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    Sightseeing Day Pass New York: our opinion

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    New York is the most desired city in the United States: the iconic attractions of New York are taken by storm by all travelers who land in the New World and want to profitably enjoy the unique atmosphere of the Big Apple.

    As a popular tourist destination (and quite expensive - see our article "How much does a trip to New York cost" ...), we have noticed that thecity ​​pass offer it was becoming wider and more differentiated, so much so that many of our readers were asking us for help in choosing the best formula for their needs. For this reason, in addition to our comparison article of the various New York passes, we have decided to write detailed cards, with all the useful information for the purchase, use and characteristics of the individual products. Let's start with the Sightseeing Day Pass!

    When it comes to City Pass in New York, the Sightseeing Day Pass (formerly known as Sightseeing Pass Unlimited), together with its twin brother Sightseeing Pass Flex, constitutes the most interesting and recent news.

    In recent times, the company has developed a pass that is inspired by the most famous New York Pass and Go City New York Explorer Pass: starting from their workhorse (the hop on-hop off bus) those of the Gray Line have been in able to offer the public a very competitive pass, which stands out from other competitors for a couple of important innovations, which we will see shortly.

    A small premise ...

    Before reading the review, compare yourself with the article you find at the link below, which will help you get an idea of ​​all the alternatives available. This way you will know how to compare this product with other passes.

    Which New York pass is really worth it?


    • Sightseeing Day Pass: how does it work?
    • What does the pass include?
      • Attractions included in the pass
      • Attractions not to be missed
      • Fast track: how to skip the lines
    • Reservations and refunds
    • pros and cons
    • Comparison with the New York Pass
    • Duration of the pass
    • How do i activate the pass?
    • Pass prices
    • How to use the Sightseeing discount?
    • Where can you buy the pass?

    Sightseeing Day Pass: how does it work?

    If you have a little understanding of how the New York Pass works, you shouldn't struggle to understand how the Sightseeing Day Pass: the basic concept is almost the same. Exist 8 different options divided by number of days (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 10), designed to meet the needs of all travelers, even for those who have less time available to visit the city.

    What does the pass include?

    By purchasing a Sightseeing Day Pass, you will be entitled to an entrance in each of the attractions / tours / restaurants included in the offer. This means that you will not be able to enter the same attraction multiple times or do the same tour multiple times.

    But not only! You can also take advantage of a number of very attractive discounts at shops, shows, museums, tours and activities. A few examples?

    • How about dollars 20 discount on tickets to Broadway musicals?
    • Or a 10% discount on a helicopter tour in New York?
    • Or even a 10% reduction on the price for the air tour from New York to Niagara Falls?
    Only and only if you buy the pass from the official website, you will also be entitled to a $ 40 credit for use on selected activities, including those mentioned above. See below the paragraph on how to take advantage of the discount

    Attractions included in the pass

    On the official website you will find the list of attractions and activities included in the pass: you will not have to choose them at the time of purchase, but you can do it with peace of mind once you arrive in Manhattan (unless the attraction requires a reservation for the visit, I recommend that you read the dedicated paragraph).

    The list of sections - easily searchable - includes a number of classic New York attractions, as well as access to museums, parks and gardens, bus, walking and biking tours, scenic cruises and offers on restaurants, activities and shows.

    Attractions not to be missed

    • Freedom Tower (One World Observatory)
    • Empire State Building
    • The Edge
    • Top of the Rock
    • 11/XNUMX Museum
    • MoMA Museum
    • Hop on - Hop off bus valid for the duration of the pass purchased
    • Cruise to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island
    • Met (Metropolitan Museum of Art)
    • Discounts on Broadway shows
    • Discounts on the helicopter tour in New York

    Please note:: The characteristics of the New York passes may vary over time (e.g. number and type of attractions, as well as percentage of savings). We therefore invite you to check on the official website, indicated at the bottom of the article, for any changes.

    Fast track: how to skip the lines

    Please note:: Currently, due to covid limitations, it is temporarily suspended for all attractions

    The skip the line before Covid (and hopefully after!)

    Like many others he passed the Sightseeing Day Pass allows you to skip the lines at certain attractions with the option fast track. Here is the complete list where the pass currently allows you to skip the line:

    • Buca di beppo
    • Buffalo Wild Wings – Brooklyn
    • Buffalo Wild Wings – Harlem
    • Buffalo Wild Wings – Times Square
    • Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum
    • Madame Tussauds New York
    • Planet Hollywood
    • Ripley’s Believe it or Not!
    • The Metropolitan Museum of Art

    Should the list of attractions change over time, I would like to point out the official page of the Sightseeing Pass fast track.

    Reservations and refunds

    Recent events have introduced some changes in the way you can take advantage of the various New York passes. Especially the capacity reduction inside enclosed spaces led to the need to have to book entry in advance to many attractions indicating the day and time of your visit.

    To understand which activities require this procedure, I invite you to consult the description of the attractions you are interested in on the official website of the pass, where you will find specified whether or not it will be necessary to book in advance.

    If you want to buy the pass on the website of tourist agencies like Viator o Getyourguide and not on the official website, know that the refund policies of the respective agencies will apply.

