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Poland is a country that offers spectacular landscapes, from large cities to typical and small villages, from large plains to forests. It is a destination that offers many emotions and which, above all, allows you to travel on a low budget! However, many travelers stop at the most well-known cities, such as the capital Warsaw or the beautiful Krakow. In fact, they are scattered all over the country characteristic cities full of charm just waiting to be discovered.

Let's find out what they are the 10 most beautiful cities in Poland!


  1. Krakow
  2. Warsaw
  3. Gdansk
  4. Wroclaw
  5. Lublin
  6. Chochołów
  7. Lodz
  8. Poznan
  9. Zakopane
  10. Zamosc
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1 - Krakow

The title of most beautiful city in Poland she can only earn it, Krakow. Located in the southern part of the country, it is easily accessible from Italy thanks to the many low cost flights. With 761.873 inhabitants, it is the real Polish cultural capital. It is mainly known for its historic center and the Jewish quarter, but there are many things to see.

In a weekend you can see most of the major attractions of the city, such as the central square Rynek Główny, the Basilica of Santa Maria, the Wavel Castle and the Kazimierz, or the Jewish quarter. But our advice is to stay a few more days, as Krakow is the perfect point to visit some of the most important places of Poland: from here you can reach the concentration camps of Auschwitz and Birkenau and the Wieliczka Salt Mine.

  • Best time: from April to October due to milder temperatures and sunny days. The month of December for the Christmas period
  • Main attractions: Rynek Główny, St. Mary's Basilica, Wavel Castle, Kazimierz
  • starting from € 40,00 -
  • Hotel and b & b starting from € 30,00 per room -
  • Krakow: Old Town Walking Tour Wieliczka Salt Mine: Skip-the-Line Entry and Auschwitz-Birkenau Tour: Full-Day Guided Tour from Krakow

2 - Warsaw

La capital of Poland. It is located in the heart of the country and today it is well connected to Italy by numerous low cost trips. This makes it the perfect destination even for a short weekend trip. With 1,708 million inhabitants, Warsaw is a city full of life, lively, combining tradition and modernity. But above all, it is a city that has had a turbulent past and was largely destroyed during World War II.

Today the city does can divide into two parts: the Old Town and the New Town. The old one is the part that has kept its most traditional aspect and develops from the central square, Rynek Starego Miasta. But in addition to the historic center, there are also nearby some of the most beautiful and visited attractions in Europe: we are talking about the Lazienki Palace, inside the Łazienki Park, and the wonderful Wilanów Palace complex.

  • Best time: from April to October due to milder temperatures and sunny days. The month of December for the Christmas period.
  • Main attractions: Old Town, Warsaw Royal Castle, Łazienki Park, Wilanów Museum
  • starting from € 45,00 -
  • Hotel and b & b starting from € 30,00 per room -
  • Warsaw: 2-Hour Old Town Walking Tour Warsaw: Chopin Concert in Historic Old Town Warsaw: Private Polish Beer Tasting Tour

3 - Gdansk

It's a port city on the Baltic coast in which 582.378 people live. It has always played an important role in the Polish economy and today, what you can see, is largely rebuilt, especially the old town that was razed to the ground during the Second World War.

To fully enjoy its charm, the best time to visit is the summer. Stroll through the historic center and along the Tratto Reale, that is a stretch that connects the Plateau Gate (Brama Wyzynna) with the Green Gate (Zielona Brama). Stop for a drink in Long Market, the central square, and admire the Fountain of Neptune.

  • Best time: from May to October, when temperatures are milder and the days are sunniest. In May the great Gdansk Spring Festival is held, in July the Gdansk Music Summer and many others throughout the summer
  • Main attractions: historical center, Fountain of Neptune, Basilica of Santa Maria
  • Hotel and b & b starting from € 160,00 per room -
  • Hotel and b & b starting from € 25,00 per room -
  • Gdansk: 3-Hour Walking Tour Gdansk: Imperial Shipyard Sunset Galley After Dark Cruise Gdansk: WWII Tour

4 - Wroclaw

In Italian also known by the name of Breslau è one of the most beautiful and ancient cities of all Poland and is crossed by the Oder River. With 641.607 inhabitants, it is absolutely one of the cities to be included in an itinerary of the country.

This locality is most famous for its university, one of the most prestigious in the country. In addition, the main attraction is its beautiful and lively old town, characterized by houses and buildings with colorful facades. Also, in 2016 it was declared European Capital of Culture, here are many museums to visit to learn and deepen Polish history.

  • Best time: from May to October due to the mild temperatures and the sunniest days. In December for the Christmas period
  • Main attractions: Rynek Starego Miasta, Jas and Malgosia Palaces, National Museum
  • starting from € 130,00 -
  • Hotel and b & b starting from € 30,00 per room -
  • Wroclaw: Wroclaw Secrets Walking Tour Wroclaw: 2-Hour Mysterious Night Tour Wroclaw: 2-Hour Tour by Electric Car

5 - Lublin

Let's start the discovery of the most beautiful cities with this city located in the eastern part of the country, not very far from the border with Ukraine and Bierlorussia. With 348.567 inhabitants, it has always represented, especially in the past, the meeting point between Eastern and Western Europe, mainly due to its important mercantile role. It is considered one of the destinations to be relaunched in Polish tourism!

always example of tolerance, as inhabited by Jews, Protestants, Catholics and other groups, these different influences can be seen walking around the city. A self-respecting itinerary starts from the old town, the best preserved medieval village in all of Poland. Absolutely to visit the castle, the basilica of S. Stanislao and the tower of the Trinity, from which to admire a wonderful panorama.

