Tenerife, the island of eternal spring

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Tenerife not? only sea, sun and fun but nature, what in many areas? still unspoiled, and small villages that still retain colonial traditions and are the ideal place to enjoy delicious local dishes.
An island that offers wonderful views going up and down its winding roads especially for those who want to stay away from the chaos of mass tourism areas and savor the best of the island.

1 day

Our Norwegian flight departs Rome FCO at 10,30 am to land at 14,45 pm local time at Tenerife's Sur Reina Sofia Airport. Upon arrival, a girl hands us a map of the island and I must say that in many trips this has never happened to us and we really like the beginning in Tenerife! After taking the luggage we head to the Cigar box to collect the keys of the car booked online (7 days at a total cost of € 98,70).
The Opel Corsa car is parked in front of the airport exit, beyond the bus stop. The exit takes you directly to the TF1 autopista, or the highway, c '? a distributor and fill up with diesel (29 euros, I can hardly believe it!).
It is 15.30 pm and having not had lunch we decide to stop at the Gran Sur Shopping Center in Adeje where there are several restaurants, pizzerias and cafes. We choose the Taqueria, a Mexican restaurant, and have two excellent Burrito vegetal accompanied by basmati rice with vegetables, a pint of beer, water and coffee. (18,60 euros). The restaurant also has tables outside, like others in the shopping center, why? even if the mall closes at 22pm they can stay open until midnight.
After refreshing, we head to Playa San Juan to get an idea of ​​the area. It's hot enough, it's around 18,30pm and the temperature? of 26 degrees.
We go up to the Santiago viewpoint which offers an amazing sunset over Los Gigantes and have a drink at the Mirador Archipenque bar. The sun makes itself felt and the view from there? ? truly magical.
We are tired so we head to our accommodation in Tamaimo, a village of 2000 inhabitants chosen precisely because? away from the mass tourist complexes, just 5 km from the highway and 35 km from the Sur airport. In fact, we were able to move from one part of the island to the other, going from the sea to the mountain in a short time also why? the roads are excellent and the (free) motorway connects almost the whole island. We spend the first night at the Pension Tamaimo and with only 40 euros we have a huge room, well furnished, with a balcony and all the comforts.
For dinner we are recommended the pizzeria Pizzas' Locas di Vincenzo and Sara where we will eat excellent pizzas, lasagna and tiramis? also on other evenings.

2 day

The next day we have breakfast at the cafeteria under the pension and leave our luggage at the B&B Casa Regina di Matteo and Antonella, where we will spend the rest of the holiday. The property has 6 double rooms, our Junior suite Ave Paraiso? equipped with every comfort? well furnished and clean with TV, sitting area and very large bathroom.
There? a common terrace with solarium and jacuzzi. The wi-fi? present throughout the structure.
It is 10 am and we leave to explore the island. The first destination? Los Abrigos, a fishing village with a small marina. The road we travel? truly panoramic and offers incredible views overlooking the sea.
When we arrive at our destination we park the car and reach the beach. Unfortunately there are no services and we take a walk admiring the sea breaking on the rocks. Let's go back to the center and have a coffee? in a bar where an Italian girl works, who gives us? of information on the area and advises us to visit the El Medano beach towards the South airport, frequented by surfers and in fact we understand why? seen the strong wind that c '?! The landscape ? particularly with the background of Montana Roia overlooking the sea.
We continue to Santa Cruz to see Playa de la Teresita. The scenery ? postcard, the beach? golden with palm trees and on the left the mountains that shelter the beach. Unfortunately, there are several oil rigs that spoil the ocean view.
We have lunch at Bar-Restaurant El Tunel in San Andreas, located in an alley and frequented by locals. We choose octopus salad, roasted local fish (weighed 1,5 kg) served with arrugadas potatoes (potatoes with peel boiled with coarse salt and then placed back in the oven in the oven covered with the remaining salt and cooked until they become "wrinkled") accompanied by hot sauce and garlic sauce.
We stop at the Tenerife auditorium "Ad? N Mart? N", the architectural symbol of the capital.
The building ? practically located by the sea, not far from the Castillo de San Juan.
Fantastic glimpse of the ocean that you can? admire going up the external staircase of the structure, and particularly the opposite one on the Viale della Costituzione.
The works painted on the rocks by the Bulgarian artist Stoyko Gagamov are beautiful.
It is 16 pm and we set off again towards Candelaria, a characteristic village, famous for why? on the promenade there are 12 bronze statues depicting the Guanches, the original inhabitants of the Canaries. The sea ? very agitated and the wind blows strong offering phenomenal photo shots!

