Tenerife, Canaries: where it is, when to go and what to see

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The renowned Tenerife is a naturalistic jewel of the Canary Islands, in the Atlantic Ocean, which offers fabulous beaches and enchanting landscapes. In addition to leisure, entertainment and relaxation, this very famous Spanish island resort deserves to be known for many other reasons as well. Within the island, for example, is the Teide National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in which Teide is located, at the same time the third largest volcano in the world and also the highest mountain in Spain.

Tenerife is also very famous for the Santa Cruz de Tenerife Carnival, unanimously considered the second most important carnival festival in the world after that of Rio de Janeiro.


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  3. When to go? Info on climate and best time
  4. 10 things to see: beaches and places of interest
  5. What to do in Tenerife: excursions and tours
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Travel informed: useful information

  • Inhabitants: 904.713
  • Capital: Santa Cruz from Tenerife (capital of the island)
  • Languages: Spanish
  • Local currency: EUR
  • Weather: Temperate throughout the year. Generally cooler north, while the south sunnier
  • vaccinations: no vaccination required
  • Entry requirements: Belonging to Spain, EU citizens arriving in Tenerife must only have an identity card or, alternatively, a valid passport. Non-EU citizens, on the other hand, must have a valid passport. EU citizens, or citizens from Iceland and Norway are not required to have a visa for on-site stays of up to 90 days. For a longer period, a residence permit must be requested during the first month of stay.
  • Travel / health insurance: recommended.

    Where it is

    Tenerife is one of the Canary Islands, an island complex in Spain, located in the Atlantic Ocean, west of the African coast. With an area of ​​approximately 2.034,38 sq km it is the largest island in the archipelago and the most populated island in Spain.

    How to reach us

    • From Milan or Rome: there are two airports, Los Rodeos and Reina Sofìa. Direct flights are scheduled daily from Milan and Rome with Iberia and Alitalia. Among the solutions with a stopover, some Iberia flights include a stopover in Madrid and a departure within a maximum of 2 hours.
      Compare flights from Rome or Milan to Tenerife - starting from € 68,00
    • From the main European capitals: direct flights are planned from Madrid, Amsterdam, London and Berlin with Ryanair. From Paris, flights to Tenerife include a stopover in Madrid.
      Compare flights to Tenerife - starting from € 34,00

    When to go? Info on climate and best time

    • Weather: subtropical oceanic on the coasts, rainier inland. The trade winds make the northern part of the island cooler and more humid, but in summer they also dampen the heat along the coasts. The record of heat on the sea is reached during the summer season with peaks of 42/44 ° C in the months of July, August and September.
    • Best time: from May to September it is possible to benefit from greater solar radiation, but the island is distinguished by a mild temperature all year round.
    • Period to avoid: from November to January since these are the slightly colder months and those in which the peak of precipitation is recorded (however modest).
    • Advice: for a holiday in Tenerife the main advice is to pack rather light clothing, that is spring clothes and summer clothing. Of course, don't forget to pack a nice pair of jeans or a dress for the evening in your luggage, but in general, life on the island is rather informal.

    10 things to see: beaches and places of interest

    1. Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Among the sites worthy of being discovered in the island's capital are the Museo de La Naturaleza y el Hombre, the Auditorium of Calatrava and the Parque Garcia Sanabria, a magnificent oasis not far from the center.
    2. Las Teresitas Beach. This lido is the best known beach in Tenerife and is located about 7 kilometers from the center of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Equipped with excellent facilities, the beach differs from the others from the island as it is covered with white sand imported from the Sahara Desert.
    3. Teide National Park. It is the most visited European park and one of the most visited national parks in the world. A UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2007, it includes in its territory the Teide, the third volcano in the world and the highest peak in Spain. In 2015 it was also named a World Biosphere Reserve.
    4. San Cristóbal de La Laguna. Also known more simply as "La Laguna", it is the ancient capital of the island. Although it has lost its administrative status, it has retained its cultural primacy as it includes the university and bishopric of Tenerife.
    5. Playa de las Americas. It is one of the sacred places of entertainment on the island. In its area is concentrated the majority of tourists attracted by the beautiful beach and the numerous opportunities for recreation, well-being and relaxation. Perfect place also for diving and whale watching lovers.
    6. La Orotava. Municipality of the island where the Teide National Park falls. This locality is distinguished by a very pretty historic center, but also by characteristic landscapes of vineyards and chestnut trees. It is also one of the favorite destinations for trekking enthusiasts.
    7. Garachico. A stop in this picturesque village is certainly ideal for getting to know the deep essence of the Canaries. It is practically impossible not to be fascinated by the natural pools where you can swim with your partner, friends or family.
    8. Los Gigantes cliffs. It represents a group of cliffs overlooking the sea and of a height between 300 and 600 meters. It is located near the town of the same name of Los Gigantes. An ideal site for scuba diving enthusiasts.
    9. Siam Park. It is one of the best water parks in Europe. In addition to slides, rides and attractions with a high adrenaline rate, it also includes a large relaxation area with a white sand beach, sun beds and umbrellas.
    10. Parrot park. It is the most famous zoo in Tenerife. It includes the largest collection of parrots in the world, as well as animals such as dolphins, turtles, sea lions, monkeys, killer whales and crocodiles.

    What to do in Tenerife: excursions and tours

    How much does a holiday in Tenerife cost? Prices, offers and advice

    For a certainly interesting period such as the end of June, flight + hotel packages are available online from € 400,00 per person for 7 nights.
    For a stay on site, the cost of living in tenerife is significantly lower than in Italy. The average price of a dinner is around € 15,00, the price of petrol is around € 0,92, meat and fish cost about half, massages can be done from € 25,00 and car hire is possible from € 10,00 per day.

    • Hotel and b & b starting from € 25,00 per room -
    • starting from € 68,00 -
    • Flight + hotel packages: Return flight + 7 nights from € 462,00 per person -
    • Custom quote: to request a personalized quote

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