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    Skyspace in Los Angeles: Ready to glide over the Downtown skyline?

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    In large metropolises characterized by skylines full of skyscrapers it is quite common to find observatories that allow you to admire the panorama from above. New York, for example, offers various panoramic skyscrapers to tourists who visit it (the Empire State Building, the Top of the Rock, the Freedom Tower), and Los Angeles did not want to be outdone, erecting its own tower in the center. observation about 300 meters high, with a 360 ° view over the whole city. His name is OUE Skyspace and unlike other attractions of this type it has something unique to offer, especially interesting for those looking for an unusual experience. Let's see what it is!


    • Skypace and Skyslide: what are they all about?
    • Where is it and how to get there
    • Entrance tickets and timetables
    • What to do and where to stay nearby

    Skypace and Skyslide: what are they all about?

    The skyscraper we are talking about, one of the most recognizable in the Los Angeles skyline, has had many names. Now it's called US Bank Tower, but first his name was Library Tower and was initially baptized First Interstate Bank World Center. It was completed in 1989 after 2 years of construction and is still the third tallest skyscraper in all of California (the first being the nearby Wilshire Grand Center).

    In 2014, the US Bank Tower was purchased by Overseas Union Enterprise Ltd. (OUE) which made numerous interventions on the building, including the construction of an observatory (Skyspace), a restaurant (71Above on floor 71) and the skyslide, a transparent slide of 13 meters that allows you to jump directly into the open sky on the lower panoramic terrace. The idea, as you can imagine, is bordering on the bizarre, and more than words, it will be better to let the video below speak for itself:

    Whether or not you want to experience the thrill of the "slide" at high altitude, the Skyspace remains the highest observatory in Los Angeles, so it is the best experience to have a panoramic view of the city, take photos of nearby skyscrapers (for example Bonaventure, famous for its revolving restaurant) and enjoy the splendid night view. From a distance you will also notice the famous Hollywood sign.

    Where is it and how to get there

    OUE Skyspace is located in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, in front of the Public Library and near the Bunker Hill Steps, the staircase leading to the Bunker Hill district. If you arrive by car you can park directly in the dedicated underground area of ​​the complex, or, if you want to spend a little less, you can take a look at my tips on where to park in Los Angeles. With the metro, on the other hand, you can opt for 2 useful stops:

    • Pershing Square Station (purple and red lines)
    • 7th Street / Metro Center Station (purple, red, blue lines and Expo line)

    To learn more about the public transport system in the city, take a look at our guide on how to get around Los Angeles.

    Entrance tickets and timetables

    There are 2 types of entrances: if you like the thrill and the idea of ​​gliding over the skyscrapers of Los Angeles you can opt for the full ticket. Otherwise you can still be satisfied with the 360 ​​° observatory (indoor) and the 2 panoramic open-air terraces included in the basic ticket. By clicking on the button below you will have the opportunity to purchase tickets by skipping the line at the entrance.

    Buy tickets

    Access to the skyscraper is from 10 in the morning to 21, and also allows you to cross a room with multimedia exhibitions. In the video below you can get an idea of ​​the whole path that awaits you by entering the OUE Skyspace.

    What to do and where to stay nearby

    If you think that downtown Los Angeles has little to offer you compared to other areas most visited by tourists, I wrote an article to make you think again! If you want to give this area a chance to win over, I recommend reading my itinerary in Downtown Los Angeles. A lot of art and architecture awaits you, as well as some unusual attractions ...

    The area is also excellent for finding accommodation, not only for the many hotels in the area but also for the distance from other attractions and from the main districts of interest. If you want to know more I have explained everything in my article dedicated to staying overnight in the city, which you can read by clicking on the button below:

    Advice on where to sleep in Los Angeles


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