3 day

Today we decide to spend the day at the beach. We choose Guia de Isora, reachable in 10 minutes from Tamaimo. Playa La Jaquita beach? well equipped, there are also natural swimming pools, bathrooms, changing rooms, free showers, a bar. We rent two sunbeds and an umbrella for 11,50 euros and we stay until 16 why? the sun makes itself felt on the skin.
We return to the B & B and after having settled down we decide to go to Icod de los Vinos.
The way to go? the TF-82 that passes through Santiago del Teide and other characteristic villages, admiring banana crops as far as the eye can see.
Once in the village we park the car and follow the signs for El Drago Milenario.
The Dracaena draco, endemic to the Canary Islands,? a plant with the shape of an inverted umbrella belonging to the Agavaceae, which can? reach 20 meters in height.
The hypotheses about the true age? de El Drago are quite discordant, some claim it is 3000 years old, others think it is? only? 1000.
For dinner we choose the El Pescator restaurant in Los Gigantes. We choose prawns and two sole accompanied by salad and potato arrugadas as an appetizer. Honestly not? was great, but the price? quite right.
Before returning we take a walk in Puerto Santiago.

4 day

The day looks promising and we are ready to go to Teide. The Guanches called Teide "Echeyde", which means "House of Guayota", the Devil. According to their Guayota tradition seized? the God of the Sun, Magec, and brought him? at the center of the Teide bringing darkness? on the island of Tenerife. The Guanches then asked for help from Acham? N, supreme celestial lord who liberated? the Sun and closed the evil one in the volcano, closing the mouth of the cone with the Pan de Az? car, the last cone that crowns the Teide, still visible today.
As you go up or go around the volcano you can? observe the change of colors and landscape. First the red rock with contrasting trees and succulents, then the black rock without any form of life. Pi? we go up and more? the sky becomes blue and from every corner where you look you can admire the volcano. I can also photograph the Tenerife viper (Echium wildpretii), one of the most? spectacular views of the National Park. Its stems, which can reach over two meters in height, are covered with a dense and showy purple inflorescence. This species, which was really rare only up to 30 years ago, is now usually seen starting from the month of May.
Path ? really made of incredible and unique passages.
We arrive in Los Roques and we are at 2070 meters. Here? there is the Centro de Visitantes de Canada Blanca, a bar-restaurant and a souvenir shop. We park the car and climb the Roques de Garcia to admire the valley. It seems to be lost in another planet.
Continuing on the T-24, the cable car starts, which leads to the Rambleta area at 3.555 meters above sea level. The rest of the climb that leads to the summit, a little more? of 200 meters, it is called? sendero Telesforo Bravo? but it must be authorized with a permit that is requested in advance, personally, by fax or email to the Office of the Parque Nacional del Teide.
We arrive in Montana Blanca and park the car. Here the scenario? completely different, completely surrounded by golden sand we also admire a small whirlpool that is generated in the distance.
We continue the path going down to the Orotava Valley even if the landscape is not? totally visible due to the clouds but we can see the Piedra la Rosa, similar to a huge daisy set in the rock.
Once in La Orotava we find parking near the town hall and going down we stop to eat tapas at the Cafeteria Los Balcones.
After lunch we take a tour of the botanical gardens next to the Town Hall and then we enter the Jardin Victoria, very well kept and with a splendid view of the town center and a magnificent view of the sea. We go out on the square and take a tour admiring the famous Canarian balconies. We return to our accommodation passing through the village of Santiago del Teide.
For dinner we choose Los Abrigos where we choose the El Cangrejo restaurant, on the port, staying for? not satisfied both in terms of quality, quantity? and price.
Let's go for a walk in Las Americas and perceive how everything there? both fake and made for mass tourism.