  • Best time: from April to October, with milder temperatures and sunnier days. The Bridge of Culture festival is held from June to September and in July the set of events and evening shows in Litewski Square
  • Main attractions: Lublin castle, St. Stanislaus basilica, Trinity tower
  • to Warsaw (176 km) from € 45,00 -
  • Hotel and b & b starting from € 15,00 per room -

6 - Chochołów

We now move to the far south of Poland, about 100 km from Krakow. It is located on the border with Slovakia, in the beautiful setting of Nowy Targ County and the Tatra Mountains. With only 1.135 inhabitants, this town is a real open-air museum: the small agglomeration consists of all wooden houses, you will feel like taking a step back in time.

This is precisely what characterizes it: it is an authentic and rural town, where technology and globabilzzazione has failed to arrive. Here you will find peace and silence and, although tourism has increased in recent years, the country has maintained all its characteristics. Today it is also one famous spa area, with the presence of the Chochołowskie Termy complex, perfect for a relaxing day in the midst of nature!

  • Best time: to admire and visit the city from May to October, when temperatures are milder. For the spas even in winter, when they are located near the famous ski resort of Zakopane
  • Main attractions: Municipal Museum, Kościół św Church. Jacka w Chochołowie, Chochołowskie Termy
  • to Krakow (100 km) from € 40,00 -
  • Hotel and b & b starting from € 40,00 per room -
  • Chocholowska Thermal Baths: Evening Tour from Krakow Relaxing Day from Krakow Chocholów: Thermal Complex

7 - Lodz

Now we move to the heart of Poland. 130 km west of Warsaw with 98.688 inhabitants is the third most populous city in the country. Mainly industrial city in the past, in recent years has undergone a profound qualification project, transforming all the old factory districts into beautiful cultural and meeting centers. In fact, it is a city much loved by artists and which is opening up more and more to tourism.

Walking through the streets of the center you will immediately notice that it is Liberty style dominates the city, with wonderful buildings that were once the residences of the families at the head of the industries in the area. But that's not all: this city is considered the Capital of Cinema of the country, in fact it is nicknamed HollyŁódź. This is because in the city there is the State School of Cinema, Television and Theater, from where great names in the sector have come out, one among all Roman Polanski.

  • Best time: from April to October, when temperatures are milder and the days are sunniest. These months are also full of cultural events: Łódź Design Festival, Good Taste Festival, Fotofestiwal, Urbanator Days
  • Main attractions: Rynek Włókniarek Łódzkich square, Księży Młyn, Lodz City Museum
  • to Warsaw (130 km) from € 45,00 -
  • Hotel and b & b starting from € 25,00 per room -
  • Lodz: 3-Hour Private City Tour Lodz: Private Polish Beer Tasting Tour with Guide From Warsaw: Lodz Small Group Tour with Lunch

8 - Poznań

We are always located in the heart of Poland, further west than Lodz, located on the banks of the Warta River. With 535.946 inhabitants, it is mainly known for its prestigious university.

The best place to start is certainly its central square, the Old Market Square, surrounded by beautiful and characteristic colorful houses and buildings. Make sure you are in the square at noon: on the tower of the town hall there is in fact the famous clock where two mechanical kids come out from a small door and pull their heads. Then stop in one of the many pastry shops or ovens and taste one of the best desserts rogal świętomarciński, or St. Martin's croissant, is a true delicacy from all over Poland, now also with the IGP mark!

  • Best time: from April to October, due to mild temperatures. In December for the Christmas period. Great cultural offer in the summer: Animator Festival, Ethno Port Festival, Transatlantyk
  • Main attractions: Old Market Square, Poznań Cathedral, Zamek Cesarski
  • starting from € 150,00 -
  • Hotel and b & b starting from € 25,00 per room -
  • private walking tour of Old Town and Croissant Museum old town, Srodka district and cathedral private tour traditional Polish and sightseeing private tour

9 - Zakopane

Its popularity is due to its splendid location: we are at the foot of the Tatra Mountains. With about 27.266, it hosts many tourists in both the summer and winter seasons. The neighboring peaks are those of Gubałówka and Giewont.

The city then becomes the starting point for summer excursions and winter sports. Here also develops the Tatra National Park, wonderful nature reserve ideal for excursions and walks. Kasprowy Wierch and Gubałówka are instead two famous ski resorts, easily accessible thanks to the cableway and funicular complex. In short, a destination completely immersed in nature, perfect to visit at any time of the year according to your needs!

  • Best time: in summer for walking, hiking and outdoor activities such as climbing. In winter for winter sports such as skiing and nowboard, thanks to the presence of ski facilities.
  • Main attractions: Tatra National Park, Kasprowy Wierch, Gubałówka
  • to Krakow (110 km) from € 40,00 -
  • Hotel and b & b starting from € 40,00 per room -
  • From Krakow: Zakopane and Tatra Mountains Guided Tour Zakopane: Zakopane Spa Complex Entrance Tour: Tour from Krakow

10 - Zamość

It is located about 90 km from Lublin, with 63.511 inhabitants. To be included in your itinerary for one simple reason: since 1992 it is part of the UNESCO World Heritage as perfect and unique example of a Renaissance city in the world. In fact, its architecture and urban work is close to the Renaissance concept of the ideal city, which is why it is also called the Pearl of the Renaissance.

The discovery of Zamość can only start from its square, one of the most beautiful in Europe, the Rynek Wielki. The best way to visit the city is to stroll through the streets of the historic center, without forgetting attractions such as the Zamość Museum to discover its history and the Nadszaniec fortress, just outside the center and surrounding the city.

  • Best time: from April to October, for beautiful days and milder temperatures, excellent for visiting the beautiful surroundings
  • Main attractions: Rynek Wielki central square, Zamość Museum, Nadszaniec fortress
  • to Warsaw (267 km) from € 45,00 -
  • Hotel and b & b starting from € 20,00 per room -

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