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Man has always been a being curioustremendously fascinated by the unknown. Precisely for this reason, all of us are attracted to those places shrouded in an aura of mystery. Even when we travel around the world, what attracts our attention more than anything else is the particular places, whose history has been indelibly marked by some singular events that have strongly contributed to making that particular place unique of its kind.
Today we have collected for you 10 abandoned places in the world, the most fascinating, beautiful and evocative scattered in the various corners of the earth!

10 - Michigan Central Station, United States

The construction work began in 1912 and ended just a year later in 1913. It was immediately a very ambitious project: the Detroit Central Station it was in fact the highest passenger transport station in the world.

In 1988 the line was cut off and the station was closed for maintenance. Since then it has been remained in disuse and no restructuring plan is currently envisaged.

9 - The village of Craco in Basilicata, Italy

Il village constituted the old town of the village in the province of Matera, not far from the capital, which is the third oldest city in the world.

Abandoned since '63, today it has been re-evaluated as important tourist destination also thanks to its use as movie set in well-known Hollywood productions such as Mel Gibson's "The Passion of the Christ" and Marc Forster's "Agent 007 - Quantum of Solace".

8 - Canfranc Railway Station, France

In the 60s the Railway station it played a fundamental role as it connected Spain and France. Following an accident in 1970, the nearby bridge was destroyed and never rebuilt: since then Cefranc remained deserted ...

7 - Aniva Rock lighthouse, Russia

Several years ago this place was a penal island dispute between the Russians and the Japanese. Today it is part of the Soviet territory and despite being a truly suggestive location, it is not open to the public, and therefore abandoned in the seas between Japan and Russia.

6 - The submerged city of Schicheng, China

1.300 years ago it was known as the "Lion City", due to the mountains that surrounded it. Schicheng it is precisely submerged for over fifty years, since the rupture of a dam at the Xin'an River hydroelectric power plant flooded the valley where it stood.
Today, thanks toincredible state of conservation, is a heavenly place for any enthusiast of diving.

5 - Eilean Donan, Scotland

in Scottish Highlands, stands this castle, dating back to 1200, once a bulwark against Viking raids. Remained abandoned for a very long time until in 1911, a colonel fascinated by the historical value of the structure, bought the island with the intention of restoring it.

4 - Deep Valley of the Mills of Sorrento, Italy

This mill it has not been used since the second half of the 1866th century. In , following some structural and architectural changes, the humidity rate soared up steeply, enough to make the whole area unlivable. If you find yourself near Sorrento we advise you to visit this area of ​​the city, today particularly suggestive because of the thick vegetation which wildly covered the structure.

3 - Bannerman Castle, United States

During the last decade of the 1800s this castle was a warehouse of war material, particularly useful in the period of Spanish-American war. However, following a accidental explosion, was partially destroyed and subsequently abandoned to this day.

2 - The abandoned Christ of San Fruttuoso, Italy

This statue it was built in the s by Guido Galletti and located on the seabed near the Camogli and Portofino bay. We are sure that many Italians do not know this "underwater" Monument at about 55 feet deep, which is a real shame considering its charm ...

1 - Diamond mine in Mirny, Russia

The surprising chasm in the photo is none other than the Mirny's diamond mine, among the largest man-made holes made by man. Excavated at the time of the Soviet Regime at the behest of Stalin, it was abandoned once it reached the maximum depth. The dimensions? 1.200 meters in diameter e 525 meters of depth!

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