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    Space Needle: how to visit Seattle's rotating tower

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    Lo Space needle, in addition to having become over time the symbol par excellence of Seattle, it is a real panoramic observatory on the city. It is therefore almost impossible to exclude it from the things to see in the city, both because it allows you to touch a real piece of US history and for the opportunity to take beautiful souvenir photos from the height of its 184 meters high. Let's find out how to organize a visit to this futuristic tower.


    • Where is it and how to get there
    • Tickets and useful info
    • What to do at the Space Needle
    • Where to eat in the area
    • Is the Space Needle the only observatory on the city?
    • Accomodation

    Where is it and how to get there

    The Space Needle is located within the complex known as Seattle Center which was conceived and built to host the 1962 Expo. The neighborhood that hosts it is the Lower Queen Anne also known as Uptown.

    If you are already in the downtown area The most convenient way to get there by public transit is to use Seattle famous monorail which directly connects the Westlake Center with a station inside the Seattle Center very close to the Space Needle.

    However, there are many car parks in the area (including the official one of the Space Needle which has valet parking) even if the prices are not very cheap especially if you intend to stay a good part of the day exploring the area.

    Tickets and useful info

    The Space Needle is open every day of the year, but sometimes it can happen that it is closed for some special occasion or private event. Opening hours vary slightly depending on the season, so I invite you to check the official website.

    Ticket prices to get on the Space Needle start at around $ 33 for adults and $ 25 for kids ages 5 to 12. Generally speaking (check for safety anyway) if you like save something you will have to choose a time frame that goes from 10:00 to 12:00, or from 18:00 to 19:30 tickets are in fact a little more expensive in the central part of the day. As you can therefore guess from what has been said, tickets are sold with reservation of date and time.

    If you are staying more than one day in Seattle I recommend you take the Seattle CityPASS which, in addition to including access to the Space Needle, will allow you to visit some of the most famous attractions of the city including the Seattle Aquarium and the Museum of Pop Culture.

    What to do at the Space Needle

    One of the strengths of the Space Needle is certainly represented by the possibility of observing the city of Seattle that develops 360 ° below you. There panoramic dome it consists of two floors: the lower one completely indoors and the upper one with the external corridor outdoors.

    There are some special options that will test your courage as well, such as the glass floor of the named area The Loupe, in the lower section, which will allow you to observe what is below you (a bit like the Skywalk of the Grand Canyon) and also the mechanism that allows the dome to rotate (to make a complete turn it takes an hour ). It is definitely not a recommended activity for those suffering from vertigo.

    The large windows along the entire perimeter of the Space Needle will allow you to observe the panorama without unsightly interruptions. Between one window and the other you will also find some openings of a few centimeters that will allow you to take pictures without any kind of reflection (obviously pay more attention not to drop your smartphone!). Even the benches are designed not to obstruct the view since they have been built entirely of glass.

    If you want to refresh yourselves accompanied by a panorama that is certainly original and not from every day, you will have the The Atmos Café, designed for those who want to taste some typical dishes of this area of ​​the United States accompanied by a local beer, or eat a simpler sandwich or hamburger.

    If you want to have a preview of what awaits you once you reach the panoramic terrace you can use this 360 ° interactive webcam.

    Where to eat in the area

    Here are some tips on where to eat near the Space Needle:

    • Queen Anne Beerhall: especially recommended if you are nostalgic for European flavors, it is located in a very large and characteristic location that recalls the architecture of the German breweries. Obviously the selection of beers is very wide and the quality is not lacking.
    • Collections Cafe: those who want to eat a more classic hamburger can opt for this choice, which however also offers a very varied menu that includes salads, soups and fish-based dishes that will be able to satisfy the tastes of many.
    • La Marzocco Cafe: are you abstinent from Spanish coffee? Here you can taste something that comes very close to our beloved espresso to be enjoyed in a modern and pleasant environment.

    Is the Space Needle the only observatory on the city?

    No, if you want to consider some other alternative and enjoy the city skyline from a different perspective, you can opt for the following solutions:

    • Lo Sky View del Columbia Center: it is considered the highest observatory in the Pacific Northwest (it is located on the 73rd floor at more than 270 meters high). From this privileged point of view you can also admire the Space Needle, the Smith Tower and all the Seattle skyscrapers that will rise below you in the distance. You can buy tickets by clicking here.
    • Smith Tower: a very elegant location since the building in which it is located is also the oldest skyscraper in Seattle. During the summer months it also offers the opportunity to access an elegant rooftop bar overlooking the city. The observatory, on the other hand, is open every day of the year
    • Water Tower Observation Deck: it is located in Seattle's Volunteer Park and can be accessed for free. However, keep in mind that it is not a perfect location to take pictures because, while offering a remarkable panorama, there are grilles in all the windows that will make it very difficult to be able to take the perfect shot. The property can be accessed from 10:00 until sunset.
    Smith Tower
    View from the Sky View
    Water Tower Observation Deck


    To discover the best neighborhoods to look for accommodation in the city, I refer you to our in-depth study dedicated to where to sleep in Seattle. If you want to find the solution as close as possible to the Space Needle click on the button below.

    Where to sleep near the Space Needle

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