    Regarding the refund policy, the Sightseeing Day Pass offers the possibility of buy insurance which allows you to get a full refund. The price of this insurance is 4% of the value of the pass.

    Note: this insurance can be purchased only and exclusively from the official website. If you buy the pass from other channels, you will not be able to buy it and therefore ask for a refund.

    Also be very careful though, because once you have booked even one attraction your whole pass will come considered to be activated and then you will no longer be able to request a refund.

    pros and cons

    Before going into the details, let's immediately set the record straight in order to facilitate the choice. What are the pros and cons del pass Sightseeing Day Pass?

    • Pro: exceptional flexibility; high choice; high savings percentage; easy collection and use methods (e-ticket); hop on - hop off bus valid for the number of days of the pass purchased; large number of discounts.
    • Cons: the Sightseeing Day Pass is one of the best passes on the market: difficult to find fault, especially in comparison to the direct competitor which, however, can be slightly cheaper depending on the discounts put in place.

    Comparison with the New York Pass

    • Chapter tour in bus hop on – hop off: Unlike the New York Pass, the Sightseeing Day Pass offers tickets that are valid for the duration of the pass
    • Net of current promotions and remembering that you save less, it must be said that Sightseeing Day Pass it costs a little more of the New York Pass, except for the 4 day pass. However, I invite you to check the updated rates, because discounts are on the agenda.
    • the Sightseeing Day Pass offers 8 different booklets (from 1 to 10 days). The New York Pass also has an option in the catalog for 10 days, but the choice offered by the Day Pass seems more convenient to me.
    • Another factor to be aware of is that the direct competitor New York Pass offers one savings percentage until 60% while the Sightseeing allow to reach a percentage of savings equal to 70%.
    • The option saltafila Fast Track of the Day Pass is fine, but the number of attractions on the New York Pass with this option is usually higher. However, we remind you that the Fast Track is no longer available for any pass.
    • Unlike the New York Pass in this case you will have the possibility to access many discounts on particular attractions, restaurants and activities. 
    • Compared to the competitor, the Sightseeing Day Pass offers a discount to purchase a helicopter tour over New York 

    Duration of the pass

    As anticipated, you can buy the Sightseeing Day Pass valid for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or 10 consecutive days. What does consecutive mean? Let's explain this with an example. If you plan to stay in New York for 7 days and want to buy a 3-day pass to use it "smeared" during the week, you are taking a mistake! 

    You can only use the pass for 3 days from the first use, so if you use the pass for the first time on the first day of the week, you will have to use it to its full potential and without limits by the third day of the week.

    Here, a clarification is urgently needed: the Sightseeing Day Pass, whatever the duration, cannot be measured in number of hours, i.e. the 3-day pass does not last 72 hours, but 3 days from the first use. This means that you should use the pass on the first day as early as possible in the morning, so as not to waste time.

    Here is another example useful to understand this step: if you buy the usual 3-day pass and decide to use it for the first time in the late afternoon of the first day, know that the few hours that remain before midnight are what remains of your first day. pass! Use the pass early in the morning if you want to make the most of its advantages!

    Finally, one last useful information: the pass expires one year after purchase. So buy it in advance, but not too much!

    How do i activate the pass?

    The pass is automatically active after first use, whether you have entered an attraction, whether you have taken a tour, used the bus or ate at one of the restaurants included in the offer.

    Pass prices

    Here are the prices of the Sightseeing Day Pass. Keep in mind that discounts are almost always active that can lower the price of the pass by up to 140 dollars. Attention! Prices can change over time! Current prices can be found on the official website.

    • 1 days: Adults $ 139
    • 2 days: Adults $ 199
    • 3 days: Adults $ 279
    • 4 days: Adults $ 309
    • 5 days: Adults $ 349
    • 6 days: Adults $ 389
    • 7 days: Adults $ 419
    • 10 days: Adults $ 459

    How to use the Sightseeing discount?

    As already explained, if you buy the pass on the official website, you will be entitled to a discount of 40 dollars per person (including children) on a series of selected attractions that you can find on this page. To take advantage of this credit you will have to choose one of the attractions from the list and go through the purchase process as normal by entering it in the field discount code the code of the Sightseeing Pass you purchased, as you can see in the screenshot below:

    Please note:: If you were to use the discount for an attraction that costs less than $ 40, the amount will still be fully deducted from your credit, so if you are interested in more than one of the attractions on the list, be careful to use the discount for the more expensive one , for example helicopter tours or extra-city excursions. In this case, saving $ 40 per person can be a good deal!

    Where can you buy the pass?

    Just go to the official website and choose the pass that suits your needs. After paying, you will receive it immediately by mail! At this point you just need:

    • show the email with the QR code from the mobile phone at the entrance of the attractions
    • print it and take it with you on the go
    • or download the official pass app available for both Apple and Android devices.

    The official site offers a discount on rates and a additional $ 40 credit on selected activities, so I recommend you buy it from there. Alternatively, there is also the Viator site. Here are the links from where to buy the pass: 

    • Buy the pass on the official website (with a discount + $ 40 credit)
    • Purchase the pass on GetYourGuide
    • Buy the pass on Viator

    Read our guide to choosing the right pass for your New York vacation

    Which New York pass is really worth it?

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