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In an age where time runs fast, civilization progresses and man exercises his supremacy to assert personal success, it is important to pause for a moment to reflect on the importance of acting responsibly and with respect for the environment that it surrounds us and hosts us.

It is by following these principles that for over 45 years, every year, at the end of April and more precisely on day 22, around the world theEarth Day, a day dedicated to enhancing the Earth, discovering which habits need to be corrected to promote sustainable development and respect for man and nature.

All the main cities of the world are preparing, therefore, to welcome an important edition of the global event dedicated to love for the Earth and awareness of the scarcity of resources.

Obviously also New York has developed a series of events dedicated to the Planet, on the occasion ofEarth Day 2015. For the Big Apple, this appointment is much more than a single day of reflection: the calendar of sustainability-themed events in the city that never sleeps is really rich, and full of stimuli and food for thought. A well-structured program to encourage training, action and change, involving new supporters and, at the same time, rekindling the interest and passion in current supporters.

The celebration began with a grand opening event held in Union Square on April 19th and which touched on issues such as awareness raising, the sharing economy, recycling, the importance of popular mobilization and much more. There was no lack of exhibition and exhibition moments: such as the one dedicated to zero-emission vehicles, or the one for zero-impact travel.

There was also ample space for entertainment and participation, thanks to moments of music and live performances and creative and engaging workshops, aimed at entertaining the little ones, simultaneously raising awareness of the importance of a green attitude. .

The calendar Earth Friendly continues with a busy day planned for on day 22, the official date of celebrations around the world: New York will make its voice heard with a big one 5 km marathon, dedicated to volunteers, companies and the many citizens who want to make an important contribution to the protection of the planet.

During the long walk, the path will guide the participants to discover the most fascinating and natural places in New York, and will actively involve them by requesting their intervention in the care of green spaces, parks and school gardens.

Finally, to concretely help the many New York green associations that are involved in developing and implementing support activities for the environment, a fundraising.

New York's commitment to the well-being of the planet does not end with the end of April and the choral closure of global activities: through the social platforms dedicated to the event, every citizen or visitor can feel part of a much wider project and long-lasting. On the Earth Day Facebook page, for example, a green “to-do” will be published every day, to inspire and stimulate the attention and participation of those who want to make their voices heard and try to change the future.

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