The 10 Most Colorful Cities of the World

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Those who live in the northern regions of our country are often used to living with the fog on a daily basis, a phenomenon that often does not allow tourists to appreciate the beauty of some of our best cities.
Then, with the arrival of the winter season, our days become more and more gray throughout the nation, affecting even our mood; so, it is really the case to avoid this greyness by traveling a bit with the imagination!
Yes, because in the world they exist extremely curious cities and neighborhoods, picturesque and colorful, places so colorful as to be able to sweep away the melancholy. And today we want to offer you a small tour of these magical places ...
From Italian locations such as Burano e Procida to Buenos Aires, naturally passing through some European cities such as Stockholm e Wroclaw: let's find out what they are the 10 most colorful cities in the world according to the ForTravelAdviceLovers ranking!

10 - Riomaggiore, Italy

We start from Italy and precisely from the wonderful village of Riomaggiore and from its hamlet Manarola, which is very colorful and overlooks the Riviera di Levante. Last year the municipality suffered serious damage following the flood, however it managed to recover all its splendor to the point of winning the tenth position in the standings.

9 - Cape Town, South Africa

In ninth place in the standings we find Cape Town, Capital of South Africa. The presence in the top 10 is justified by the fantastic district of Kaap Bo, often used as a photographic and cinematographic set.

8 - St. John's, Canada

We move to distant Canada, to a completely different part of the world, to discover the joyful St. John's, a town located on the island of Newfoundland. It is affectionately called with a particular nickname: "Jellybean Row", as the characteristic colors of its homes recall the Jellybean or gummy candies.

7 - Procida, Italy

Let's go back to Italy, to the island of Procida, bathed by the sea of ​​the Gulf of Naples. The pastel colors of its houses give it a unique charm, making it a wonderful place like the well-known Ischia and Capri.

6 - Wroclaw, Poland

The historic capital of Silesia today fourth largest city in Poland by population, wins the sixth position in the ranking of the most colorful countries in the world.
Wroclaw it is a modern and beautiful city: the houses in the historic center are a real feast for the eyes.

5 - Stockholm, Sweden

The harsh Swedish climate is not a valid excuse for not visiting the incredible capital Stockholm, one of the most beautiful of the "old continent".
The attractions are certainly not lacking: not only is it one of the cities with the most beautiful women in the world, but also its historic Europe's most colorful and lively neighborhoods!

4 - Burano, Italy

Just below the podium is the fabulous Burano, a small fraction of Venice easily accessible by boat from the city. The colors of its houses are very bright and recognizable to the point of allowing sailors to distinguish their home from the sea.

3 - Buenos Aires, Argentina

Among the most famous tourist attractions of Buenos Aires we find the district of La Boca, and precisely the famous street Caminito, an open-air museum known as the street of artists, located a few meters from the "La Bombonera" stadium.

2 - Jodhpur, India

In second place we find the district of Jodhpur, located in the Rajasthan, an Indian federated state.
It is called "the blue city" because its typical houses are painted with bluish tones, a color that once identified the Brahmini caste.

1 - Longyearbyen, Norway

Longyearbyen is the most beautiful among the colorful cities of the earth! Are you wondering what drives us to place it in the first place? Simple, what more than anything else makes the city landscape evocative is the contrast between the picturesque and colorful tones of the structures and the white glacial surrounding environment: an absolutely sensational spectacle!

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