The 10 most amusement parks big and beautiful in the world - Ranking 2020

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For those looking for new emotions, or desires become a child again, or simply want to have fun, the ideal solution is undoubtedly a theme park.
In the world there are many and of various types. Mechanical ones with roller coaster, themed ones like i Disney parks; the fantastic water parks and adventure parks. Less adrenaline, but still spectacular are the miniature parks or those related to nature such as zoos, aquariums, etc. while the most recent are virtual ones in 2D or 3D.

Although the first theme park was opened in the Old Continent, and precisely in Denmark in 1583, the most famous amusement parks are located in the United States, and Orlando, Florida, is the city that has the richest of them. In ranking of the 10 most visited amusement parks in the world Disney parks and American parks are the masters, but in recent times the Asian continent is facing the sector with arrogance; however, the most visited park in the world, with 17 million people, remains ... I'm not telling you, find out for yourself!

10 - Legoland, Malaysia

At the bottom of the ranking we find the last of LEGO parks, undoubtedly the most risky, because unlike the others, in addition to being entirely built with the legendary bricks and reproducing in miniature the country in which they are made, the Asian one is also a water park!

  • Number of attractions: over 70, divided between the two parks: the water park and the theme one
  • Cost of entry: 160 day for theme park RM33,00 (€ 104), 21,00 day for water park RM200 (€ 41,00); cumulative daily RM (€ ).

9 - Gardaland, Italy

In the penultimate place, but still in the top-ten, we find the most beautiful park among those of our peninsula: although Etnaland is a respectable water park, and there is also a Disney park here, the Rainbow Magic Land of Rome, Gardaland, the first large theme park created in Italy, has not only been visited by almost 3 million visitors in 2013, but it is also the community favorite of Tripadvisor. Among gardens and flower beds, dozens of attractions both for those in search of thrilling emotions or for those who love relaxation! In winter, however, Gardaland is filled with snow, and recreates a fantastic Christmas world and offers new winter attractions: it is the Gardaland Magic Winter! Not to be missed!

  • Number of attractions: about 40
  • Cost of entry: children € 33,00, adults € 39,50

8 - Ferrari World, United Arab Emirates

Even if outside Italy, we always remain on the Italian Style theme with an eighth place dedicated to the imposing and decidedly Glam Ferrari theme park, inaugurated in November 2010. It has about twenty attractions to choose from, but for lovers of the genre a ride on the rollercoaster that travels to 240 Kilometers per hour, and for fans the thrill of entering the cockpit of one real Formula One car.

  • Number of attractions: 20, to which are added a track, a theater, a 3d cinema and a gallery of vintage cars.
  • Cost of entry: Starting from AED295 (€ 68,00)

7 - Universal Island of Adventure, Florida

We go up in the rankings but we still stay in Orlando, to discover the most visited among the parks of the Universal Studios, With its 7 areas including one dedicated to magical adventures of Harry Potter: a dive into the legendary school of magic, absolutely not to be missed!

  • Number of attractions: Over 20, distributed in the 7 thematic islands.
  • Cost of entry: USD68 (€ 57,00)

6 - Port Aventura, Spain

With its highest slide in Europe, Port Aventura has just opened Carribe Aquatic Park, the most impressive water park in Europe, and for this reason it deserves a place in the ranking! The park located in Salou, in the south of Barcelona, ​​is divided into five thematic areas, and allows you to go around the world starting from the Mediterranean, and passing through Polynesia, China, Mexico up to the Far West. Exciting roller coasters and fireworks.

  • Number of attractions: Over 30 uniforms between Port Aventura and Carribe Aquatic Park
  • Cost of entry: day from € 20,00 for 1 park only, day from € 47,00 for both parks.

5 - Europa Park, Germany

We rise in the rankings and we still remain in the Old Continent to know the largest and most beautiful park in Europe, the only one able to compete with Disneyland Paris. With about 100 attractions divided into 15 thematic areas that represent the habits and customs of different European countries, its attractions are one more beautiful than the other: you can get on board a steamer, travel the valley of tales, cross the jungle on a raft or tackle the labyrinth of giant slides. The shows are also original: duels, flamenco, ice show, in short, there is plenty of choice to be amazed! Some rumors speak of an expansion with a water park by 2016.

  • Number of attractions: About 25
  • Cost of entry: Winter day pass from € 41,00, Summer day pass from € 49,50

4 - Tokyo Disney Sea, Japan

If you happen to find yourself in Japan, stop and take a tour because it's really worth it! Disney's only marine park (actually owned by the Oriental Land Company but licensed from Disney), it is probably the most spectacular in the world, boasts breathtaking sets, and draws around 14 million visitors a year!

  • Number of attractions: about 27
  • Cost of entry: starting from 7.400 Yen (€ 55,00)

3 - Six Flags Magic Mountain, California

The lowest step of the podium is for fearless lovers of strong emotions: for them a visit to this park is a must at least once in their life. However you have to be strong in the stomach because this is where they are the highest roller coaster in the world!
We are talking about a state-of-the-art park in the mechanical and rollercoaster sector, in constant rivalry with the Cedar Point of Ohio, boasts 20 attractions of this kind, but there is also enough space for a zoo safari and a water park !

  • Number of attractions: about 20
  • Cost of entry: Daily USD 84.99 (€ 77,00)

2 - Puy Du Fou, France

We climb the podium again and return to Europe where we meet a park which, although not as huge as the American ones, is unique in its kind because through very accurate historical reconstructions e colossal spectacles, real combat tournaments of all kinds, from musketeers to Roman gladiators, allows you to go back in time and relive the wonders of history. Do not miss the show Cinéscénie, which attracts eight million visitors a year. A visit to the villages of 1900, 1700 and the medieval one is also not to be missed.

  • Number of attractions: About 60
  • Cost of entry: € 35,00 for daily admission, € 27,00 for the Cinéscénie show, € 56,00 for the cumulative ticket

1 - Walt Disney World Resort, Florida

In the first place could only be the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, a mega complex consisting of four theme parks e two aquatic. The most visited is the Magic Kingdom, which with 17 million visitors a year tops the world rankings. It is here that walking through Liberty Square or Fantasyland you meet all the heroes of the most classic Disney stories and witness wonderful fantastic shows, between magic and grandiose attractions, such as the fabulous Cinderella's Castle! Of technological and futuristic inspiration, inside the EPCOT Theme Park, is the Spaceship Earth, the spectacular and huge silver-colored sphere that contains, in 18 floors, a journey through time, one in space and the tour of the world in miniature: not to miss anything of our Planet! The most eccentric park of all is instead the Blizzard Beach a water park with one of the tallest slides in the world set in a ski resort: Orlando's scorching heat and snow, definitely American!

  • Number of attractions: almost 160 located in 6 independent parks (4 themed and 2 aquatic)
  • Cost of entry: Single Day Pass between USD99 (€ 83,00) and USD124 (€ 105,00). Daily Comulative (theme parks only) between USD162 (€ 136,00) and USD174 (€ 146,00). For the water parks, however, the day ticket costs about USD62 (€ 52,00)

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