5 day

Today we go to Masca and the landscape we cross? something indescribable: mountains overlooking the sea, luxuriant vegetation growing on black rocks. Masca? nestled right in the mountains. Considered a refuge for pirates? a dream destination for photography lovers. Its houses lie perched on the narrow ridges of spectacular rock formations. There are souvenir shops and several small local honey retailers.
We leave for Garachico, a famous port why? capital of Tenerife in 1700 therefore very old. There are natural pools and an old town. We have lunch at Bodrg? N "Plaza" a typical Canarian restaurant. With only 20 euros we eat an excellent stewed grouper accompanied by patas arrugadas and salad.
Let's go to the square and take a tour of the city? old woman with the gig for 8 euros. Then we stop at a souvenir shop where we buy natural soap made from goat's milk and aloe. This ? the real side of Tenerife, discover small villages, unspoiled nature, magical views.
We return to the B&B and relax on the terrace in the Jacuzzi, with our backs to the mountains and the sea view.
In the late afternoon we go to see the Duque beach in Adeje. Here the luxury is also perceived by the prices of the clubs and restaurants as well as the fantastic Plaza del Duque shopping center.

6 day

Today we go to Puerto de la Cruz. Unfortunately the weather doesn't? the maximum and it also starts to rain. Can we park the car near the center and head towards the city on foot? old.
Much of the area surrounding the ancient fishing port? full of cobbled streets dotted with quaint bars and cafes? colonial style. The picturesque marina? also a delicious one. We reach the statue of the Fisherman in front of the marina, we continue towards the fort of Santa Barbara, a defensive fortress built for will? of the Franchy family in the eighteenth century, with the project of Jer? nimo Mines, to defend the Old Port from possible attacks by pirates and corsairs, then to Plaza Europa, built on more? levels and surrounded by a wall overlooking the ocean and which served as a defense outpost, in fact there are various bronze cannons of the eighteenth century.
We get back in the car and take a detour to Playa Jard? N, an elegant expanse of black sand bathed by the waters of the ocean, behind which there are manicured gardens and scenic paths, against the backdrop of Mount Teide rising on the horizon. .
Designed by the brilliant Canarian sculptor, painter and architect Cesar Manrique, it was completed in 1993. The extraordinary black sand of volcanic origin? it was extracted from the seabed and used to cover the original pebble beach. Manrique ide? the urban physiognomy and enrich it? of exotic gardens, numerous plants and delightful water features.
We decide to return to Garachico to return for lunch from Bodrg? N "Plaza" where we taste the stewed octopus, absolutely phenomenal. Then we reach the Sao Miguel Castle and take a walk along the El Caleton seafront
And finally a coffee? and a typical dessert? a must at the pastry shop Le Patissier.

7 day

Penultimate day in Tenerife we ​​choose to spend it by the sea in total relaxation.
We go to visit Playa Amenime but there are no services and the beach? very small so you have to settle on the side rocks. We prefer to go back to Guia di Isora where? It is possible to rent sunbeds and umbrella.
We return to the B&B for a shower, then we go to the Siam Mall in Adeje and finally we continue to the pretty village of San Miguel de Tajao where they recommend the Manolo restaurant. We choose our fish at the counter and how we want it to be cooked. All really great and at fair prices.
Before returning we take a walk in Los Cristianos where c '? movement until late at night.

8 day

The flight restarts in the early afternoon. We wake up calmly, have breakfast and pack our bags.
Arriving at the airport and leaving the car, we have time to eat a sandwich and take a tour of the Reina Sofia shops. The take-off with the background of the Monta? A Roja? phenomenal.
The holiday ? over, maybe 8 days are few but we hope to return one day to the island of eternal spring.

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