The 10 Most Dangerous Trekking in the World

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Outdoor activities, scenic and healthy, can be both suggestive and adventurous at the same time. Dirt paths, rickety walkways, paths on flooding rivers, suspension bridges, very steep walls, remote places and natural labyrinths are just some of the trekking options that mother nature offers us. Here we want to talk about dangerous and crazy itineraries, so that everyone finds their ideal adventure. Putting them in order of danger would be impossible as danger is a subjective factor, but here's a list of the 10 most dangerous treks in the world!

10 - Via Ferrata de Liaucous, Mostuéjouls (France)

It is located in France, in the municipality of Mostuéjouls and a stone's throw from the village of Rozier, near the Tarn Gorges. Whoever faced it defines this difficult path but on the other hand a true masterpiece of nature drawn in millions of years by the river waters.

The trek is divided in two parts classified as "not very difficult" and "extremely difficult", both structured with walkways, rope bridges, suspension bridges and sections to cross by launching into a scenic flight of the angel, all this by climbing between steep walls and entering very narrow gorges. At the entrance you will find everything you need to tackle the trek safely!

9 - Half Dome, California (United States)

Impressive is the word that best suits Half Dome, the US mountain 2.694 meters high. Perhaps, having said this, the name of the summit does not remind you of anything, but what if we told you that it inspired the logo of the famous sports brand The North Face?

It is located in Yosemite Park and belongs to the Sierra Nevada chain. It's a granite peak surrounded by nature uncontaminated park where beauty, silence, adventure and vertigo await you in a long trek lasting several hours. Years and years ago this path was considered impractical and almost impossible, today it is well equipped with a system of wire ropes that help in climbing.

8 - Drakensberg Amphitheater, Mkhomazi (South Africa)

It is one of the most spectacular and at the same time one of the most difficult treks in the world it is located in South Africa, in the Drakensberg massif. The path to get there crosses spectacular mountain scenery and it is a true paradise for the most extreme hikers.

It is a'eco-tourism initiative promoted by South Africa and the neighboring Kingdom of Lesotho to enhance the territory by making known its nature, culture and local craftsmanship, in fact during this trek you will cross the first South African settlements and meet a series of over 22.000 paintings of ancient rock art. The place is also ideal both in summer with clear grasslands, forests and streams, and in winter when the mountains are covered with white, and finally it is a great place to admire the great African raptors such as eagles and hawks.

7 - El Caminito del Rey, El Chorro (Spain)

It is a famous trek for its walkways attached to vertical walls del Desfiladero de los Gaitanes, suspended up to 100 meters high on a river and only one meter wide.

The Sociedad Hidroelectrica del Chorro had built a first path to allow its workers to work in those sections so difficult to reach. After several years from the end of the works, the route was in dilapidated condition with collapsed sections unfortunately becoming a sort of a challenge itinerary for trekkers, causing many casualties. From 2015 it was therefore decided to restore it and put it back on track making it safe for adventurers. Nevertheless, the legendary Caminito del Rey still offers thrills, adrenaline and strong emotions today.

6 - The Glass Path, Zhangjiajie (China)

In China there is an experience that is a mixture of danger, adrenaline, suspense and adventure. The Glass Path is literally what the name indicates: a long one glass walkway suspended in the air since it was built along vertical rocks. The path is 1.400 meters long during which you will have the sensation of walking in the void, this also because of the 300 meters of height from the ground and its position on a precipice. But after the walk on the glass, the surprises are not over yet! After in fact you continue on particularly steep and impressive stairs until you reach the Gate of Heaven where the path ends. This trek is certainly suitable for the bravest but certainly not ideal for those suffering from vertigo!

5 - The Maze, Canyonlands National Park, Utah

The Maze means "labyrinth" and that's exactly what Canyonlands National Park is all about! The second name that was given to this park is not accidental as it is a place as wonderful as it is dangerous. The difficulty lies precisely in not letting oneself be distracted by the beauty of the landscapes and then losing orientation and we tell you this because in the beautiful rocky scenery it is also easy to get confused by the unclear path, closed alleys and uniformity of the elements that do not allow to have many points of reference.

In addition, the presence of dangerous rocks and risk of flash floods. To aggravate the situation there is also its remote location, almost impossible to reach, in fact, in case you need help it would take at least 3 days to find you and help you.

4 - K2, Pakistan and China

Famous mountain straddling Pakistan and China, it is the second highest in the world after Everest.
With its 8.609 meters high, the particular steepness, the strong windy exposure, the different routes of ascension and the statistics that claim one death for every four hikers who try to climb it, it can only re-enter among the most dangerous treks in the world.
However, despite the disturbing data on mortality, how to blame those who want to try to venture into this sort of mountainous paradise with unique passages? Furthermore, K2 is also a place that brings in contact with local cultures. In fact, on its slopes live the Balti, the Hunzakut, the Kyrgyz and the Wakhi, peoples of different ethnic groups united by the lifestyle in extreme environments where one lives only on agriculture and pastoralism, which since the first expeditions on K2 have played a fundamental role in the help of the trekkers.

3 - Kalalau Trail, Kauai (Hawaii)

It is termed a dangerous paradise and indeed the Kalalau Trail might at first glance seem like a tropical paradise, ready to turn into a hellish trek as you go. From the virgin beaches with their unspoiled nature you pass in fact to steep volcanic slopes overlooking the sea, with the addition of sudden tropical rains that transform the small rivers into unstoppable torrents and heavy rockfall near the falls. The route runs for about 18km along the Na Pali coast in the north of the island of Kauai, going from Ke'e Beach to the Kalalau Valley. The trek takes from 1 to 2 days to complete between panoramic views and dangers always around the corner.

2 - Kokoda Trail, Kokoda (Papua New Guinea)

Challenging and adventurous are the most suitable terms to describe this trek, in addition to being the most dangerous in Papua New Guinea and among the most formidable in the world. This 96 km route retraces the traces of the battle that took place during the Second World War between the Japanese and Australians ending in the Kokoda village. The difficulties of the route are due to narrow log walkways, rugged and isolated terrain, muddy areas and thrilling ridges, but also and above all to the dangers of the forest.

This trek indeed go through the jungle putting a strain on even the most adventurous souls with its dense vegetation that obscures the path, mosquitoes and the risk of malaria, strong temperature variations and sudden torrential rains. A path whose travel time ranges from 4 to 12 days on which the number of victims increases every year.

1 - Mount Hua Shan, Huayin (China)

It is considered the most dangerous trekking in the world! A'adventure as insidious as it is rewarding whose arrival does justice to every effort made along the way. Mount Hua Shan is 2.160 meters high and it is one of the sacred Chinese mountains on which in fact there are several religious temples. His climbing is extremely risky, characterized by steep and narrow paths, sometimes without handrails, where in some places there is room for only one person at a time, a long staircase carved into the rock and a series of worn wooden boards, but at the end of the treacherous route you reach a Tao temple and its Tea House. Here tea is offered to visitors, an ancient tradition and a gesture that repays every fear and every drop of sweat, but unfortunately it must also be said that this trek claims about 100 victims a year.

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