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The bridges are ancient testimonies of the incredible human ingenuity. Wonderful, majestic and impressive; some even become true historical references beyond the purpose for which they were originally designed. Bridges symbolize adventure, the possibility of reaching places otherwise unapproachable; for this reason they arouse a very special charm.
With scientific progress, humans have built ever larger and more solid structures, almost defying the laws of physics. They exist today bridges notable for their length and for the size of their spans, real architectural wonders: here are the 10 longest bridges in the world.

Source: wikipedia - Author: Xinxinworm - License: CC BY-SA 4.0 /8

10 - Runyang Yangtze River Bridge: 35,6 km

  • How long: 35.660 meters
  • Dovi is found: China

Many of the longest bridges in the world are located in China. The first to appear in the top 10 is the Runyang Bridge, 35.660 meters long and 1,490 meters wide. This bridge is designed for public transport and was completed in 2005.

9 - Hangzhou Bay Bridge: 35,67 km

  • How long: 35.673 meters
  • Dovi is found: China

This bridge was built over the Hangzhou Bay, which connects the cities of Ningbo and Jianxing. The bridge was completed in 2007 and measures 35.673 meters in length.

8 - Yangcun Bridge: 35,81 km

  • How long: 35.812 meters
  • Dovi is found: China

even the Yangcun Bridge is located in China. It was designed for the railway line connecting Beijing to Tianjin, crossed by high-speed trains.

7 - Manchac Swamp Bridge: 36,71 km

  • How long: 36.710 meters
  • Dovi is found: United States

Manchac Swamp Bridge it is the first of two bridges located in the United States to be awarded a position in the ranking. 36.710 meters long, it is used for public transportation and leads up to Interstate 55.

6 - Lake Pontchartrain Causeway: 38,44 km

  • How long: 38.442 meters
  • Dovi is found: United States

Built in 1969, this road bridge spans the Pontchartrain lake in the state of Louisiana. For several years it held the distinction of the longest continuous suspension bridge over water in the world.

5 - Beijing Grand Bridge: 48,15 km

  • How long: 48.153 meters
  • Dovi is found: China

Il Beijing Grand Bridge it too was developed for a suspended railway section dedicated to the passage of high-speed trains. Connects Beijing to Shanghai, greatly simplifying travel from one city to another.

4 - Bang Na Expressway: 54 km

  • How long: 54.000 meters
  • Dovi is found: Thailand

Located in Thailand, the Bang Na Expressway it is the longest road bridge. It has held the record since its inauguration in 2000.

3 - Weinam Weihe Bridge: 79,73 km

  • How long: 79.732 meters
  • Dovi is found: China

All steps of the podium are occupied by bridges designed for rail transport, all located in China. The Weinambridge connects the cities of Zhengzhou and Xi'an.

2 - Tianjin Grand Bridge: 113 km

  • How long: 113.700 meters
  • Dovi is found: China

even the Tianjin it is a bridge crossed by high-speed trains. It connects Beijing to Shanghai and measures over 113 meters. It was completed in 2010.

1 - Danyang Kunshan Bridge: 164 km

  • How long: 164.800 meters
  • Dovi is found: China

Danyang Kunshan Bridge is the longest bridge in the world according to the Guinness Book of World Records. Relatively recently, it was only completed in 2010. It measures 164.800 meters and connects the Chinese cities of Beijing to Shanghai, just like the Tianjin and the Bejiing Grand Bridge.

Curiosity: The longest bridge over the sea in the world

In 2018 the longest sea bridge in the world was inaugurated in Hong Kong, 55 km long.
This impressive architectural work begun in 2009 connects Hong Kong, Macau and China and includes a submerged section that crosses the waters of the Pearl River estuary. Amidst protests by the ambientealists, fatal accidents at work and so on, the construction of the bridge has been at the center of controversy for years, but it certainly cannot be denied that it is one of the greatest engineering works in recent history.

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