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The first time the Thanksgiving Day (Thanksgiving Day) in North America, it was in 1578 when the English explorer Martin Frobisher arrived on the new continent and ordered a ceremony to thank God for the protection given to his group during the long and dangerous ocean crossing. However, most modern North Americans associate the Thanksgiving tradition with the Founding Fathers.

In 1621, one year after arriving in the new world aboard the Mayflower and in the following harsh winter, in which many of them perished from disease, the inhabitants of the colonies celebrated the success of their first harvest organizing a thanksgiving party to which they invited the Native Americans.

On the menu of that first American Thanksgiving there was certainly some dish that became tradition for the holidays - turkey and pumpkin - along with other white meats, venison, oysters, shellfish, fish, cereal pies, dried fruit and peanuts.

Date of Thanksgiving

Americans celebrate Thanksgiving on fourth Thursday of November (in 2016 it was November 24, in 2017 the 23, while in 2018 it will be the 22), because the president Abraham Lincoln declared this day as a holiday, in his famous Thanksgiving Proclamation of 1863.

Perhaps few know that behind the President's decision there was Sarah Josepha Hale, one of the most important women, yet little recognized by American history. Sarah influenced the President to officially proclaim a Thanksgiving day, convinced that she would observe it united the country and would make him reconcile, during the difficult period of the Civil War (also known as the Civil War).

Thanksgiving lunch

But enough of the story! What's for dinner?
At many American tables, stuffed turkey is still the pride of the Thanksgiving meal. In the United States alone, more than 40 million turkeys are eaten on the holiday weekend each year. It is usually accompanied by the sauce and the filling.

On the east coast the stuffed with oysters it is traditional, as in the past when crustaceans were cheap and abundant in the sea. In the south it is located with stuffed with corn focaccia, while in the north of the USA you can find the Wild Rice (North American spice) among the ingredients of turkey.

La cranberry sauce is traditional, made with fresh or frozen berries. Traditional Thanksgiving dish are for many sweet potatoes, add the sugar, spices and butter, turned in a saucepan and sometimes with mallow.

Other vegetarian dishes, salads, followed by the traditional pumpkin pie and whipped cream. In many families the end of a traditional Thanksgiving is to retreat to a comfortable chair to loosen the belt.

Thanksgiving in New York

In New York City, the famous is also held every year Macy's Department Store Parade. The festive and masked procession is an initiative of Macy's employees and dates back to the early 1900s, as a sign of gratitude from the many immigrants who had found a new job in the USA

Today the parade reaches its 89th edition and is animated by about thirty allegorical floats, colored and set to music, which depart from the Upper West Side (next to Central Park) at 9 am and reach 34th street in front of the Macy's Department Store.

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