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    SUMMIT One Vanderbilt: walking in the clouds above Manhattan

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    Which is why Manhattan never ceases to amaze us with incredible new ones tourist attractions? Simple: because, having run out of space to extend horizontally, keep doing it vertically! For years now, the New York skyline has been constantly evolving: skyscrapers with their avant-garde observatories have sprung up like mushrooms, promising unforgettable experiences that go far beyond the simple possibility of observing the incredible urban landscape of the Big Apple from above.

    The latest novelty is called SUMMIT, an attraction destined to be talked about and forcefully enter the dreams of all travelers. Inaugurated in October 2021, SUMMIT is the brand new observatory of One vanderbilt, the tallest commercial skyscraper in Midtown, a stone's throw from Grand Central Terminal station, opposite the famous Chrysler Building. The umpteenth challenge between giants, then: if the Chrysler Building has the charm of classic New York art deco architecture on its side, SUMMIT impresses with its futuristic and ultra-contemporary design.

    But let's find out why SUMMIT cannot be defined as a simple panoramic observatory, but rather a sensory experience that to define "dizzying" is not much.


    • Where is it and how to get there
    • SUMMIT One Vanderbilt: orari
    • SUMMIT One Vanderbilt: altezza
    • SUMMIT One Vanderbilt: attractions
      • Air
      • Levitation
      • Ascent
      • After
    • SUMMIT One Vanderbilt: Biglietti
    • Suggestions for the visit
    • Where to sleep in the area
    • SUMMIT video review

    Where is it and how to get there

    Photos at Shinya Suzuki

    The aim of the Sustainable Islands SUMMIT is located on top of the skyscraper One vanderbilt, in Midtown Manhattan, at the address 45 E 42nd St, but can also be accessed from Vanderbilt Passage, located inside the Main Concourse Level of the station Grand Central Terminal.

    • reach the SUMMIT by meter you will need to take one of the lines 4, 5, 6, 7 or Shuttle. Here is our article on how to use the Metro in New York
    • Se use the bus, you will need to use one of the lines M101, M102, M103, M1, M2, M3, M4, Q32 and M42
    • Finally, if you are not based in Manhattan and you move by train along the three Hudson, Harlem or New Haven lines, you can get off directly at Grand Central Terminal station.

    SUMMIT One Vanderbilt: orari

    Below, the opening hours of the observatory until the end of January 2022. We will update them when we get news of the definitive timetables.

    • Wednesday and Thursday: from 13pm to 22pm
    • Friday and Saturday: from 9 to 24
    • Sunday: from 9 to 21

    SUMMIT One Vanderbilt: altezza

    Photos at Shinya Suzuki

    Il One Vanderbilt skyscraper rises above New York for 397 meters (427 meters if we consider the spire). The main observation deck of SUMMIT is located at a height of 324 mt. As we will see, however, there is the possibility of reaching a higher altitude (368 mt) thanks to the transparent elevators of Ascent, which I will tell you in the next chapter.

    From the terrace you can enjoy aexceptional view its Central Park, its Chrysler Building and onEmpire State Building, which is located a few kilometers to the south.

    SUMMIT One Vanderbilt: attractions

    Photos at Shinya Suzuki

    "Extend the horizon of one's imagination, reconsider what is possible“: This is what one of the many SUMMIT slogans promises. The goal of SL Green Realty Corp., the company that designed this new observatory with the designer's support Snøhetta, is to offer the visitor a completely new way of observe and experience New YorkThrough experiences that can change the perspective and therefore the relationship with the city. But how can this happen?

    There are 4 experiences that can be done on the 4 floors of the SUMMIT observatory, located above the 73rd floor of the skyscraper: Air, Levitation, Ascent and After.


    Air is a permanent installation curated by Kenzo Digital, a studio specializing in creating immersive performance art projects. There are essentially two experiences that can be done within this project: Trascendence (I and II) e Affinity.

