Skellig Michael - The Island of Star Wars

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During my last trip to Ireland, in June 2016, I wanted to include the tour in Skellig Michael, an islet off the Atlantic Ocean on the south west coast of Ireland, reachable by boat from Portmagee - a small fishing village in the county. by Kerry. This remote village hosted the cast and production of the last two episodes of the Star Wars saga and the pub has all the photos of the actors.

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We stayed overnight at Portmagee village to be comfortable with the morning departure for the Skellig tour. Two types of tours are organized: the only tour around the two islands or the "landing tour" which leaves you on Skellig Michael for half a day. For the latter there are only about fifteen licensed boats to dock on the island and you must book well in advance by sending an email or by calling the owner directly. We booked with, chose the date and confirmed by telephone two days before. Boat excursions are very weather dependent, so on the morning of departure we called again to confirm why? they hadn't left the day before because of too much wind. Fortunately the wind had dropped and it was sunny. The crossing would last 1 hour and the sea was a bit rough, so Mr. Sean, the captain, asked us if we needed a seasickness pill and in case he gave it to us. The boat is not? very large, 12 people more? crew, and provide protective clothing to not get wet why? the waves are high. Are the two huge rocks that make up the Skellts visible already? from the coast, but approaching they rise impressively in the middle of the ocean. Arriving on the island, they informed us of the return time and left. At the top c '? a 15.00th-century monastic site, Luke Skywalker's famous retreat in the later Star Wars. The path to the top? very steep and exposed and not suitable for those suffering from vertigo. At the entrance there was a very nice gentleman who explained what NOT to do while going up or down (look where you put your feet and do not take pictures while walking ... unpleasant accidents often happen). In the sea and on the rocks below there were many seals. The puffins, the puffins, were very tender and in June? full. You can approach and almost touch them, they are not afraid of man and they are delicious. The day was clear and the view at the top? it was breathtaking. Since there is no place for rest? it is advisable to bring a packed lunch, the return was scheduled for . On the return voyage the boat circumnavigated little Skellig, which? the second protected area in the world where gannets (especially seabirds) nest. Once ashore, happy and soaked, we slipped into The Moorings Pub for a great Guinness.

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