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Who among us has never thought of organizing a romantic trip with your partner, an escape from the daily routine to dive into beautiful landscapes full of sunrises and sunsets with fascinating colors, which allow us to forget everything to dedicate ourselves to our soul mate?

Who has never dreamed of sitting on the beach next to their other half to admire the stars while listening to the sound of the sea waves?
To realize this dream you can go to a travel agency, where they will be able to advise you about the destinations for hearts in love, or you can try to trust the opinions of those who have had the good fortune to experience certain magical places and have told their experience on Tripadvisor , who drafted the ranking of the most romantic hotels in the world!

10 location: Veligandu Island Resort - Maldives

We are in the scenic paradise of the Maldives, on a small, well-tended island that houses this beautiful resort, with its beautiful rooms and beach houses. The place allows you to practice various activities for the more sporty; for those seeking relaxation and intimacy, on the other hand, there is the spa area or more simply the beach to be pampered by the sun's rays.

9 location: Layana Resort and Spa Hotel - Thailand

Wrapped up by Thai jungle, but located directly on the sea, this resort is a dream for those who love relaxation, with its unlikely acoustic landscape, with the sounds of the jungle mixed with the sound of the sea breaking on the beaches. It is an idyllic place perfect for a journey of love.

8 location: Al Maha Desert Resort - Dubai

We fly to Asia to stay in this beautiful resort, all in perfect condition arabic style, with dark furniture, mosaic bathrooms, immersed in a magical atmosphere, in the desert of one of the 7 Arab Emirates, famous in the world for being luxurious places that offer perfect holidays. Complete with Spa, swimming pools, golf courses and every other sport, it is the perfect destination for an unforgettable vacation.

7 location: Bardessono Hotel - California

Let's move on to United States to immerse ourselves in a not exactly American atmosphere. This structure is in fact a perfect mix between modern design and ambient Zen, with well-kept gardens, swimming pools adorned with very special stones and plants, and its rooms, with large windows, give the impression of sleeping immersed in this splendid paradise.

6 location: Casa del mar - Malaysia

Let's go back to Asia, this time to Malaysia, to dive into the magical atmosphere of this fantastic resort. It is immediately a remarkable glance: palm trees, golden beaches, huge pools and a turquoise sea arouse a feeling of tranquility and relaxation, able to leave anyone speechless.

The resort also offers the option of dine on the beach, illuminated by the fire of the torches and the light of the moon. What's more romantic?

5 location: Baros Maldives Resort - Maldives

We move back to the Maldives, which with their wonderful resorts are repeatedly mentioned in this ranking. This, immersed in the magical atmosphere of the golden beaches typical of these islands, winds its structure not only on the beach but also on the sea, with a system of bridges that allows you to move to the different areas of the resort "walking" on the sea, giving unique emotions !

4 location: Cedar Manor Hotel and Restaurant - UK

We cross the ocean and admire this wonderful UK structure in the heart of the Lake district. The manor, built in the mid-nineteenth century, maintains the style of that era, and is the perfect place for a trip to the countryside, in the name of nature walks, as it is surrounded by giant ancient cedar trees that will charm us with their perfumes. Romantic, right?

3 location: Cranleigh Boutique Hotel - UK

We remain in the United Kingdom, which with its splendid countryside, finds two of its hotels in this ranking. This wonderful property is located just minutes from the Lake Windermere, and offers its visitors the perfect mix between luxury and intimacy, an oasis of style and comfort that moves away from the traditional image of a luxury hotel, offering a very personal and very original one.

2 location: La Minerva, Capri - Italy

With great pride, we find a second place in this ranking Italian hotel, which is located in the center of Capri, surrounded by the colors and scents of this wonderful island. The hotel, furnished in total white, is spread over several levels, with terraces overlooking the small town, and enjoys a splendid view of the Gulf of Naples. A perfect destination to spend a weekend of relaxation and good Neapolitan cuisine with your partner.

1 location: Anastasis Apartments - Greece

The host island is located in the Mediterranean Sea the most romantic hotel for a romantic getaway! We are in Greece, on the island of Santorini where this splendid structure in perfect Greek style stands, with white walls and very large and bright rooms. Its terraces offer spectacular views of the sea and other Greek islands, making this hotel an exceptional romantic destination. A wonderful place that warms the heart. These structures, for their peculiarities, for the magical landscapes that host them, and for the atmospheres in which they are immersed, are perfect destinations for a romantic getaway with our partner. Dream beaches, fascinating scents, enchanting views, are the key to spending a holiday with our sweet half in the name of romance, love and passion!

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