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    Thailand: a country that changes you inside

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    Joel Fulleda

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    The words to describe this journey were not easy to find. You feel certain emotions so yours and so intimate that it would be difficult for anyone to explain their significance.

    1 day

    As soon as I landed, they accompanied me to Movenpick (the hotel where I spent three days). Looking out the window at me? immediately looked like a city, really active already? from the first light of dawn.
    Are the merchants and street foods active to bring home that income that will serve? to feed the whole family.
    Everyone runs left and right with the only difference that they face everything with an extreme calm and a smile that you envied.
    Wandering around the city? I let myself be immediately fascinated by the thousand colors that surrounded me. Around every corner, you could enter a neighborhood dedicated to another population like Chinatown.
    Fascinated me? much the smile of the taxi driver, when you leave me? in the neighborhood and prompted me to visit it describing it as a fascinating focal point of Bangkok. The first trip where I did not find envy in the people. I did not find any jealousy or contentions towards the Chinese who had invaded a small part of this wonderful city.
    Bangkok, like all of Southeast Asia,? linked to his religiosity.
    This spirit of reverence for Buddhism can be felt by visiting Wat Pho.
    Another fascinating set of temples can be found by visiting Wat Arun.
    Each temple in Thailand has something that makes it unmissable. Wat Arun too? a huge complex of religious buildings in which to get lost in its ancient history.
    The city? it must be seen from all possible points. See the skyline from the famous Lebua State Tower hotel? it was a unique emotion.

    2 day

    After recovering from the time zone, I agreed on the price with a local taxi driver to see the floating market and other points of interest in the area.
    In this place you can savor the true Thai culture, built and founded on markets, restaurants and canals that have an ancient and fascinating history. The experience that most? struck me, fascinated and amused me? was seeing the railway market where every day millions of tourists flock to see the passage of the train in close contact with merchants and merchandise. I love to see animals when I travel. Tiger World? a center where tigers are cared for and fed.
    I preferred to take some shots with this tiger cub, why? I was sure given her liveliness, and for the few months of life she had, that she hadn't been drugged.
    It was thrilling to see the affection he showed to the trainers.
    As a journalist, I always try to visit and recommend centers where animals are well and are treated and treated with dignity. On my way to the floating market, I focused on Thai rice fields. The rice fields extend over very large areas, so if you are fascinated by these places you will not struggle to find them. Baster? take the highway in the direction of some province.

    3 day

    On the third day I went to visit two different provinces: Kanchanaburi and Siam. When I was dropped off by my driver in the town, I thought I was already there? near the "death railway". After several minutes of walking I could not find the point of my interest, so I started asking for information. They all point me to a hut I had mistaken for a souvenir shop. I approach and understand that it is the ticket office, what for how? structured, it looks very eighties. Will the trip last? an hour, then I relax watching the view from the window overlooking the rice fields and Thai fields. When I get on, I immediately notice that the train? without internal and external sliding doors and also glass. Instead of air conditioning there are fans.
    I observe the environment around me noticing the decline of public transport, which once reached Burma. The seats are damaged and uncomfortable but I feel it is an honor to sit there. As soon as I arrive at my destination, my eyes fill with tears: the jungle around me. Uncontaminated and with all its noises and scents.
    My thoughts go immediately to the slaves forced to build the railway of death, immersed in the wild vegetation, suffering from a sultry climate and in complicated working conditions that have caused the death of many men. The River Kwai? truly immense and offers a wonderful panorama to local people and traders. There are various paths to go down to the river bank and take panoramic photos. Also visit Siam? it was just as exciting. The ancient Thai capital? located eighty kilometers from Bangkok and in 1991 were included in the UNESCO heritage list. When I started exploring the old capital of Siam, I didn't think I'd come across several archaeological sites located in various parts of the city.
    To visit it all it takes at least half a day, given that some important points are distant from others. I really enjoyed the site of? Wat Mahathat for its historical beauty and nature. Here is the tourist attraction that made the ancient city famous all over the world: the tree that imprisons the Buddha's head. While exploring this place cos? silent and majestic I stopped on the three rivers that border it: Chao Phraya, Pasak and Lopburi. In places like this? poor, you immediately notice how much the people value water. Siam is remembered for qualities such as: grandeur, elegance and with a very active commercial life and of relevance for other neighboring countries.
    Were the three days longer? intense and fascinating of my life.

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