district of Dora has been a long time hive for terrorism. In this place the scene of terror never stops. Battles and clashes between followers of different faiths are frequent. Consider that in 2010 the neighborhood suffered a devastating attack that caused the death of more than 50 people.
Although part of a war-torn state, Dora is definitely a neighborhood to avoid.

Petare, Caracas - Venezuela

Caracas it is a mortal metropolis. Organized crime and the numerous gangs fighting between them create a high homicide rate, armed robberies, kidnappings and murders. The district Petare it is known to be one of the most violent and corrupt areas in the entire city. If you are in the area and want to buy a gun, don't be discouraged. In Petare it is easier to find a weapon than a piece of bread.

Iztapalapa, Mexico City - Mexico

Mexico City it is known to be a dangerous city, especially for women. The rape and domestic violence they are in fact the main causes of mortality. In this place nobody is saved, even the policemen are often involved in crimes.
Il Iztapalapa district, in particular, has some of the worst crime rates in the city, with one annual average of nearly 200 rapes and 5.000 cases of domestic abuse. In the area you register a murder every two days and massive drug trafficking.

N Monroe St / W Lanvale St, Baltimore - USA

With a violent crime rate 19 times higher than the national average, the neighborhood of Monroe St / W Lanvale St Baltimore is the most dangerous neighborhood in the United States. The city of Baltimore is on a mission to revitalize this most distressed part of the city, which is also dangerous due to the crumbling condition of many buildings. A few years ago a resident was killed when a house collapsed while sitting in his car parked opposite.

Spanish Town - Jamaica

Statistically, Spanish Town is the most violent place in all of Jamaica. More than 150 murders are recorded every year in this historic community.
Most of the murders are due to wars between rival gangs and the poverty of the area.
Crime is often the only way young people make a living. Illegal weapons are widespread throughout the community, including among children under the age of 11.

Ciudad Bolivar, Bogota - Colombia

Bolivar City it is an overcrowded neighborhood on the outskirts of Bogota, mainly inhabited by immigrants. Most of the houses are illegal and it is difficult for locals to find paid jobs. Slum dwellers are often hired in gangs that speak the language of terror and violence. More than 360 murders every year they are carried out along the streets of Ciudad Bolivar.

La Perla, San Juan - Puerto Rico

La slum of La Perla it consists of a dense tangle of houses, mostly illegal. The area is known for prevailing crime, described as a drug bazaar and narcotics industry.
A statistic is important to make us understand the danger of the area: the Puerto Rican police say that about half of the country's murders are the result of wars taking place in La Perla, linked to the control of the drug cartel.

Nyanga, Cape Town - South Africa

The municipality of Nyanga it is one of the most dangerous places in South Africa. The crime rate in this South African neighborhood is creepy. In the first months of this year, criminals in the area were charged with 233 murders, 1.046 serious assaults and nearly 2.000 drug-related offenses. Furthermore, almost all categories of violent crime are on the rise. The high level of crime has been attributed to factors such as alcohol abuse and the high rate of degradation. Nyanga has an estimated unemployment rate of 70 percent. HIV and AIDS are another major problem in the area.

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