Spring Break: Spring Holidays in America under the banner of Transgression

With the arrival of summer we all acquire vitality and desire for celebration. It will be that the Spring recalls the incredible summer nights, but the more the weather improves the more the desire to party grows, especially among young. So why not evaluate the idea of ​​reaching the United States to indulge in a fool holiday week total?
In America, thespring equinox coincides with the end of the school year and for this reason the students usually allow themselves one "Spring Break", or a week of vacation in the most famous tourist destinations of the nation.
This tradition made in USA it is infecting the world and today different festival based on alcohol and transgression they are also organized in Europe.

In recent years the blazon of these holidays / events on national soil has grown thanks to some films and scandal services, which have greatly contributed to the spread of this phenomenon among Italian children. Conventionally chosen destinations are generally places with a tropical climate such as Florida, Mexico e California, but among all, two places particularly stand out: Miami e Cancun.


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When is spring break in America and how long is it?

Le Spring break traditional of North American countries they start between March and April e they last for about seven days.
The dates vary according to the University, however they coincide with the week off between the first and second semester. However, the period is generally between 16 March and the 5 April.

Spring Break in Miami, Florida

That Florida is one of the most popular destinations for young Americans does not surprise us at all.
On the other hand, beautiful women in bikinis are a constant in the fabulous Miami South beach, the most famous seaside resort in the city. Miami is one of the sexiest cities in the world, and during it Spring Break becomes even more alive. Here they bring thousands of university students ready to go wild during sensationals party on the beach and music festivals.

Girls and boys from all over the world flock to the premises of the nightlife with the sole intention of having fun and socializing with their peers ...
at this time of year there are few better places than this for easy towing!

Spring Break in Cancun, Mexico

Cancun is the main destination for it Spring Break, perhaps even more popular than the well-known Miami.
Nighttime entertainment and transgressions of all kinds are absolutely guaranteed. The center of worldly life is there Avenida Kukulcàn, a street that runs along the coast, full of pubs, lounge bars, night clubs and space discos in which musical evenings are organized for all tastes, from house to commercial.

In these places you can breathe an atmosphere of total freedom. Among the most popular hotels we find the famous Oasis Cancun, which in previous editions was one of the most popular with young people. In the past few years the streets of the city have been overrun by approx 45 thousand kids in their twenties, many of whom are open and well-disposed to quick flirts.
Here there is a particular rule: what happens in Cancun stays in Cancun!

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