Summer holidays in Sappada in the Dolomites

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When the snows finally melt, Sappada shows its most suggestive side, made of walks, excursions along enchanting paths that climb through the valleys, green pastures, coniferous forests, streams and lakes that characterize this delightful area of The Dolomites, the ideal place to spend a relaxing summer vacation. It is precisely in spring and especially in summer that new scenarios to practice the Nordic Walking and Trekking open between these scenographic panoramas.
Here, on the tops of these mountains, in Val Sesis, the Piave River was born, known as the Sacred River of the Fatherland for the historical events that characterized it during the First World War.

Le Sorgenti del Piave, easily accessible by car and on foot from Cima Sappada, are considered one of the most important naturalistic heritages of Veneto and the province of Belluno. The fourteen villages into which the town of Sappada is divided, inhabited by an Italian population but of German ethnicity, are enchanting to visit and a perfect starting point for breathtaking excursions in the Alps. from Carnia to Comelico.


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To do

Between the center of Sappada, which extends for five kilometers north of the Piave river, and the surroundings, there is only the embarrassment of choosing between nature trails, walks of varying difficulty and excursions. The Alpine fauna park opens a short distance from the center, in Muhlbach township. From this delightful hamlet, following the path that runs alongside the stream of the same name, it is also possible to reach (in summer the path is illuminated until 23pm) an area of ​​delicious Cascatelle. A little further on it is absolutely not to be missed the Ravine of Aquatona, a deep gorge carved by the force of the waters of the Acquatona which here meets the Piave.
Also not to be missed is the excursion from the sources of the Piave to the top of Monte Peralba. Starting from the Refuge that you find at 1830m you must then take a beautiful path in the woods until you meet the forest road that climbs to the Calvi Refuge. After the refuge, continue along the Sesis pass up to the Via comune "Papa Giovanni Paolo II" which leads to the summit at 2694m, where snow can be found even in summer.
Also the Val Visdende, which unravels starting from the road between Sappada and San Pietro di Cadore, thanks to its uncontaminated nature preserved by intensive tourist exploitation, is a must.

What to See

The center of Sappada is distinguished by the typical wooden houses built with the "blockbau" architectural technique, ie the joining of beams at the edges. It includes within it several hamlets, each of which represents a small and delightful universe to discover. Among the churches present, the small one deserves a special visit parish church in baroque style dedicated to S. Margherita.
For those who want to deepen the history and origins of Sappada, or when the weather does not allow for excursions, the town offers a series of interesting museums. It starts from the interesting "Giuseppe Fontana" Ethnographic Museum, which proposes an itinerary to discover the Sappada identity, through the flora, fauna and geology of the area.
Il Small Museum of the Great War, which collects important relics and documents on the First World War and on the events that involved the area of ​​Sappada and the Piave, is found in Borgata Muhlbach.

Where to sleep

Sappada offers a great variety of solutions to spend a holiday in complete serenity. For those who want a certain independence we recommend a niceFlat typically furnished and in a panoramic position, if you are looking for absolute quiet, or in the center, to take advantage of the numerous shops.
Do not miss the B&B he Hotel, perfect for those who want to be pampered by the highest quality services. To choose, we recommend the portal of the Sappada Dolomiti Tourism Promotion Consortium, where you can find useful information for an unforgettable holiday.

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