    • Transcendence I (floor 91): after going up the elevator you will re-emerge in a large room entirely covered with mirrors. The game of reflections will take away any sense of orientation, giving you the impression of being in a boundless space where the image of you multiplies and merges with the skyline of the city that you will see all around you.
    • Affinity (floor 91): the estrangement you experienced in the Transcendence I room will become a game. In fact, you will find yourself in a space very similar to the previous one, where hundreds of reflective spheres float. You can have fun walking through this slow and sinuous shower of spheres on the New York skyline and, rest assured, your phone memory will not be enough for all the photos you want to take.
    • Transcendence II (floor 92): going upstairs, you can continue the labyrinthine experience of Transcendence I by looking out on the lower floor through an internal terrace. You will stay confused and stunned from the fascinating sparkle of urban images around you and, at the same time, from the infinite multiplication of reflections in the most unexpected forms. You will wonder if the person you see above you is next to you or… downstairs. In short, you will have serious doubts about the reality of what you are seeing around you!
    Photos at Shinya Suzuki
    Photos at Shinya Suzuki
    slgckgc's photo


    Talking to you is someone who suffers from a little bit of vertigo, so you can believe me: Levitation it will test your courage. What are we talking about? Also on floor 92, in addition to the Transcendence II room - from which you can observe the panorama around you with your feet safely on the floor - SUMMIT offers the experience of Levitation, that is two transparent terraces that protrude from the main structure of the skyscraper. Those who have the courage to set foot in these "boxes" will be able to say that they have walked over the city of New York at a height of 324 meters!


    For an additional price on top of the base rate, you can access the experience of Ascent, perhaps the most incredible and dizzying of the SUMMIT package. If you are not satisfied with the view from the 92nd floor of the skyscraper, you can access one of the 2 external lifts (among the largest in the world) with transparent walls, which will take you there up to a height of 368 meters: a point of view that for a few minutes will allow you to dominate the whole city.


    An American coffee or, better still, a cocktail 324 meters above Madison Avenue. What are you doing, you deprive yourself of it? Within SUMMIT, the bar-restaurant of the famous restaurateur Danny Meyer could not be missing, for a little relaxation and taste in the clouds: it is called After, and has been designed for anyone who wants to enjoy a nice lunch with a view… and what a view.

    SUMMIT One Vanderbilt: Biglietti

    Photos at Ethan Wolff

    There are three types of SUMMIT admission tickets, which can be purchased on the official website. The price varies according to the time of entry: afternoon and evening admissions are more expensive because when it gets dark, SUMMIT offers an even more fascinating light show.

    • SUMMIT Experience (includes access to Air, Levitation, After)
      • Adults: $ 39-49 kids 6-12: $ 33-49
    • SUMMIT Ascent (includes access to Air, Levitation, Ascent, After)
      • Adults: $ 59-69 kids 6-12: $ 53-69
    • Ultimate SUMMIT: (includes access to Air, Levitation, Ascent, After + 1 cocktail by Danny Meyer)
      • Adults: $ 63-73 kids 6-12: $ 67-83

    If you want to buy admission to the SUMMIT Experience in combination with a guided tour of some of New York's best attractions, check out the link below

    Entrance to SUMMIT + guided tour

    Suggestions for the visit

    Photos at Ethan Wolff

    Here are some tips and directions for the visit:

    • the use of is strongly discouraged skirts, given the reflective characteristics of the SUMMIT walls
    • it is forbidden to wear heels or footwear that can damage the floor of the building
    • the use of sunglasses so as not to be bothered by the luminous reflections of the surfaces
    • don't forget to pay a visit to Toilet, even if you don't strictly need it… you have never seen such a panoramic bathroom!

    Where to sleep in the area

    We are in Midtown, in the heart of Manhattan! You are spoiled for choice when it comes to accommodation, but if you feel the need to have some specific advice, read our article with all the strategic suggestions for an overnight stay in New York.

    Where to sleep in New York

    SUMMIT video review


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