The 10 Most Beautiful Waterfalls in the World

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The Most Beautiful Waterfalls in the World

Since antiquity, the waterfalls have exercised a particular fascination for man, up to being considered among the natural beauty most suggestive on planet earth. The falls are able, even for their frightening size, to impress all kinds of traveler, and of course today they are among most popular destinations ever.
But what are the most beautiful waterfalls and appreciated by tourists? Here is the ranking of ForTravelAdviceLovers of the best waterfalls, real wonders, evidence of all the best that nature offers.

10 - Detian, China / Vietnam

At the bottom of the ranking we find the Detian, beautiful waterfalls located on the border between China e Vietnam. Are among the largest on the continent and have a width of about 200 meters and a length of almost 70.

9 - Jog, India

One position higher we have the Jog, which originate from the Sharavathi River in the Indian state of Karnataka. Jog Falls are a popular tourist destination in the southwestern part of theIndia.

8 - Mardalsfossen, Norway

In eighth place we find Mardalsfossen, one of the highest and most beautiful waterfalls on the old European continent. The waterfall, with its incredible power, manages to satisfy the whole energy needs of Norway.

7 - Havasu, United States

The waterfalls Havasu, are the first of the three waterfalls located in the USA included in the ranking. They are accessible to a limited number of visitors and the lucky few who manage to enjoy this beauty keep the memory of it for a lifetime.

6 - Yosemite, United States

Close to the top five are the fabulous ones Yosemite, located in California on the mountain range of Sierra Nevada. The United States confirm themselves as the nation that boasts the highest number of appearances in our ranking.

5 - Niagara, Canada

The very famous Niagara Falls they are among the best known and visited also for their vast front. They were the natural set of the movie Niagara, played by the gorgeous Marylin Monroe, the most beautiful woman ever.

4 - Waihilau, United States

The waterfalls Waihlau are found in the northern coasts of the Hawaiian Islands, and are considered among the most appreciable in the world, so much so that they have placed fourth position in the ranking. They boast an important record: they are the highest waterfalls in the United States of America and in thirteenth place in the world, with an incredible height of 790 meters!

3 - Victoria, Africa

The beautiful waterfalls arise from the important Zambezi River Victoria who win the third step of the podium. They develop along the border between the states of Zambia e Zimbawie. They are one of the places most visited by tourists who choose the African continent as a destination for their holidays.

2 - Iguazu, Argentina / Brazil

Contention between Argentina e Brazil, the falls are named after the Iguazu River. Included among the 7 Wonders of the Natural World, it consists of a system of 275 waterfalls up to 70 meters high. Among all, the most famous is the "Devil's Throat", 150 meters deep. They were locations and movie sets of major films such as Miami Vice ed Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

1 - Angel, Venezuela

In the first place the waterfall Angel, known for being the tallest in the world. Considered sacred from the native Indians of the place, it takes its name from the American pilot who discovered it, Jimmy Angel and thanks to their frightening size they win the gold medal.

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