The 10 most bridges dangerous in the world

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Do you suffer from vertigo? Then these bridges are not for you! But don't think anyone who is comfortable with great heights doesn't need to a strong dose of courage (and an iota of unconsciousness) to cross them. What's strange about these structures? I'm the 10 most dangerous and terrifying bridges in the world! Let's find them together!

10 - Bridge over Lake Trift

  • Where is it: Switzerland
  • Height: 90 m

A 90 m from the waters of the lake below this splendid Swiss bridge stands, 168 m long. And the longest pedestrian suspension bridge in the Alps. Once in the center you will feel as if you are suspended in midair, tens of meters away from the ground in every direction. To be honest it is not a feeling but a real situation ... while being very safe it is always good not to lean too far ... What do you say: would you like to try to cross it?

9 - Carrick-a-Rede Bridge

  • Where is it: Ireland
  • Height: 25 m

It is a major tourist attraction, but only for the bravest! This rope bridge is 18 meters long and suspended to 25 above the sea. Since 1784 it has connected the mainland with a rocky island, a salmon fishing reserve. The more daring will enjoy a splendid walk in nature with the cold wind to whip the face and eyes immersed in enchanting landscapes.

8 - Suspension bridge over the Capilano

  • Where is it: Canada
  • Height: 70 m

Located above the Capilano River, this bridge is 137 meters long. It is located within a park of about 10 hectares and many visitors cross it daily. The bridge was recently taken out of action by a 46-ton Douglas fir that fell during a severe snowstorm. You may be wondering what is so dangerous about being visited so often. Well, crossing it implies remaining suspended 70 m from the river below! It certainly offers glimpses of rare beauty, but already a boy has died falling from one of the panoramic points ...

7 - Ghasa suspension bridge

  • Where is it: Nepal
  • Height: 70 m above the ground

A fantastic bridge of rope, 137 m long well insured and that certainly gives one literally breathtaking view. But in all honesty, would you go through it? In the central area of ​​the Himalayas there are beautiful landscapes. The problem is that often in order to admire them you have to find the strength to cross definitely disturbing structures ... Anyway, know that many animals every day they walk blissfully on this bridge. If they do it why shouldn't we?

6 - Keshwa Chaca

  • Where is it: Peru
  • Height: almost 20 m

It is a rope suspension bridge built following a method used since the days of Ever. The how is rather disturbing at the thought of having to walk on it to reach the opposite bank of the canyon below with its roaring waters ... The bridge is built blade of grass by blade of grass once a year! In practice it is a firm intertwining of dry grass. Evidently holds up ...

5 - Axis bridge over Kotmale Oya

  • Where is it: Sri Lanka
  • Height: unspecified

Unstable and wobbly axes, holes here and there and beyond under a rushing and muddy river. An Indiana Jones movie? Not at all! This decidedly uncomfortable and disturbing bridge is located in Sri Lanka and is a way to cross the homonymous river below. It is good pay close attention to where you put your feet: a moment of distraction and you risk not arriving on the other side ...

4 - Langtang Valley Bridge

  • Where is it: Nepal
  • Height: unspecified

You may be wondering what this bridge balance is doing in the middle of this ranking. Meanwhile, it is located in the rugged mountains of the Himalayas, in the Langtang Valley in Nepal. Although at first glance it may appear safe, in reality a strong gust of wind is enough to prove you just the opposite ...

3 - Sarawak Bridge

  • Where is it: Borneo
  • Height: unspecified

Do the rope bridges seem unstable and disturbing to you? Maybe because you have never tried to cross one made of bamboo canes and ropes... even this apparently "large and solid" base is actually insidious and is very easy to slide, Especially if the bridge starts to swing.

2 - Crossing of the Braldu river

  • Where is it: Pakistan
  • Height: unspecified

If neither rope nor bamboo bridges convince you, then you will like this even less. This bridge crosses the rushing waters of the Braldu e it takes a different shape depending on the weight of the person walking on it... crossing it is literally a truly terrifying experience! It is made up swinging intertwined tendrils.... Fortunately, recently, it was thought to build a safer structure to allow children and teachers to reach a new school.

1 - Bridge over the Hunza River

  • Where is it: Pakistan
  • Height: unspecified

Nobody exactly knows the height of the river below, but this does not hearten those who are forced to cross it! This bridge is very dangerous and terrifying. The risk of slipping between the planks very far apart or across the open sides it is very high e nothing can, in the unfortunate hypothesis, stop the fall of the unfortunate! Even the locals consider it dangerous and to say the least nightmare if crossed on windy days. The floods that hit Pakistan in May 2010 made the situation even worse (as incredibly as possible). Are you wondering why they continue to use this facility and not build another one? Well they did but the parallel bridge is equally puzzling, dangerous, unsafe and ... visibly broken!

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