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Eating a good pizza in Italy is not a difficult undertaking. In all locations, tourist or not, there are dozens of pizzerias that promise to offer the real traditional pizza. By now the varieties of pizza that exist, at least in our country, are many: from the thin and crunchy one to the high and soft one, from the one with the stuffed cornice to the one prepared with original ingredients. You are spoiled for choice! If you are visiting our capital and you want to eat a good pizza, we recommend this list the 10 best pizzerias in Rome. Bon appetit!


  1. Moma
  2. I take it out
  3. Tonda
  4. Emma
  5. The Gatta Mangiona
  6. The Daisy
  7. Magnificent
  8. Fermentum
  9. In the Forge
  10. The Pariolina
  11. User questions and comments

1 - Moma

This recently opened restaurant has won the trust of Romans and tourists thanks to the large spaces but above all thanks to the quality of their pizzas. The well leavened dough gives life to a crispy and tasty pizza. In addition to the pizzas, there are various delicacies on the menu, including "il Supplizio", a very tasty supplì made up of Carnaroli rice and chicken giblets.

  • Address: Via Calpurnio Fiamma, 40/44 (Cinecittà)
  • Specialty of the house: Rossano pizza with mozzarella, semi-seasoned caciocavallo, brawn, dried tomatoes, escarole sautéed with Taggiasca olives and fennel and capers emulsion
  • Average price for a pizza: 15 Euros

2 - Out of the oven

It is Stefano Callegari's place, winner of the Dissapore pizza championship with Sforno. Considered by many the best pizzeria in Rome, offers slow-rising products, made with 200-year-old sourdough. The menu includes the classic pizzas with some original proposals, including the pizza cacio e pepe, presented at the table with the pepper grinder in the middle of the plate that houses the pizza already cut into wedges.

  • Address: via Statilio Ottato, 110/116
  • House specialty: Greenwich pizza, with Blue Stilton cheese and port reduction
  • Average price for a pizza: 10 Euros

3 - Round

Owned by the creator of Sforno himself, Tonda offers its customers a pizza that is always qualitatively valid, thanks to well-leavened dough. In the list of pizzas there are excellent classic proposals, such as the Margherita and the Rossa, but also original combinations of ingredients. To complete the offer there are trapizzini, supplì and a long list of craft beers.

  • Address: Via Valle Corteno, 31 (Nomentana Battery)
  • House specialty: Rosettone pizza, each wedge is stuffed differently, with olives and escarole, chicken cutlet, ventricine
  • Average price for a pizza: 15 Euros

4 - Emma

This large and scenic venue has been welcoming, since 2014, lovers of crispy and typically Roman pizza. There are many original proposals that appear on the menu, including the "monte della farina" pizza, whose peculiarity is that it is made with a mixture of organic white spelled from Molino Vecchino, organic soft wheat from Molino Iaquone and Bio buckwheat flour.

  • Address: via Monte della Farina, 28/29
  • House specialties: Zibello and Bufala pizza, stuffed with Pomilia tomato, raw buffalo mozzarella from Paestum and culatello from Zibello Pio Tosini
  • Average price for a pizza: 10.50 Euros

5 - The Gatta Mangiona

A guarantee in Rome is this place, famous for the flours used and for the long leavening. The result is a very light pizza, easily digestible and therefore suitable for everyone. In addition to the list of pizzas, on the menu you will find several other temptations, including rice supplì, potato croquettes and fried cod, as well as first and second courses. Don't forget to check the chalkboard with the proposals of the day!

  • Address: Via Federico Ozanam, 30/32 (Monteverde)
  • House specialty: pizza with Zucchini and Tropea Onions
  • Average price for a pizza: 12 Euros

6 - The Daisy

Pay attention to the pronunciation, here in fact the caliper is made, the oval-shaped pizza alla pala typically Roman. It is prepared using selected flours and its leavening takes from 56 to 72 hours.

  • Address: Via degli Scipioni, 248/250 (Prati)
  • House specialty: pizza with caciocavallo, sausage and fennel seeds
  • Average price for a pizza: 17 Euros

7 - Magnificent

Ambitious starting with the name, this new Roman pizzeria offers, in addition to pizza, also fried and desserts. The dishes on the menu are made with ingredients chosen very carefully, accurate is also the preparation of the dough and its leavening.

  • Address: Via de Carolis, 72 / D (Balduina)
  • Specialties of the house: Margherita pizza with San Marzano DOP tomato sauce with fresh basil, buffalo mozzarella from Campania DOP and extra virgin olive oil "Tra due mari" Donna Oleria
  • Average price for a pizza: 11 Euros

8 - Fermentum

A 70-year-old mother yeast is the main ingredient of Fermentum's pizzas, which are very light and digestible. The menu is extensive as well the proposed pizzas are very original, among which the Parmigiana and the Boscaiola stand out.

  • Address: Via Lemonia, 214 (Cinecittà)
  • Specialty of the house: pizza testun di Ocelli (mixed lette cheese and semi-hard pasta) with barolo and Tuscan finocchiona
  • Average price for a pizza: 10 Euros

9 - At the Forge

It is a so-called tasting pizzeria, where the menu suggests which pizza to start with and then continue. It is also a place for sharing, in fact the pizzas are served already cut to facilitate their use by all the diners. This considerably lengthens the waiting times, even if the quality of the ingredients and the lightness of the dough make you forget this small defect. The pizzas are stuffed with special ingredients such as Bronte pistachios, Zibello culatello and artisanal mortadella.

  • Address: Via G. Lunati, 25 (Portuense)
  • House specialty: Margherita di Mare pizza with paranza prawns "organic piennolo vesuviano", organic tomato sauce and buffalo mozzarella DOP
  • Average price for a pizza: 20 Euros

10 - The Pariolina

It is not the classic pizzeria but more a traditional restaurant, at least in appearance. The pizzas proposed are in two versions, the one with the typically Roman dough, rather low, and the one with high dough, by far preferable. Also try the delicious focaccia with mortadella, accompanied by a craft beer.

  • Address: Viale Parioli, 93
  • House specialty: focaccia with mortadella
  • Average price for a pizza: 9.50 Euros

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