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It is difficult to make an introduction on this country. The introductions should be more? or less short but I would have cos? so much to say my friends ... Sri Lanka? a country that? got stuck 200 years ago and God only knows how much I hope and pray every day that it stays like this? forever, why? much of its charm comes from the traditions that today we have lost or forgotten. Sinhalese have the power to make you feel part of the family. Their eyes and their gaze manage to transform into that of a parent, a sister or a friend who you miss, who you have lost or who is not there? more ... Their concern goes beyond pleasing the customer ... they really care about human relationships. They care for peace, for the value of the family.

1 day

Before arriving in Colombo, the capital, we were in India in New Delhi but this? another story ... As soon as we got off the plane we headed to the city center with a car. Uber works great so download the app to save on taxi fare. We arrived at our hotel and after unloading our luggage and having a well-deserved rest, we stopped a tuk tuk to take a quick look at the city. The next day we headed to the green lung of the island.

2 day

We woke up before dawn to head to the bus station which was less than 2 kilometers from our hotel, a strategic choice that I recommend to anyone since this public transport? always and I always say very full! The locals only travel by trains and buses, so you will have to go there very early and ask for the number that will go? to Ella. We get all happy on the 99 and we head towards one of the most? beautiful Sri Lankan! It takes 6 hours but the view? spectacular. I advise you to take a seat near the window to enjoy the landscapes and some fresh air during the most hours. hot. On the means there is not? the air conditioning but on the other hand the windows and doors are always open why? citizens jump on the fly. And yes ... the buses do not stop you go up running while they slow down :) Too fascinating ... If the sign of the number 99 will not have? the word "Ella" but "Bandarawela", don't worry? he! If you are unsure before leaving, ask the driver or the villagers for it, most of them know a few words of English! After six hours we arrive in Ella and consequently to our small guesthouse overlooking an incredibly lush and fascinating jungle! After a short shower we were taken to the Nine Arch Bridge to see the famous Sri Lankan blue train pass on the rails! Upon his arrival, always late, we all burst into applause! After this short show we went down to the tea plantations? surrounding the area and we took tons of photos of the bridge of nine arches! The next day we went to visit the tea factory. and all the work that it receives! As we were returning to our hotel, I noticed a peasant woman with a burlap sack and she didn't? I did it ... I stopped and I was taught. I wanted to try this experience and? it was beautiful!

3 day

The third day ? was the most? fascinating ... we climbed Little Adam's Peak before sunrise. Going up the hill with the torch? it really was an adventure! At first I was a bit afraid, then me? past why? the path almost looks like a staircase so there was no danger of slipping. Needless to say, to see the birth of dawn? damn exciting and that becomes an addiction that I still feel very intense ... We observed the beautiful Ella Rock, much more? complex to climb and even more? dangerous ... Reluctantly we left Ella the next day, always very early, to reach Kandy by blue train! They go through several during the day but we wanted to enjoy the coolness and get to town early? to be able to turn it immediately! The experience on the train? was unforgettable. The panorama overlooks the tea plantations almost all the time. pi? beautiful islands and on lush forests! On the train you eat very well, do not bring anything to eat ... there are bars where delicious typical products are sold! The vehicle never exceeds 50 km per hour, indeed very often it goes even more? so slowly to allow us to create incredibly crazy and fun shots! Once in Kandy we immediately visited the area surrounding the lake, the view point to see it from above and a temple that we found on the street!

4 day

The second day we visited the city center? and we headed on foot, not by tuk tuk, to the temple of the white Buddha that overlooks the city ?! There? a climb to do but by now we are used to it. In Sri Lanka there are only steps and climbs, so prepare your leg muscles! The temple itself per se not? nothing special, but the white Buddha? so big as to leave you speechless so it deserves to be seen also why? the entrance fee? really very low (400 rupees each) ... After getting off we took a ride to the shopping center to buy basic necessities? and enjoy the day on the terrace of our hotel. It had a beautiful view and we wanted to rest our muscles for the next day. One of the most? tiring of the journey.

5 day

The next day we wanted to visit 4 temples outside Kandy. (Ranawana Royal Temple, Gadaladeniya, Lankatilake and Embekka ... go and see them with this order) They are all scattered in the jungle and among the villages, so I let you imagine the fun and amazement we felt in those 5 hours that you will not forget ? never. Every time we reached one of the temples, we felt satisfied with ourselves! Path ? simple but there are no signs and there are many bifurcations, cos? the only way to get to the destination without getting lost? was to ask the villagers we met by chance along the way. We could have used google maps but what the hell ... the beauty of those moments? to feel lost in the void like little explorers, then in the good and well loved "old way" we asked the direction to take and we always arrived without problem! Don't be scared if at the beginning of the tour you come across some brush ... the path even if not? asphalted? trampled by the passage of the inhabitants, so you immediately understand that? a small road traveled and above all that you are proceeding well. It was a wonderful moment that I hope to repeat somewhere else in the world as soon as possible! We were the only ones colored white and? special state ... we felt like guests in every moment we traveled. We met a schoolchild who wanted to take their photos with us and who asked us many questions ... will I take them? all in the heart!

6 day

The next day, again with a bus, we headed to Dambulla which we reached in 3 hours. Dambulla? a city? big enough but pleasant to visit and here I have had the most? beautiful of the trip. If those described above were exciting and particular, here I did the most? wonderful! Let's start with the temples. The most? absolutely beautiful? the Golden Dambulla Rock Temple which to date? my favorite and beat Thai, Indian and Malaysian ones too. The complex ? hollowed out inside a huge rock and? illuminated by lanterns. It is divided into pi? you enter, and inside each one there is a bit of air, why? in some points ? very tight but worth a visit. On the walls you will find wonderful graffiti that tell the temptations of the Buddha. Most of the statues are dedicated to him, some to the king of Sri Lanka and the rest to other deities. unknown to me. It was the most? expensive in absolute (1500 rupees per person or 7,50 euro cents), a high price for this area. After the visit we went down the opposite staircase and reached the Buddhist museum. You will recognize it by the huge golden Buddha that is located above the entrance. Once we went out we rested all day to prepare our body for the excursions we would face the next day.

7 day

We woke up at 4am to head to the beautiful Pindurangala Rock and admire Sigiriya at sunrise! The path does not? not at all simple. The street ? very bumpy, steep, the steps to climb are huge and often you have to climb or be pulled by someone before us, as in my case since mother nature has decided to provide me with microscopic legs. We have often had to stop and think about how to climb over the rocks and if on the one hand? Was it cool and exciting on the other? it was scary why? Doing it at night, when you see nothing around you and with a thousand expensive and bulky tools on you, it is quite anxious. If something happens to you, and by something I mean a retort or worse the only way out? call a helicopter. Be very, very, very careful. Before reaching the summit you will find a reclining Buddha made of bricks and a bottleneck where most tourists bang their heads. At that point you will finally be at the top and can enjoy the unprecedented spectacle that will materialize? before your eyes ... Sigiriya? a real gem. They call it the eighth wonder of the world and also in my opinion? so ?! As soon as we got off, we wanted to kill our legs and also climb the 3000 steps to reach the archaeological site of the Lion's Rock which is a kilometer and a half from Pindurangala Rock! After 6 hours of intense excursions, isn't there? we did the pi? and we went back to the hotel starving and very tired. We ate breakfast and went to sleep until the evening. Reluctantly we packed up and the next day, again with a bus, we headed to Colombo. In 4 hours we arrived and we spent the last two days of the trip there before going back to India.

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