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The beauty of rankings is that they generally carry a thousand criticisms and negative comments. This always happens when you try to draw up a top 10 of the most beautiful beaches, cities and villages. But this does not happen when natural elements are classified according to statistical data.
Or maybe not?
For example, as we find out which is the largest lake in the world? Do one ranking of the largest lakes of the world might seem simple, but it is not!
Does "large" mean the one with the largest surface area or the lake with the most water volume? And can closed seas be considered real lakes or not?
In short, the detractors have dozens of holds, but it doesn't matter to us.
For the avoidance of doubt here is the ranking of the largest lakes in the world by surface area!

10 - Erie, 25.719 sq km

Erie is part of the great lakes of North America, precisely it is the shallowest of the 5. Its surface extends for 25.719 sq km in Canadian and US territory.

9 - Lake of the Slaves, 28.930 sq km

The surface of the Slave Lake is equal to 28.930 sq km. It is also included in the ranking of the deepest lakes on the planet, and holds the record as the deepest lake in North America.

8 - Malawi, 30.044 sq. Km

In addition to being one of the largest lakes, African Malawi holds another curious record: in its depths live the greatest number of fish species, many of which are endemic.

7 - Great Bear Lake, 31.080 sq km

A position further up is the Great Bear Lake, located entirely in Canadian territory. The name seems to have been attributed by the ancient peoples who first inhabited its coasts.

6 - Baikal, 31.500 sq. Km

Baikal is located in Russia and is a record-breaking lake: sixth among the largest, first among the deepest and first among the largest located in a single nation.

5 - Tanganyika, 32.893 sq. Km

The bulk of the great Tanganyika is actually gigantic, it is no coincidence that it places itself in the top five and is also the second deepest lake in the world. Its surface extends into four different nations of Central Africa, for a good 32.893 sq km

4 - Vittoria, 69.485 sq km

Close to the podium here is the Vittoria. Too bad, the inhabitants of the nations affected by its surface (Uganda-Kenya-Tanzania) will have to settle for the wooden medal. In some rankings it is placed in second position, but these consider Michigan-Huron as two distinct lakes.

3 - Superiore, 82.414 sq. Km

Finally we arrive at the noble positions: the Upper Lake is the third largest in the world. It is the first of the freshwater lakes, but only for those who consider Michigan-Huron two separate lakes.

2 - Michigan-Huron, 117.702 sq. Km

Still a lake in North America, a continent that is confirmed as the most represented in the ranking. In second position is Michigan-Huron, already mentioned several times in this top 10. These are two lakes belonging to the same basin which together have an area of ​​117.702 sq km.

1 - Caspian Sea, 386.400 sq. Km

The Caspian Sea is the largest lake in the world. It is considered both a sea and a lake, in any case it is universally recognized as the largest closed body of water on the planet.

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