Sleeping in the coldest country in the world at - 68 ° C

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The most extreme experience in the world is not that of climbing a New York skyscraper, or that crossing on the highest suspended walkway in the world. And it's not even posing on the Kjeragbolten in Norway to have a photo taken, no. The adventure we are talking about today it is only for fearless travelers, and for those less cold, e takes us directly to Siberia.

It is here, on the banks of the Indigirka River, that there is one of the most remote villages in the entire globe. It is the same that has the distinction of being the coldest country in the world with an average temperature of around 50 ° below zero. Its name is Ojmjakon and it is located in Lowlands of western Yakutia.

But those who believe that it is only a remote place to be admired in a postcard is wrong, because it is the coldest village in the world it is populated. The inhabitants of Ojmjakon share their daily life with very low temperatures which, in the past, even reached -67 °.


This is why the country has achieved this record by attracting the attention of the most curious. Because while at the South Pole, there is an uninhabited place where temperatures drop to 88 degrees below zero, the Siberian one is the only village with inhabitants who resist this cold.

A Ojmjakon about 800 people live which enjoy a slight warmth only in summer, when the maximum is around 22 degrees. The inhabitants spend their days slowly, herding horses and reindeer and fishing in the Indigirka River. The harsh climate, in fact, does not allow cultivation.

Oymyakon, Cavalli Yakut

Most of everyday life it is lived inside the houses, also thanks to the few hours of light that there are every day. The houses are heated by a coal system while the water is drawn from the blocks of ice to overcome the problem of freezing the pipes.

There is only one in the whole village small supermarket which provides all the inhabitants with essential goods and supplies for daily life. And when you go around the country, you must remember never to turn off the motorbike of the car during a stop, always to avoid this and freeze.

Over the years, the most daring have left on a mission to Siberia to discover Oymyakon. In the village there are no hotels but there are many inhabitants who provide a room in their home for strangers.


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