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Greece is the homeland of philosophy, democracy, arts and mythology. Besides beautiful beaches and clear sea, the Peloponnese has many other beauties to offer, enclosed within the walls of what they are the 10 most beautiful cities in Greece.


  1. Athens
  2. Thessaloniki
  3. Patras
  4. Maroon
  5. Rhodes
  6. Argon
  7. Delphi
  8. Megara
  9. Sparta
  10. Olympia
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1 - Athens

Athens, with its 664.046 inhabitants is the capital of Greece, a cosmopolitan metropolis suspended between past and present, as well as the economic, financial, industrial and cultural center of the whole country. Known throughout the world for being the homeland of democracy, it hosts the famous Acropolis, the Agora, the National Archaeological Museum and dozens of other attractions, which make it a real open-air museum, suitable for anyone who wants to take a dip in the past.
From April 2018 to 2019 Athens was also named World Book Capital.

  • Best time: from mid-April to late May, and from mid-September to early October, when temperatures are mild and the risk of precipitation is minimal. Those who do not suffer from the heat can also choose summer.
  • Main attractions: Acropolis, Temple of Zeus, First cemetery of Athens
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2 - Thessaloniki

Founded around 315 BC, with its 315.196 inhabitants Thessaloniki is the second most important city in Greece. Today it is a thriving industrial, economic and cultural center, a hub for transport in Southeast Europe, and home to the country's second largest port.
The city boasts a wonderful sea, like most of the Greek coast, and has traces of the Ottoman domination, the Jewish community, and numerous examples of Byzantine and early Christian architecture, nominated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

  • Best time: from June to September to dedicate yourself to the sun and the sea; if the intention is instead to admire the monuments, from mid-April to the beginning of October: already in the middle of the month, stormy rains begin to occur
  • Main attractions: Cathedral of Santa Sofia, Mausoleum of Galerius, Venetian Citadel
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3 - Patras

The Patras area has been inhabited for about 4.000 years, and was the center of important historical events, such as the beginning of the Peloponnesian War, and the Byzantine domination during the Middle Ages. Today the city, with its 167.446 inhabitants, is one of the most important in Greece, and in 2006 it received the nomination of European capital of culture. Even in Patras it is possible to indulge in the "tan" for most of the year.

  • Best time: from the beginning of June to mid-September by sea and tanning. For historic tours, the best seasons are spring and autumn: summer is too hot to walk around.
  • Main attractions: Odeum, Fortress of Patras, Basilica of Sant'Andrea Apostolo
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  • Classical Greece: 4-day tour from Athens

4 - Corinth

The roots of Corinth are planted in the most ancient Greek mythology: legend has it that it was founded in 1429 BC by Sisyphus, son of the god of winds Aeolus.
The city is located along an isthmus of ten kilometers, which separates the Gulf of Corinth, which overlooks the Ionian Sea, from that of Saronic, the Aegean Sea. This position has proved strategic since ancient times and, to date, it has proved to be vital from a tourist point of view. Indeed, Corinth enjoys both beautiful beaches and mountainous areas, represented above all by the Oneia mountains and the monolithic complex of Acrocorinth. On the latter, among other things, the homonymous fortification was built in the Byzantine and Venetian times.
One of the main attractions of modern Corinth is the remains of the Acropolis, among which the Temple of Apollo stands out, considered among the most impressive in all of Greece.

  • Best time: from the beginning of June to mid-September for the beach, from November to March to visit the city, given the relatively cool temperatures, which are around 17 °
  • Main attractions: Acropolis, Temple of Apollo, beaches
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  • Ancient Corinth: Half-Day Trip from Athens Corinth Canal, Corinth, Mycenae and Nafplion Argolis Tour

5 - Rhodes

Rhodes is located at the northern end of the island of the same name. Founded in 402 BC following the particular Babylonian octagonal plan, Rhodes is today one of the main tourist destinations in Greece, given the wonderful beaches and the clear sea, also suitable for snorkeling, its numerous monuments, and the charm exercised by the well-known legend of the Colossus of Rhodes.

