Sorano - Sovana - Pitigliano: beautiful-beautiful villages in Tuscany

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Tuscany, Maremma, province of Grosseto:? Sorano,? Sovana and? Pitigliano are the villages of the Tufo. Between the? Etruscan Archaeological Park of the Citt? del Tufo and the Terme di Sorano. This ? a perfect destination for a round trip weekend. Relaxing and beautiful to discover at any time of the year.

1 day

Sorano? was our starting point in this itinerary. The Matera of Tuscany where the rupestrian buildings are carved into the tuff and recall the scenery of the Murge. We slept in the medieval fortress and upon awakening before our eyes there was a truly evocative panorama. After breakfast we visited the Orsini Fortress, built on the remains of the Rocca Aldobrandesca, with? Its small square? medieval, a truly fascinating corner of the Middle Ages. In addition to the Orsini Fortress, we went to Masso Leopoldino with the Clock Tower, a fortified structure obtained from the tuff that was part of the defensive system of the city. The village? tiny but delicious, you can see it in no time.

After this little visit we headed to the Terme di Sorano. The structure has two swimming pools: one of recent construction while the other? of the fourteenth century. Both receive water, directly from the springs, at a constant temperature of 37,5 ?. The first has a typical access to the water with steps but also a closed and heated environment in which to take off your bathrobe for a gradual entry into the pool, especially in winter. The second tank? that of the fourteenth century: the Bath of the Friars. Beautiful and suggestive. Immersed in the woods, among the leaves and the reflections in the water of the trees. Small and intimate. A gem, a gem.

2 day

For our second day after packing our bags we headed to Sovana, only 9 km separate it from Sorano. It is a medieval village which is part of the largest villages. beautiful of Italy and overlooks an area dominated by ancient necropolis of age Etruscan excavated in the tuff.? Being here for us? it was impossible not to visit the? Etruscan Archaeological Park of the Citt? del Tufo and the Vitozza Park. The archaeological site includes monumental tombs dug into the tuff such as that of Ildebranda and surreal paths such as the Vie Cave. It has an incredible charm why? ? very different from the photos we are used to seeing in the history books in the "Etruscans" chapter. They are imposing necropolises and the funerary architectures are not underground.

From Sovana our next stop? was Pitigliano. Last but not least - last but not least.? Pitigliano? wonderfully beautiful. The "P? beautiful of the three. Perched, too, on a tuff cliff, it offers a spectacular view. The rock supports it and incorporates it, merging ancient houses, alleys and views. Little Jerusalem, what do they call it? why? in the sixteenth century here? found a great community? Jewish. Also in Pitigliano there? a majestic palace of the Orsini family, here flanks the imposing Medici Aqueduct, one of the largest buildings. being the Little Jerusalem, we entered the streets of the Jewish Ghetto with the Synagogue, the Unleavened Oven, the Kosher Butcher, the Cellar and the Ritual Bath.

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