Stavanger and the Peikestolen ... the climb to the famous pulpit!

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Short trip to Norway to go trekking on the famous Preikestolen near Stavanger.
Finally the long-awaited journey? arrived? Norway here we go !!! It must be said that we are lovers of cold places, of nature? so we were looking forward to this trip booked 3 months before with an excellent Ryanair offer (38 euros round trip)

1 day

Did we leave Pisa and landed in Haugesund, a small town quite far from Oslo but close to our destination? Stavanger and, more? precisely at the Preikestolen!
The journey from Haugesund to Stavanger by bus takes about two hours, allowing us to admire extraordinary landscapes, crossing an uncontaminated nature that is the host.
To mention the availability? of the bus drivers, who very cordially helped us during all transfers.
Once in Stavanger, got off the bus, we immediately headed on foot to our accommodation, the Skansen Hotel (Skansegaten 7), which we reach with a 10 minute walk. The hotel? small, spartan and without reception, in fact all the operations of check-in, check-out and so on are carried out at the nearby and more? luxurious Victoria Hotel. At the Victoria we can also have our breakfast, what? delicious and abundant.
Once at the hotel, after leaving our luggage, we decide to take a tour of the city, to discover this small town, which bases its economy on the oil industry. We discover that once the economy of this country was based on the fishing and sale of herring. C ?? in fact also a museum dedicated to the herring preservation and canning industry. We visit the beautiful park with a pond, overlooked by the cathedral, and we are enchanted by the swan swimming in the lake. After having stolen some shots of the swan, we continue our walk and, after passing by the port and the fish market, we begin to climb to the city. old. Old Stavanger? made up of many small colored houses, and what catches the eye? the cleanliness and order found in this corner of the city. Everything seems surreal due to the attention given to the smallest details.
After a good walk, also tired of the journey, we decide to go back to the hotel and go to sleep early. The following morning a nice hike awaits us, the main reason for our trip: the climb to Preikestolen.

2 day

We leave the hotel early, and after a rich breakfast at the Victoria Hotel, we head to the pier where at 08.00 we will leave. the ferry to Tau (about 40 minutes), the first destination to reach to get to the pulpit. Once in Tau, we take a bus that in about 20 minutes takes us to the parking lot from which we will leave for the climb. The route, estimated in about two hours, includes a climb that is not too difficult, but still challenging. As soon as we get off the bus, we immediately set off. The climb, initially? very steep and, even if? early morning (it is in fact about 09.00), we already meet? some people who are on the way back. After a nice walk, which alternates steep climbs, steps to overcome on which to climb, less steep and more? relaxing, crossing of marshy areas, we finally reach the top. The two hours that we had been predicted to climb, it all took. The show ? breathtaking, and we can fully enjoy the magnificence of the fjord, also why? there are still few people who have reached the goal. Let's take an? infinit? of photos and then we stop for a moment to admire the view. We also try to take a chance, not without fear, and we approach the cliff, thus being able to admire closely what it means to be 604 meters high and not have any protection around. We decide to eat the sandwiches that we had prepared and then we sit on the ground, in an area a little sheltered from the wind, what up here? ? really strong. Time at the top of Preikestolen seems to fly, and between one photo and the next, we realize that it is almost 14.00. The people who have reached the pulpit have multiplied and it almost seems that there is no more. room for anyone. So we decide, with regret, to return to the base, also why? we are subject to public transport and the last bus that leaves to go back? at about 17.00. We then follow the path in reverse and we notice with amazement, that even if the weather conditions are quickly changing for the worse (we were lucky and we found a splendid sunny day), there are still many people who are climbing.
Once at the point of departure / arrival, we note that the bus for the ferry? already? waiting and then we are going to climb. After about twenty minutes we are back at the dock to take the ferry and soon we find ourselves in Stavanger. Unfortunately, our magnificent tour,? already? finished.
Back in the city? we are destroyed, and after having eaten quickly in the center, we retire to the hotel to go to sleep and remember in our dreams the spectacular experience we had during the day.

3 day

We have one last day left to spend in this corner of the world, before returning to Italy, and do we dedicate it to a visit a bit? pi? depth of the city. Today ? Sunday, and two huge cruise ships landed in the small port that made the city popular. of tourists.
After the usual abundant breakfast, we enter the Old Stavanger and visit the Sardine Museum (Norsk Hermetikkmuseum). They explain to us that with the same entrance ticket, we can also visit the maritime museum, which we will do immediately after.
The museum ? nice and, given the large number of people who came with us, organize a short guided tour in English, with an explanation of the various production processes. Inside there are all the equipment of the time for smoking and canning. The visit lasts an hour and the time passes pleasantly. After the visit of the museum, let's walk a little longer. for the city? old, then we go down again to the port and go to visit the maritime museum. Inside we find photos, finds and various models. The museum ? inside the old warehouses of the port. In our opinion not? very exciting, but? certainly very well done and well cared for. Pleasant to visit if you have time to spend in Stavanger.
We then head to the cathedral, again entrance fee, but modest price (about 3? Per person). Cathedral ? overlooking the lake and? very charming. We take a tour inside, take many photos and admire the beautiful works that are present. Surely the cathedral? very modest compared to our churches, but still deserves to be visited.
Going around the city? we noticed that a Greenpeace ship was moored at the port, so we got closer. To our surprise we discovered that it was possible to visit it and so we did. We got on board, where the crew welcomed us and gave us a nice tour of the whole ship, providing us with lots of explanations, about life on board and about the activities. We got off the ship and walked around some shops in search of some souvenirs and before returning to the hotel we were contemplating a fabulous sunset with a thousand shades of red.

4 day

Today ? last day here in Norway. With great sadness at 12:00 we take the bus that will take us back? in Haugesund. Our flight to? leave? in the late afternoon and so we decide to visit this small town famous for being the city? of the Vikings.
Unfortunately our time here? finished and? time to get on the plane that will take us? at home.

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