Skopje, a pleasant surprise

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In summary, we spent an average of 90 euros per person for 3 nights / 2 days and one evening. A lot of people don't even know where this ancient city is ?! Yet Skopje? it was the home of two famous historical figures: Mother Teresa of Calcutta and Alexander the Great. If it wasn't for the 1963 earthquake, I'm sure the city? would today be a half? much more? popular, since? after having seen what little remains of it I can say that it's worth it! The Vardar River divides the city? in Old Bazaar and New Center, the latter much less interesting and fascinating than the previous one ...

1 day

31/10/2018 We leave Treviso at sunset with Wizz Air, arriving at the destination after less than 2 hours (20? Each round trip). To reach the center from the airport we used the connecting bus (there are no trains or metro), spending less than 1? each. We get off at the Жена Парк stop and unload our trolleys in the apartment, "Skopje Arch apartments" (two single beds 30? Per night). Since we are hungry and tired we rely on Tripadvisor, which leads us to the restaurant "Kaj Serdarot" in the Old Bazaar; the choice ? was super apt! We ordered a tavče gravče (bowl of beans and spices), a plate of ćevapčići with potatoes, a plate of chicken skewers with potatoes, a bowl of ajvar pepper sauce and two medium beers, spending a total of 13 euros !!! With a full stomach and satisfied with the bill, we decide to go to bed early, but not before having strolled through the dark and empty streets of the Bazaar ... after all? Halloween's night!

2 day

01/11/2018 We wake up very calmly and go down to breakfast at the baker? Bakal Bakery Cafe? (about 1,5? per person). The plan of the day? simple: visit the Old Bazaar, with its Bit Pazar (food market and more), and the fortress of the city? "Kale Fortress". So without delay we proceed towards the Stone Bridge (which connects the two parts) passing through Piazza Macedonia, where c '? the large statue of Alexander the Great, and in one corner also the perimeter of what was once the home of Mother Teresa. After the bridge, the low and poorly placed houses (with tin roofs) that characterize the Bazaar begin to be seen. The latter represents what remains of the city? original, the one before the earthquake, or ... the thrill of getting lost in a tangle of cobbled paths; be guided by the trail of light emanating from its street lamps, which at night illuminate the windows of the many jewelers, pastry shops and its humble barbers. Smell the grill fumes that come out of its thousand fireplaces. And converse how much more? possible with the same people who carry on its traditions. Just one of those smells pushes us to enter one of the many Spartan kiosks that cook Ćevapčići on the grill, just to eat a snack (2 euros per dish). Then I go to the barber for a haircut, and I spend only 4 euros; the funny thing was seeing how enthusiastically he cut them for me! Ready to visit the food market, we pass the entire Bazaar, and we enter a pit of different ethnic groups (Turks, Macedonians, Bulgarians and Albanians). The market ? perhaps one of the most? authentic I've ever seen (a bit like the one in Chișinau), and then I can't anymore? to hold back my photographic streak! Another must of the place? sit in the Bazaar and enjoy a good tea? mint, staring at the old men playing checkers immersed in the colors of autumn. Once rested we head to the fortress, and enjoy the view from above of the entire city. Finally in the evening we go to eat at another of the many restaurants in the Bazaar (spending about 10? For two) and then we go to sleep.

3 day

02/11/2018 Last day in the capital of Macedonia and, remaining indecisive until the last, we finally decide to climb Mount Vodno where c '? the Millennium Cross (the largest Christian cross in the world). To reach it you have to take a bus (line 25) direct to Mount Vodno from the Skopje bus station (address: Nikola Karev 22) which is only 0,66? approximately leaves you at the ticket office of the cable car (1,5? each round trip). When we reached the top we enjoyed a magnificent view; on one side you could see the whole city? and beyond, on the other you could see the mountains as far as Albania. The cross is not? beautiful and much less what she has at her feet ... anyway if you have time I recommend anyone to see with their own eyes! To end the day with a flourish, let's retrace the steps taken in the Bazaar (a real gem of the Balkans in my opinion, albeit quite small). At dawn we will take a flight to Budapest!

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