Snorkeling in Formentera: a dip in the wonders of the submerged island

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Snorkeling in Formentera

Formentera it is an island famous above all for its Caribbean beaches, but also as regards his own backdrops the show is guaranteed.

Underwater the island is wonderful and rich in enchanting seascapes, and a regenerating bath to discover its depths will surely be a fantastic experience as well a great excuse to get away from the tourist crowds, almost always numerous on the beaches of Formentera in high season.

This is why we advise you not to miss it snorkeling a Formentera and, if you are around the island and want to visit it for a day, to book aexcursion boat which will allow you to practice this fascinating activity and, at the same time, explore other points of interest.

  1. Transparent waters thanks to Posidonia
  2. The most common fish in the depths of Formentera
  3. Where to snorkel in Formentera
    1. Sa Pedrera
    2. It's Calo
    3. Ses Illetes
    4. Migjorn
    5. Saône Cove
  4. Other tips for snorkeling on the island

Transparent waters thanks to Posidonia

Formentera is the ideal island to relax with snorkeling excursions, thanks also to the very few jellyfish present. Even if you happen to meet some of them, you will not find it difficult to avoid them since they can still be seen from long distances, thanks to the transparency of water.

This is the result of the perfect oxygenation accomplished by one miraculous plant, responsible for absolute transparency, or the Posidonia Oceanica.

In fact, it is located in the stretch that separates it from nearby Ibiza one of the Posi meadowsdonia longest-lived and largest in the world (about 8 km). This also explains why the characteristic leaves of this plant are present in many representations of the island (you can also admire a sculpture dedicated to Posidonia in one of the roundabouts of the capital Sant Francesc).

It seems only right to open an important parenthesis on this plant: throwing anchor above the Posidonia meadows means destroying a living being, vital for the balance of maritime life in these waters. The authorities try to sanction those who do not respect the marine ecosystem, but it is not easy, especially during the summer.

The most common fish in the depths of Formentera

It is precisely on the Posidonia prairie that you can have the most exciting encounters in terms of fish e sea ​​creatures.

Among the most sighted fish in Formentera we have:

  • Look
  • Amberjack (in Spanish "sirvia", you will find it on many menus in fish restaurants)
  • Salpa
  • Carabiniere fish
  • Redfish
  • Gallinella
  • Diamond
  • Octopus
  • Squid
  • Gambero
  • Saint Peter

The seabed here is so rich and populated that, until a few years ago, the underwater photography festival. We therefore recommend that you absolutely pack your mask if you are planning a holiday in Formentera.

Where to snorkel in Formentera

There are several areas and beaches ideal for snorkeling in Formentera. We recommend some of them.

Sa Pedrera

If you like the rocky bottoms, the most recommended trait is the one that gives Sa Pedrera it extends up to the Gavina Tower, on the western side. Reaching it is not easy due to lack of indications, but in Formentera it is impossible to get lost, thanks to its small size.

Will find natural pools e enchanting depths not too deep, where you can admire many fish. On the other hand, if you try to throw a small piece of bread into the water in some places, you will see them rushing in.

It's Calo

With the mask and the rock shoes, you are ready to dive into the turquoise sea of It's Caló. Here the feeling will be that of flying in a blue sky, given how clear and clean the sea is. The farther you go from the urban center, the more the depth will increase (even close to the coast).

Ses Illetes

Ses Illetes, the most famous beach in Formentera is perfect for doing snorkeling even with the little ones, given the shallow depths. Sports enthusiasts can reach the islets ("illetes", in fact) that can be seen in front of the various beaches in this stretch, considered one of the most beautiful seas in the world!


Another argument should be made for the long beach of Migjorn, the splendid expanse of over five kilometers of beach, characterized by a turquoise sea with a thousand shades of blue.

In this infinite pool, snorkeling will give you moments of extraordinary beauty, however close encounters with many schools of fish (the same ones that, if you stay still, will nibble on your ankles).

We point out an interesting gem: in the initial part of Migjorn, at km 7 of the main road, the coast is characterized by small caves. This phenomenon is called in Catalan “codól foradat”, in reference to these curious ones perforated rocks.

Saône Cove

From what is believed the most suitable beach for families of Formentera (together with Es Pujols), you can easily explore the rock walls on the sides of the cove with the mask. Even here, despite being often very crowded, you can find and observe the inhabitants of the marine environment.


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Other tips for snorkeling on the island

In general, on the higher areas of the Mola and the coast, near the Cap de Barbaria lighthouse, where there are no beaches, diving is not recommended except with the assistance of professionals in the sector.

And if you are passionate about it and want to go "deeper", you can try to contact one diving school, perhaps to visit the herd of barracudas which lives inside a wreck near Espalmador, the islet located a few tens of meters from the northern tip of the island.

If, on the other hand, you are already more experienced than the average and have already done snorkeling and diving in Formentera or other locations, we urge you to take our list as a reference point for look for unexplored corners even underwater (always paying attention to currents, bathing signals and common sense).

In short, with a little organization and our suggestions you can easily enjoy the naturalistic beauties that the depths of Formentera offer you, for escape from crowded beaches and take refuge in the blue.

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