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Croatia? for years a very popular destination for Italians, a perfect combination of low cost holidays and wonderful views. I had never been there before this year and I chose Croatia. just why? I had never visited it before and was convinced by the wonderful travel stories of friends, veterans of numerous trips beyond the Adriatic Sea.
Below you will find some of my thoughts on the trip that yes? done in half? August 2019 and some tips that I hope will be useful for you to plan your trip to Croatia or inspire you to leave.
Unfortunately, I enjoyed Croatia for a poor week, certainly not a long time but enough to make me fall in love with it.
Aware of not having much time available, I organized an interesting itinerary, I wanted to see how much more? possible but I also wanted to relax a bit? at the sea.
July and August are the busiest months. crowded. Croatia? literally assaulted by tourists and you risk to always find many people everywhere. There? despite the fact that I have seen places so beautiful that the crowd has not at all ruined the memory I keep of them. This ? the beauty of Croatia!

However, if you think too many people will bother you, I recommend visiting it around May, June or September, when most of the vacationers will be. returned or not yet left.

My journey begins at the Port of Ancona, from where the ferry to Split departs.

Gi? before docking, you understand that you are arriving in a beautiful place: the view of the city? from the sea ? a show. The Venetian bell tower stands out on a promenade strewn with palm trees, and the red roofs of the houses in between.

The itinerary starts from here, Split two full days to discover the city? and its surroundings.
I stayed in a nice apartment right on the waterfront, fantastic location and close to all the main attractions.

1 day

Split, Split in Croatian,? truly a jewel: the historic center corresponds to the ancient Diocletian's Palace, a titanic construction that extended for 31.000 square meters.
The city? branches off into hundreds of streets that intersect each other and? beautiful to turn a little to the right a little to the left to see them all.

Monuments and activities unmissable in Split:

- Stroll along Riva (seafront) and have a coffee? sea ​​view and boats;
- Visit the Cathedral of San Domenico and climb the bell tower for a breathtaking view of the city.
- Get lost in the alleys of the city? and have lunch in a typical risorantino
- Stop at the Peristyle of Diocletian's palace (main square of the city and meeting place during the day and in the evening)
- Go down to the basement of the Palace and shop at the stalls
- Climb the Colle di Marjan for an amazing view from the top of the city? that is thrown into the sea. Do not deny that the climb? a bit tiring under the August sun, but it's really worth it!
- You are a fan of Game of Thrones: in Split you can visit a museum dedicated entirely to the series, you will recognize it for sure by the huge dragon head in the window! It is located in Bosanska ul. 9, 21000, Split open from Monday? on Saturdays from 10 to 22 and on Sundays from 9 to 12. Cost 100 kuna.

2 day

After a good breakfast in a small bar in Riva and a stroll around the shops in the center, I go to the meeting place to leave for the half-day trip by sea to discover a couple of islets near Split.

I leave by rubber dinghy first for Trogir and then at a time in the splendid blue lagoon.
Trogir, UNESCO heritage,? an islet connected to the mainland by an artificial bridge? easy to get there even by car. Coming from the sea,? certainly much more? beautiful.
The Blue Lagoon? literally a paradise. A wonderful beach where you can relax on the shore and swim in its crystal clear waters.

It would have been very difficult (or iffy) to organize this boat trip with a local Croatian tour operator, but luckily I remembered to getyourguide! Not ? the first time I book an excursion with this site and I am very happy! I highly recommend it and user? again!

3 day

The third day ? was the most? tiring, 6 hours total drive but another country to add to my list, Bosnia and Herzegovina.
For lunch I stopped in Mostar, a city? that I have wanted to see for a long time, full of history and beauty.
The city? from Mostar? one of the most popular destinations popular in Bosnia and Herzegovina, not far from the famous Medjugorje, a destination for Christian pilgrimage.
After a painful journey, kilometers of curves and suffocating heat, we arrive here in Mostar, in his city? old where East and West meet. With cobbled streets, old stone buildings and its beautiful bridge spanning the picturesque Neretva River, this city? seems to have been torn from the pages of a fairy tale.
The Stari Most, the Ponte Vecchio, attracts thousands of visitors a year? the number one monument of the visit, even if the charm of Mostar extends far beyond the pointed arch of this bridge. The high season for tourism? during the months of July and August. During this time, expect large crowds and warm temperatures. The best months to visit Mostar are May, June and September, when the weather? pleasant but avoiding the peak summer crowds. In April and October, there are more? possibility? rain, but Mostar tends to be much more rainy. quiet with fewer tourists.

How long should you visit Mostar?

Ideally, a full day with an overnight stay? perfect. This gives you? enough time to explore the city? Vecchia and its beauties. Staying here at night gives you? also the possibility? to watch the sunset in Mostar, from the river bank or from a café overlooking the bridge.

4 day

If, like me, you arrive by car, I recommend that you choose a hotel outside the historic center that is close to a free parking lot, can you park in Dubrovnik? soon become an unexpected drain.
I stayed at ZoomZoom Apartment and I was very happy: good location, modern and comfortable room, average price and free parking.
For all the trips that would have been tiring on foot, since the city? ? a continuous up and down, I relied on Uber. I advise you to download the application to move more? easily in the cities? served by the service.

Monuments and activities unmissable in Dubrovnik:

- Go through the Pile Gate, the city gate? old and immerse yourself in the beauty of this small town, you will be able to do it all in one day:
- Walk on the city walls? old and admire the sea view;
- Pass and the West Harbor and reach Fort Loverijenac from where you will admire a wonderful panorama over the city;
- Visit the Rector's palace,
- Visit the cloister of the Sponza Palace, the old customs house,
- Walk the monumental staircase and visit the church of Sant? Ignazio;
- Get lost in the narrow streets of Dubrovnik, they are wonderful both day and night!
- For all Game of Thrones (Game of Thrones) fans? possible to book one of the many Game of Thrones Tours, this city? corresponds to George RR Martin's Capital of the Fantasy World, so Mecca for any self-respecting fan (including me!)
A guide will illustrate you? the places that have been the set of the famous TV series and racconter? many little known backstories. A great way to visit the city? walk and be sure not to miss even one of the most? famous of King? s Landing.

In July and August, Dubrovnik? literally stormed by tourists. You will find lots of them.

I suggest you take at least half a day to visit the island of Lokrum, the green hill overlooking the sea that can be seen from every corner of the city. old. From the main port there are boats that arrive on the island in 10 minutes. 120 kuna and includes the entrance ticket to the island.
This island? an oasis of peace, a garden of Eden to be discovered. Mopeds or cars are not allowed and? strictly no smoking.
The island? scattered with paths that branch off in every direction and you will surely meet the only inhabitants of the island: peacocks and rabbits! At the center of the island stands the Benedictine Monastery rich in history and mysteries.

5 day

The day before departure I dedicated to total relaxation and I headed to Uvala Lapad Beach.
I had inquired about other bathing establishments nearby, others much more? beautiful as Cava Beach, but the price of the sunbed seemed a bit? exaggerated, so I found the perfect compromise. From Uvala Lapad Beach you can admire a fabulous sunset over the sea, in fact? also called Sunset Beach!

6 day

On the way back I walked the Adriatic road to the north, beautiful! Beware of the various delays due to checks for entry and exit from Croatia and Bosnia.

In conclusion: Croatia conquered me from the first glance and I still think back to the blue of its sea and the orange of its roofs! Despite the short time spent there, I vividly remember the intense flavor of Cevapcici, and the smiles of the people I met. Will I definitely be back? to visit other landscapes, maybe more? North?

I hope my tips are useful to you. For any questions or concerns contact me or leave me a comment below!

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