The 10 largest and Beautiful pools of the World

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In this heat we all feel the need to take a refreshing and regenerative swim. During the summer season, people are looking for a little bit of Relax after a year of hard work, for this reason today ForTravelAdviceLovers whet your need by offering you a ranking of 10 wonderful swimming pools, the most luxurious in the world, structured in such a way as to resemble huge ones works of art. These wonders of modern architecture are a destination for elite travelers in search of luxury destinations. Here's to you the most beautiful pools in the world!

10 - Resort Royal Towers Atlantis, Bahamas

Maybe someone thinks that in the Bahamas there is no need for swimming pools, since we are on one of the most beautiful seas in the world ... well, explain it a little to Atlantis, which has built 11 of them in the thematic resort! One with a Mayan theme, one with waterfalls, one with 80s music ... there is no shortage of sea, no shortage of swimming pools and ... let alone imagination! Not enough for you? Here, there is also an adults-only pool with ... private huts ...

  • Location: Nassau, Paradise Island, Bahamas
  • Features: Complex of thematic pools

9 - The Iceberg, Australia

This swimming pool was built in 1929 a Sidney just south of Bondi beach, one of the most famous beaches ofAustralia. The Iceberg is particularly well known as it is positioned practically at ocean edge: swimming with the waves crashing on the pool is truly fantastic.

  • Location: Sidney, Australia
  • Characteristics: positioned on the ocean edge
  • Size / capacity: 1500 square meters of salt water

8 - Perivolas Hotel, Greece

Imagine one infinity pool set on a hill overlooking the Aegean Sea... here, this is the swimming pool of the Hotel Perivolas in Santorini. Luxury, breathtaking views, a romantic solution for those who don't want to miss anything!

  • Location: Santorini, Greece
  • Features: Infinity pool overlooking the Aegean Sea

7 - Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Spectacular geothermal lake in Grindavik, 40 minutes from the Icelandic capital, Reykjavík. Turquoise waters at temperatures of about 40 degrees, with bar service, various accommodation solutions. Completely immersed in nature, in an impressive lava landscape.

  • Location: Grindavik, Iceland
  • Features: volcanic thermal spring

6 - Hotel Belmond Caruso, Amalfi Coast

XI century mansion elegantly restored to offer exclusive services. An ultra-luxury hotel that has its flagship in this infinity pool. The view of the Amalfi Coast from the edge of the pool is one of those things that is priceless.

  • Location: Ravello, Amalfi Coast
  • Features: heated pool, concierge service with iPod and selectable music playlists, fruit and Evian water vaporizers

5 - Resort San Alfonso del Mar, Chile

This wonderful artificial lagoon holds the primacy of largest psychina in the world (1013 meters long, 35 meters deep). Swimming in such a large pool is a very special and absolutely suggestive experience.

  • Location: Valaparaìso, Chile
  • Features: the largest swimming pool in the world
  • Dimensions / capacity: 1013 meters long, 35 meters deep, 2 million liters of salt water

4 - Four Season Safari Lodge, Tanzania

Guys, it's hard to imagine anything more exciting ... this pool is located overlooking a pond in the middle of the Serengeti, in the heart of Tanzania. Basically, you enjoy a swim in the pool while, a few meters from you, the largest animals of the Savannah they drink comfortably. No, it's not a Disney movie or cartoon. It is the reality of the Four Season.

  • Location: Central Serengeti, Tanzania
  • Features: Infinity pool overlooking the Serengeti

3 - Hotel Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Bronze medal for this marvelous pool built 200 meters high, on the Terrace of the Sky Park Resort, the most important casino in the city-state of Singapore. The pool is about 150 meters long and offers the opportunity to admire one Breath-taking view relaxing in the water.

  • Location: Singapore
  • Characteristics: located 200 meters high on the Resort's infinity terrace
  • Dimensions / capacity: 142 meters long, it is the longest elevated infinity pool in the world

2 - Ubud Hanging Gardens Hotel, Indonesia

In second place in our special ranking dedicated to the most beautiful pools in the world we find the resort pool Ubud Hanging Gardens Hotel. It is probably the most unusual of the pools in this top five, as it consists of several hanging tubs placed at different levels: truly a feast for the eyes ...

  • Location: Bali
  • Features: hanging tubs

1 - Anantara Golden Triangle Resort & Spa, Thailand

On the top step of the podium we find the incredible swimming pool of Anantara Golden Triangle Resort. This wonder is found in Thailand, among the natural beauties of the Golden Triangle, and is able to give a unique experience to the lucky few who have the opportunity to see it live.

  • Location: Chiang Rai
  • Features: infinity pool

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