  • Best time: to dedicate yourself to the sea, the best time is from June to mid-September.
    To visit the remains of ancient Greece or the Middle Ages, the best time is from April to May.
  • Main attractions: Odeon, the Acropolis
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6 - Argo

From its millenary origins, the city surrounded by nature remains one of the main tourist destinations in Greece for the suggestive panoramas offered: to the north enclosed by the homonymous plain, to the south by the Gulf of Nafplio, to the east and west surrounded by the two hills Larissa and Aspis.
Argo is a pleasant place with lively streets full of life, which like other Greek cities, showcases glimpses of a fascinating past steeped in mythology, which can be admired by visiting the fortress and the archaeological remains, located just outside the city.

  • Best time: from April to May, when the climate is mild
  • Main attractions: Medieval fortress of Larissa, Greek Theater, Cathedral of San Pietro
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  • From Athens: full-day cruise to the Saronic Islands

7 - Delphi

Delphi or Delphi is a historic Greek city of 26.716 inhabitants, located in Phocis, on the slopes of Mount Parnassus, at the crossroads of ancient communication routes. This prompted the ancients to think that Delphi was the center of the world, seat of the omphalos or navel of the world. Among the most important archaeological sites of ancient Greece, includes the famous oracle of the god Apolloas well as a stadium and an ancient theater. Furthermore, the Sanctuary is flanked by the Treasury of the Athenians and by many other residences of the time, custodians of priceless riches, now kept in the Archaeological Museum.

  • Best time: between June and September, when the temperature is around 26 ° C, and in October, when the climate is still mild and rainfall is scarce.
  • Main attractions: Archaeological Museum, Oracle of Apollo, archaeological site
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  • Delphi Guided Walking Tour and Entrance Ticket Ancient Delphi Private Photography Workshop Delphi Private Tour and Tour Delphi and Meteora: 2 Day Tour

8 - Megara

Megara is a small but very characteristic Greek town of 34.174 inhabitants, located on the outskirts of Attica. The town was the birthplace of Euclid, was the protagonist of Greek colonization and has roots that go back to before the Hellenic Middle Ages: for this reason it boasts small archaeological sites, compared to those of its larger "sisters", but still of equal beauty.

  • Best time: from May to September, when rainfall is reduced to a minimum.
  • Main attractions: Archaeological Museum, Monastery of Agia Paraskevi
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9 - Sparta

Sparta was one of the most important Greek polis of ancient Greece and the historical rival of Athens. The Spartans were known for their rigid education, mainly focused on war and honor: for this reason they did not dedicate themselves to the construction of particular artistic works. The city originally stood on six hills, e the excavations have brought to light the remains of the Shrine of Artemis and a small temple ancient dating back to the th century AD while on the acropolis, surrounded by Roman walls, the remains of the temple of Athena and a Roman theater of the nd century BC are still visible today Sparta's only museum is located in Odos, and has a collection of mosaics, theatrical masks, statuettes of the archaic school, bronzes and vases from the Mycenaean period, which retrace the main cultural stages that have affected civilization.

  • Best time: from May to September when the climate is mild. Sparta has a high rainfall, also present in dry periods.
  • Main attractions: museum of Sparta, Sanctuary of Artemis, the ancient Roman walls
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10 - Olympia

Olympia is the home of the Olympic Games, a detail that has led Unesco to declare its archaeological site patrimony of humanity, since 1989. When the emperor Theodosius forbade the playing of the games, the city was abandoned and entirely buried by alluvial deposits. Modern excavations have brought to light the Olympic stadium, the temple of Olympian Zeus, the gymnasium, the gymnasium, the hippodrome and several buildings used by both athletes and priests, of Doric or Ionic order.

  • Best time: April - November, when the climate is mild and rainfall is limited
  • Main attractions: Olympia stadium, remains of the temple of Hera, remains of the temple of Zeus
  • flights to Athens (300km) from € 29,90 -
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