The 10 largest islands Belle del Mondo - Ranking 2020

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Our land is full of wonderful places to visit, places that enclose a vegetation and a variety of animal species that true nature hikers cannot fail to visit at least once in their life.
The perfect destinations for these types of trips are the islands, which allow travelers to admire truly particular and typical flora and fauna, but which also offer a lot of relaxation between one excursion and another.

But what are the most beautiful islands in the world? We asked the users of our community through a survey that involved over 10.000 passionate travelers!

Here is the ranking of the 10 most beautiful in the world according to users of!.

NB: The following list is the result of a survey that actively involved Community members. Over 10.000 users were asked to express their preferences by voting for 10 favorite islands among the over 100 selected by our editorial staff.

10 - St. John, Virgin Islands - United States (2994 votes)

Perfect for a trip immersed in nature. There is so much to do on dry land: watch wildlife in the National Park, walk miles of hiking trails, or stroll the white sand beaches.

In the water you can practice it snorkeling, swim, and admire the splendid seabed. After all, we are in the Caribbean!

9 - Easter Island, Chile (3050 votes)

Located in the South Pacific, Easter Island is not easy to reach, but this "isolation" has helped preserve the mysterious congregation of volcanic rock sculptures, the famous Moai statues, which are the big attraction.
After exploring the unique landscape, it will be exciting to relax on an uncrowded beach and meditate in one of the most mysterious places on Earth.

8 - Koh Tao, Surat Thani - Thailand (3062 votes)

Sailing in the Gulf of Thailand, we reach the island of Koh Tao, which takes its name from sea ​​turtles which are found abundant on its banks.
White sand beaches protected by steep hills, accessible only by four-wheel drive vehicles and 300 days of sunshine a year invite you to long relaxing afternoons.

7 - Moorea, Society Islands - Oceania (3115 votes)

Hosts the largest coral reef in the world. In reality, the eco-system consists of 3.000 separate coral reefs. The island of Moorea is ideal for snorkelers and scuba divers looking to come face to face with the diversity of life found among the corals.
Those who do not like snorkeling can admire the seabed from above a boat, through the transparent waters of the sea.

6 - Isla Mujeres, Caribbean (3150 votes)

Isla Mujeres is an exotic location on the Caribbean Sea, offering the opportunity to snorkel with tropical fish among coral reefs, skim the blue waters by kayak or boat, and windsurf along the shores of the beach.
On the coast, you can sunbathe, eat fish, dance Latin rhythms, go for a ride on a moped or relax in the bar with fresh and delicious drinks.

5 - San Juan Island, Washington - USA (3161 votes)

The island, which is part of Washington state, may not be a tropical hideaway, but this scenic landscape proudly boasts wonderful beaches and large lavender fields.
Lime Kiln Point State Park is the ideal place for whale watching, i.e.whale watching. Lively Friday Harbor is a street full of restaurants and shops, perfect for a fun-filled stroll.

4 - Ambergris Caye, Belize Cayes - Caribbean (3341 votes)

Ambergris Caye is the perfect tropical island for the perfect vacation!
Full of services, it still retains areas untouched by man. There mangrove swamp is a glimpse of this white beach island, the largest in Belize.
Golf carts are the primary form of transportation along sandy roads.

Essential is to go scuba diving on Belize's coral reef and in the Blue Hole, a 400 meter deep circle made of limestone teeming with angelfish, coral, shrimp and stalactites. A paradise on earth for those who love the sea!

3 - Bora Bora, Society Islands - Oceania (3388 votes)

Little Bora Bora is located in thePacific Ocean, and offers its visitors the opportunity to sunbathe on white sand beaches, dive in a underwater natural park between fish and corals, swim with sharks or take a boat ride in the lagoon.
Plus Bora Bora is a very romantic place with beautiful sunsets perfect for an intimate dinner with your partner.

2 - Santorini, Greece (4012 votes)

The island of Santorini is part of the Cyclades archipelago in Greece, and is very particular thanks to its black sand beaches of volcanic origin, its typical white and blue buildings, which seen from the sea create a breathtaking panorama.
An eclectic cuisine, excellent wines and one lively nightlife make it truly sensational!

1 - Nosy Be, Antsiranana - Madagascar (4480 votes)

A large land off the northwest coast of Madagascar. Here you will find volcanic lakes, rum distilleries, ylang ylang plantations and intricate coral reefs practically asking to be explored!

Nature lovers will admire the wonderful Lokobe Park Nature Reserve and observe lemurs, chameleons and all the fauna that lives there.

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