The 10 cities most snowy mountains of Italy

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When they occur persistent snowfall and there is plenty of trouble for all! A pleasant winter atmosphere can turn into a real nightmare for students and workers, unable to carry out normal daily actions. The only ones who are happy are ski and winter sports enthusiasts
Ma which are the snowiest Italian cities? Here is the ranking of Italian municipalities sorted by annual average of cm of snow drawn up according to data collected by MTG.

10 - Macerata, 47 cm

Let's start the journey to discover the snowiest cities starting from Macerata. The municipality is located in the Marche region and has 42.506 inhabitants. The average annual snowfall is 47 cm.

9 - Stationary, 49 cm

Contrary to what one might think, the Mediterranean city Fermo is among the snowiest in Italy, at least according to the data collected by MTG.

8 - Reggio Emilia, 50 cm

A higher position is Reggio Emilia, the city of Luciano Ligabue. 171.006 inhabitants live in the Emilian municipality.

7 - Modena, 50 cm

Modena is among the snowiest cities in the beautiful country with an average of 55 cm. It was the capital of the Duchy of Este, and today it has a population of 184.731 inhabitants.

6 - Varese, 55 cm

Also known as the Garden City, Varese is a Lombard municipality of 80.596 inhabitants. It has an average of 55cm of snow per year.

5 - Trento, 56 cm

For just one centimeter Trento is detached from Varese, placing itself in fifth position. The population is 117.144 inhabitants.

4 - Urbino, 80 cm

At the fourth position we find Urbino. It has an average of 80 cm of snow per year, with a difference of 24 cm compared to Trento.

3 - Campobasso, 90 cm

Campobasso is a town of 49.434 inhabitants, located in the Molise region. It ranks third thanks to an annual average of 90 cm of snow.

2 - Aosta, 95 cm

The capital of the Aosta Valley has 34.619 inhabitants. It wins the silver medal with an average of 95 cm of snow per year.

1 - Wedge, 100 cm

Cuneo is a Piedmontese town inhabited by 56.099 people. It is the tenth Italian capital by altitude but above all the snowiest city in the country.

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