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Departure from the port of Genoa with the Suprema ship of the GNV fleet. Boarding? at 19. Hours almost? confirmed even if it will go? better when returning from the port of Palermo. The ship ? very nice, the cabin is very spacious and clean and there are many things to do on board. Numerous coffees and restaurants, cinema room, games room, mini club, discotheque, casino, entertainment room, swimming pool.

1 day

Once in Palermo, it takes a few hours by car (most of the route on the highway) to reach San Vito lo Capo. The city? ? very lively with a central street that becomes pedestrian in the evening and is invaded by a river of tourists.

2 day

The hotel chosen for our stay? the Perla Gaia hotel. Recently opened structure, very nice, in an ultramodern style, just as it appeared on the Booking photos, through which we made the reservation. Very kind and very helpful staff. Few rooms (I think 9 in all) very large and beautiful, numerous services available to customers, see bikes, umbrellas and towels for any excursions. At about 400 meters c ?? a H24 paid car park (Sugameli car park), connected to the hotel, which we will use to park our car. Basically 8 full days for a total of 24 euros.

3 day

At this point begins our holiday between the sea, excursions, food and short rides in the car to visit the cities? and the surrounding areas. The Perla Gaia hotel has an agreement with the `` La Dolce Vita '' bathrooms, located right in front, and on the days we stay in San Vito to enjoy its wonderful sea, we take advantage of the agreement: 2 sunbeds and an umbrella for the whole day, 10 euros. Perfect.

4 day

The weekend, although it is not yet n? July en? August, it begins to be unattainable. The coast of San Vito, although a couple of kilometers long, is crowded with tourists, many, too many tourists. We are at the end of June and I don't dare to imagine what will happen? in about ten days. If possible, therefore, on the weekend it is better to take the opportunity to organize a trip or an excursion.

5 day

Our idea? spend the day at the Zingaro Nature Reserve. There are two ways to do this, by land or by sea. We choose the first. We leave our car in a large dirt parking lot, a few meters from the North entrance of the Reserve. Admission ticket: adults 5 euros and our child (6 years) free, although on the site I saw that children up to 14 years pay 3 euros.
There are several routes to reach the other entrance (south side) which is about 7 km in total. Routes of varying difficulty, which pass more? or less close to the coast. We stop in the first two, the first after about 15 minutes of walking and the second another 15 minutes. During the walk a lot of vegetation, but not a tree, nor? any shelter from the sun. For a family with relatively young children the first two stages are honestly more? than enough.

If the sea in San Vito already had us? thrilled, here he literally left us speechless. Are they uncontaminated areas, with mostly beaches? of pebbles, where you need to get equipped with comfortable shoes, umbrella, water and food why? the last kiosk is located at the entrance and then nothing. The sea has wonderful colors and shades, in the water you are surrounded by numerous fish, of different sizes that do not seem at all concerned about our presence. Wonderful. If you move away a few meters from the shore reaching a shallower bottom? rocky, with a mask you can see dozens and dozens of fish. A sort of mini coral reef.

6 day

The second day of the weekend we engage it with an organized excursion to the islands of Favignana and Levanzo. Two islands of the Egadi group, located off the city? of Trapani. In the streets of San Vito we are approached by dozens of companies that carry out this type of excursion and in the end Blu Lines made a good impression on us. Adults 39 euros (plus an environmental contribution of 1.50 euros) and children up to 6 years free.

This ? the program: departure at 09.30 from the port of Trapani, arrival in Favignana, tour with guide and an hour of free time, restart and stop in a cove for a dip from the boat, always offshore another stop for a delicious lunch offered from the Commander (antipastino, penne al pesto trapanese, fruit salad, bread, water and wine), arrival in Levanzo, tour through the small fishing village, restart, second stop for another dive from the boat, then return to Trapani with arrival around 18pm. Nice and fun day.

7 day

Another day not just seaside? dedicated to the visit of Erice. A wonderful village perched at about 700 meters above sea level that dominates the entire city? of Trapani and its gulf. To reach the village there are two ways: in about twenty minutes you can? drive along the 8 km of hairpin bends, or do as we do, leave your car in a paid parking lot (3.50 euros for the whole day) adjacent to the ski lift which, with a panoramic cable car, brought us up to the top in about ten minutes. The? Funierice Service ?, costs, round trip, 9 euros per adult and 4 euros for children. children (3-16 years).

The historic Maria Grammatico pastry shop is worth a visit, where you can find the real sweets of the Sicilian tradition, from cannoli to cassata, almond paste and much more.
Our tour continues until dinner time. We chose La Pentolaccia, a characteristic and typical Sicilian restaurant where we ate very well and at a decidedly honest price.

8 day

Our holiday continues on the San Vito coast where we alternate more? or less short car tours to very relaxed days under the sign of sun, sea and food. For lunch breaks near our factory we often relied on a place in the central Via Savoia, the coffee? Savoy in fact. An excellent reference point where you can taste the delicacies of the territory, a right compromise between genuineness? of products and level of service. Starting from the fact that, after the break, we would like to return to the sea not too heavy, our lunches ranged from salads, wraps, sandwiches (the legendary cunzato bread), ice creams and obviously granite. All excellent, all at a very honest price and with a kind, friendly and helpful service.

On days when we don't want to break away from this wonderful sea, I took care of the small shopping to take to the beach. The reference, this time,? a small food shop near the promenade, the Jolly Market. Sandwiches of all kinds prepared on the spot, fresh fruit and small delicatessen with specialties? Sicilian. On kindness and availability? of the Sicilians I do not think it is more? the case to dwell.
The days at the beach ended (almost all) with a tour of the center at the time when preparations for the crowded evenings began. Unmissable the Sicilian granita, the real Sicilian granita, enjoyed in the Belli Freschi ice cream shop. A very small place with few but exceptional tastes. A medium glass with whipped cream at the base, a generous layer of granita and some other whipped cream at the end. Exaggerated! I recommend, above all, the mulberry granita.

9 day

Before dinner there was still a small bike ride (present in the hotel) to the lighthouse, when the sun began to disappear on the horizon. Magnificent!!! The evenings developed along Via Savoia after having tasted local delicacies for dinner. A few names? La Lampara (also affiliated with our hotel), Crik & Crok and the Arabian Tha? Am. The less intriguing and, perhaps, more? tourist? U Sfizziusu.

10 day

We are practically at the end of our vacation,? it's time to leave, but not before having visited the center of Palermo on our last day in Sicily. We have almost the whole day at our disposal. Let's start with a long walking tour admiring the Basilica, the Massimo Theater, the Quattro Canti, the Vucciria, just to remember the most? famous. Then, in the afternoon, we settle for the pargola and enjoy the city? in a carriage ride more? of an hour. I know, ? typically for tourists and also absurdly expensive (50 euros), but our little girl, sitting in front with the? coachman ?, yes? have a lot of fun.
IS? when the boarding time has come, punctual and precise, even better than going to Genoa. We enjoy the crossing feeling already? the nostalgia of beloved Sicily.

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