Thanksgiving Day d’eccellenza, a Plymouth

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If Plymouth does not sound new to you, dig into the reminiscences of the history learned among the school desks and you will remember that the Pilgrim Fathers landed here in the distant 1620: after having survived the dangers of an ocean crossing, they found an uncultivated New World and they entrusted themselves to God so that the seeds, brought by them from Europe, could sprout.

Thanks to the collaboration with the Native Americans, they managed to start a first sustenance economy and survive: a year later (in 1621) with their first harvest, the Pilgrims and the Indian community united and celebrated the first Thanksgiving lunch.

In this way, in Plymouth (less than an hour by car from Boston), the anniversary of Thanksgiving Day was born in the seventeenth century, still today one of the most loved holidays by Americans; he could not Plymouth (proudly defined the city where America was born) do not reserve celebrations of excellence for this occasion, centered on the historical sense, on nationalistic and patriotic pride.

For 19 years now theAnnual America’s Hometown Thanksgiving Celebration considered the best Thanksgiving Day event in all 50 states; also this year the celebrations are held on the weekend before the holiday, from the 21 23 November.

The central event is undoubtedly the parade on Saturday 22nd, which leaves at 10,30 from the Pilgrim Memorial Park, full of meaning: after the extras who take on the role of the Pilgrim Fathers and the floats that recreate the settings of the seventeenth century, the 4 centuries of history (from Abraham Lincoln to space missions) and American culture (such as the Thanksgiving Day lunch turkey wagon and Santa Claus house), framed by bands and drum corps, by today's military vehicles and reconstructions of fighters of all times. The crowd cheered the parade and waved stars and stripes flags.

If the historical taste proposed by the parade had piqued your interest in American events, do not miss the opportunity to visit theHistoric Village, near the port: here, on Saturday 22nd, history comes to life in truly sought-after environmental reconstructions, starting from the first and critical moments that the Pilgrim Fathers lived in America, after having abandoned the certain for the uncertain, we then move on to the discontent that it will lead to the Civil War, suffragette movements and, ultimately, the dramas of the XNUMXth century.

In addition to history, at the Historic Village there will also be space to satisfy a tasty curiosity: was the first Thanksgiving lunch just like what Americans eat today or was it something quite different? Drop by The Wampanoag Educational Pavilion and all doubts will be dispelled.

Between one emotion and another, the hungry stomach will complain and it will certainly not be a sacrifice to jump to New England Food Festival: from 11 am to 16 pm on Saturday 22nd it will be possible to taste tasty chowder, soups, desserts and other specialties of the area; after a good meal, the ideal is to take a stroll, perhaps among the beautiful proposals of the artisans at the port (Saturday and Sunday from 11 to 16).

When the sun goes down on Friday 21st, Plymouth will not fail to take on a truly unique atmosphere: “Illuminate” is the event that provides for the lighting of the downtown, at the foot of Cole's Hill, of Main and Court Street with 400 candles. The number of candles recalls the nearly 400 years that have passed since the Pilgrim Fathers landed in Plymouth and the meaning they want to convey is that of peace and brotherhood, just like that bond that united the first Americans to the natives, the Wampanoag people. For the occasion, a themed app will be released and, moreover, the British Plymouth counterpart will also be twinned with this enchanting initiative…

For lovers of American culture, nothing is more special than experiencing the "birthday" of Thanksgiving Day in his homeland, in Plymouth, the small town in Massachussets that has rightfully entered the history not only of the United States, but of the whole world.

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