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Among the initiatives made available by Mondo Insieme there is also the possibility of experience US campuses up close.

American campuses can be considered as villages - but perhaps it would be more appropriate to say small towns - which offer a great variety of activities and are characterized by considerable autonomy. In such contexts, students are the center of attention and everything revolves around them: not only the teaching, but also the clubs, arts activities, relaxation, entertainment, accommodation, and so on. Every detail is conceived and developed to optimize students' learning and to facilitate their life, including residences for professors, libraries, auditoriums, halls for performances, bars, etc.

Lucrezia in Chicago

What Mondo Insieme offers

Le Campus Usa formulas proposed by Mondo Insieme are designed to meet the needs of Spanish students who aspire to live and study on an American campus: one can distinguish between the Guaranteed scholarship formulas and Formulas that allow you to choose yourself the school you want (Community College, College or University).

Scholarship choices

- Academic it is designed for students in the last year of high school, for high school graduates and for university students. It guarantees scholarships of up to 70%, including food, accommodation and studies
- Athletic it is designed for high-level athletes who have recently graduated or are in the last year of high school
- Master it is designed for graduates and undergraduates at the three-year or specialist level;
- Intensive English Program is designed for students aged seventeen and over who want to spend 4 months on an American campus, focusing on learning the English language

Free choice

As for the other formulas, however, the choice is between Top Schools e Community College: in the first case the offer is addressed to students in the last year of high school, to those who have already graduated, to those about to graduate and to graduates, while in the second case the offer concerns only university students or those at last year of high school. Mondo Insieme provides its expertise and experience in the sector, to prepare your admission in the best possible way, followed step by step.

L’orientation week alla Southern Utah University

When to sign up

Le registrations are open all year round, and you can start in January - the so-called spring semester - or in August - the so-called fall semester.


The variety of degree courses that allow you to activate the Academic Formula or the Athletic Formula is really consistent, and includes degree courses in economics (finance, management, marketing, accounting), mathematics, criminology, mass communication, earth sciences, medicine, English, German, Spanish or French, international relations, philosophy, physics, information technology, tourism, political science, engineering, psychology, film, theater, biology, performing arts, advertising, public relations, telecommunications and journalism.

The purpose of the Scholarship Formulas is to make it easier for Spanish students to access American universities, regardless of their level of knowledge of the English language: when the expenses for studies, accommodation and food, you have the opportunity to negotiate the most advantageous scholarship proposals. The latter, in fact, are made available directly by the universities, which they benefit from the presence of non-American students by virtue of the exchange of ideas and the multiculturalism that this condition ensures.

The Academic formula

With the Academic Formula, the most requested, you are sure to receive nine proposals from nine different university institutes: of these, at least one allows you to pay no more than 12 thousand dollars for each academic year, including room and board. The scholarships come to reduce the costs of food, accommodation and studies by up to 70%, with accommodation on campus guaranteed!

Forum with Atlética

The choice of the amount of the scholarship to be awarded it is decided on individual principles, based on the sport being practiced, the results achieved, the academic performance and the course of study chosen. The sports available are athletics, swimming, golf, soccer, women's volleyball, basketball and American football. For tennis there is even an ad hoc program!

La formula Master

For the Master Formula you receive three different scholarship proposals from three different universities: one proposal allows you to pay a maximum of $ 20.000 per academic year (masters in the USA generally last two years), the other two cover any part of the cost . The focus is on MBAs, in particular on finance, human resources, management, marketing, accounting and General MBA.

Where to study

Mondo Insieme is currently in the following States: Alabama, Arizona, California, North Carolina, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington and Wisconsin.

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