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    Skiing in Colorado in the Rocky Mountains: Aspen and Vail

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    Winter is approaching and many will be planning the next Christmas holidays. The United States of America is mainly considered as a summer destination, and instead has a lot to offer for winter holidays. So why not take the opportunity to go and explore the snow-capped peaks of the Rocky Mountains?

    We have already seen an itinerary designed for those who want to snowboard in Colorado, now is the time to dedicate themselves to skiers. Let's talk about Aspen e Vail, two extremely interesting locations for skiing in Colorado.


    • Directions on where to ski in Aspen
    • What to do in Aspen besides skiing?
    • Can I visit Aspen without spending a fortune?
    • Vail: a classy alternative
    • A few pointers for skiing in Vail

    Directions on where to ski in Aspen

    Advice on where to ski in Aspen

    Aspen provides skiers with truly wide and varied possibilities. The ski resorts there are four of them, all accessible with the same skypass, well connected by a shuttle service and managed by the Aspen Skiing Company. You are therefore spoiled for choice!

    • Aspen Mountain o Ajax: it is the main and busiest station (even by Hollywood stars). It is located near the "Village" and offers a very high number of tracks, from the simplest to those for experts. If you want to enjoy a breathtaking view do not miss the Silver Queen cable car!
    • Snowmass: it is another great ski area, with slopes of various difficulty levels, recently refurbished with huge costs and remarkable results. It boasts the greatest elevation gain in the United States: 1340 meters!
    • Buttermilk: if you are not really an expert skier, if you are looking for simple slopes and maybe you are on holiday with the whole family, Buttermilk is perhaps the area that best suits your needs. There is also an excellent ski school which also offers a 3 day program to learn to snowboard (“Learn to Snowboard”).
    • Aspen Highlands: More experienced skiers in this area prefer off-piste Highland Bowl, with a 45 degree gradient. A few years ago, the Deep Temerity Lift was added, an impressive lift that will allow you to access the highest peaks.

    What to do in Aspen besides skiing?

    Aspen is a worldly and rather expensive destination; it intercepts much of that class tourism eager to ski in Colorado, and it often happens to meet some VIPs on the various slopes or in the cable car. But Aspen it's not just snow. The Old Town of the city, with its characteristic red brick buildings and a history that betrays the Old West, is decidedly fascinating, especially for those who love to wander among luxury boutiques and refined bars.

    In the city you will also find some museum interesting (the Wheeler Stalard Museum and the Aspen Art Musem) and a study center particularly active in the promotion and conservation of wildlife; it is the ACES (Aspen Center for Environmental Studies), which organizes educational events and programs related to the world of nature, ecology, ski walks, as well as activities for children.

    At the same time Aspen offers a lively nightlife, with crowded and exclusive bars and clubs: for example theAjax Tavern (near the Little Neil slope), where you can gorge yourself on oysters, crispy frog legs and truffle fries, the J Bar, historic saloon opened in 1889 often crowded with famous people, and the Jimmy’s, a restaurant famous for the singular custom of allowing its customers to leave their signature on the walls and (certainly not secondary) for the excellent dishes, such as crab cake, and succulent steaks.

    Can I visit Aspen without spending a fortune?

    As mentioned, Aspen is expensive and if you are looking for a solution at a more reasonable price you should consider Breckenridge, just over two hours from Aspen, or Glenwood springs, about 80 km away. However, with some foresight you can also find cheap solutions just outside Aspen, for example in the village of Snowmass, which will still allow you to easily access the same ski slopes.

    In addition, Snowmass is only a few kilometers from Aspen, so you can always easily reach the city center and enjoy the attractions of the city while saving money. accommodation expenses. To get an idea of ​​the prices and facilities available in Snowmass you can take a look at this page. For all other areas please refer to the links below:

    List of properties available in Aspen

    List of properties available in Breckenridge

    List of properties available in Glenwood Springs

    Vail: a classy alternative

    Advice on where to ski in Vail

    If there is one location that contends with Aspen for the title of worldly attraction par excellence of the winter holidays in Colorado this is it Vail, about 160 km away. Like its competitor, Vail can boast a notable ski area and high-end tourism.

    La small town it is pleasant and, in style, reminiscent of the typical European mountain villages; moreover Vail is very lively from a cultural point of view, with her people festival annual dedicated to music (Bravo! Vail), cinema (Vail Film Festival) and dance (Vail International Dance Festival), with museums (the Colorado Ski Museum) and a wonderful botanical garden (Betty Ford Alpine Garden), located at an altitude of 2500 meters, the highest in the world!

    But no more chatter, we are a Vail for skiing and then let's take a look at the best stations.

    A few pointers for skiing in Vail

    Let's see what opportunities Vail offers for skiing in Colorado:

    Vail Mountain Resort: it is the chic resort par excellence, where you can meet famous people, Hollywood stars and world champions of skiing. You know those famous images that immortalize ladies in furs and Texans with their hats whizzing on their skis on the snow? Well, this is where you are most likely to encounter these kinds of characters.

    Vail Mountain Resort is the largest ski area in the United States and is divided into three main areas:  Back Bowls, with medium-high level off-piste for skiers and snowboarders, Blue Sky Basin, definitely less crowded and able to offer amazing views, where nature extends as far as the eye can see, finally Front-Side, with more than 128 routes suitable for multiple needs.

    Also managed by Vail Resorts is another exclusive ski resort like Beaver Creek, just 20 minutes from the city center, which regularly hosts world cup races. Further information on Vail's slopes and attractions can be found on the official Vail Mountain Resort website, while if you are looking for a place to sleep you can see the facilities and compare prices on the page below.

    List of available hotels in Vail

    So, are you ready to dive into the immense snow of the Colorado Rockies? And if you have some time left, visit some of the places listed in ours top 10 what to see in Colorado.

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