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During a visit to our capital, a stop in one of the many restaurants it is almost mandatory. Both the numerous tourists who flock to the city, and the many students who follow university courses in Rome, are always looking for a place that can offer the best value for money. The city allows you to choose between different culinary offers: typical cuisine, Italian specialties but also burgers, sushi or the best meat. To say cheap restaurant does not only mean fast food, but also in a huge and expensive city like Rome it is possible to find ethnic and traditional restaurants that do not extinguish their portfolios. If you too are looking for a place where, in the Roman style, "if it magna well and if it turned off a little", here is a guide that is right for you: the best cheap restaurants in Rome where to eat!


  1. The Gatta Mangiona
  2. The horn of Africa
  3. The Quagliaro
  4. Ali Baba
  5. Kalapa
  6. Ancient Peroni brewery
  7. Farinè
  8. Fast Food Counter
  9. The Bucket and the Olivaro
  10. Dar Parucca
  11. User questions and comments

10 - The Gatta Mangiona

This place is ideal for those looking for an excellent pizzeria and a cheap restaurant but with genuine proposals. It is located away from the central areas but easily accessible by public transport. The proposed pizza is the classic Neapolitan one, on the menu you will find original fillings in addition to the classic ones. The other specialties include supplì, bruschetta, pasta based first courses and salads.

  • Address: via F. Ozanam, 30/32
  • Tel. 06 534 6702
  • Type of cuisine: pizzeria, typical Roman and Italian
  • Average price per person: pizza 8 Euros, dinner 22 Euros

9 - The horn of Africa

It is a family restaurant that offers typical African cuisine and is one of the most popular in its category, in Rome. The menu cannot be missing couscous, stuffed with meat or vegetables, zighinì, or the typical dish based on diced beef flavored with butter and awazè. It is a very busy place and, at peak times, it is always full. Reservation recommended!

  • Address: via Folco Portinari, 7
  • Tel. 06 53273923
  • Type of cuisine: typical African
  • Average price per person: 15 Euros

8 - The Quagliaro

As soon as you enter you will surely notice, on the walls of the room, the poems of famous Roman characters such as Trilussa, Gioacchino Belli and Aldo Fabrizi. At the Il Quagliaro restaurant, Romanism is represented above all at the table, with its typical proposals that have allowed it to become one of the trattorias best known and most appreciated in Rome. The menu includes the classic carbonara and cacio e pepe, quail and a tasty pizza. With an average cost of 20 Euros per person, it is possible to order a complete meal that includes an appetizer, first course, second course, dessert but also drinks, coffee and amaro.

  • Address: Largo Mola di Bari, 17/19
  • Tel. 06 25210875
  • Type of cuisine: typical Roman, pizzeria
  • Average price per person: 20 Euros

7 - Ali Babà

It is considered by many one of the best kebabs in Rome. Based on chicken or beef, it is served in large portions and with an infinity of homemade sauces to choose from. It is the real and traditional Syrian kebab, to be served with side dishes such as paprika potatoes, mixed grilled vegetables, baked potatoes, chillies and Russian salad.

  • Address: via dell'Arco di Travertino, 27
  • Tel. 06 8897 9701
  • Type of cuisine: kebab
  • Average price per person: 6 Euros

6 - Kalapa

Il Greek street food it is mainly composed of potatoes, stuffed in many different ways. Try the kumpir potatoes! In this place, moreover, it is possible to taste various types of salads, mussaka, pork or chicken souvlaki and pita at very affordable prices.

  • Address: via Ascoli Piceno, 17
  • Tel. 06 83081997
  • Type of cuisine: Greek street food
  • Average price per person: 10 Euros

5 - Ancient Peroni brewery

In Rome it is a very well known place, almost an institution for Romans and not. It is located in a central area, near Piazza Venezia. Going to this place means trying your luck, or resigning yourself to long waits, as it is very popular and does not accept reservations. The menu includes mixed fried starters, first courses of pasta, second courses based on meat, sausage, wurstel and potatoes, proposed in various combinations.

  • Address: via di San Marcello, 19
  • Tel. 06 679 5310
  • Type of cuisine: rotisserie, grill, pub
  • Average price per person: 8 Euros

4 - Farinè

Farinè is located near the university district, in San Lorenzo. IS a recently opened pizzeria but which immediately won the trust of many thanks to the excellent value for money of its proposals. The pizza is the one with long leavening dough and is offered in various formats and with few but original fillings. Ask the owner for some advice on craft beer to combine with your culinary choice. Reservations are recommended.

  • Address: via degli Aurunci, 6/8
  • Tel. 06 445 1162
  • Type of cuisine: pizzeria,
  • Average price per person: 10 Euros

3 - Fast Food Counter

Who said fast food has to be junk food? Banco's proposals are fast food, but natural and healthy. Alongside the delicious sandwicheswe also find traditional rolls and hamburgers vegan and vegetarian proposals, noodles, chips but also extracts, smoothies and much more.

  • Address: via Ostiense, 40A
  • Tel. 06 5730 0959
  • Type of cuisine: fast food (sandwiches, rolls, hamburgers), vegetarian options
  • Average price per person: 12 Euros

2 - The Bucket and the Olivaro

The strong point of this place, rustic and often very crowded, are the bruschetta. They are stuffed with eggplant parmigiana, beans and sausage and more daring combinations such as ciauscolo and stracchino, provola and 'nduja. If you are a large group you can take advantage of the fixed menu at 15 Euros which includes savory pizza, sweet pizza and unlimited drinks.

  • Address: via Portuense, 962
  • Tel. 066552192 - 065745897 - 065120022
  • Type of cuisine: rustic Italian, pizzeria
  • Average price per person: 15 Euros

1 - Dar Parucca

The first place is won a simple restaurant, with dishes with strong flavors but made with organic ingredients and from local companies. Pizzotti stuffed with vegetables open the menu, which also includes first courses of the Roman tradition and second courses with some vegeterian and vegan proposals. The place can also be found in the Slow Food guide of the Osterie d'Italia.

  • Address: via Macerata, 87/89
  • Tel. 324 086 8361
  • Type of cuisine: typical Roman
  • Average price per person: 11 Euros

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