Seville what a treat!

Seville, the beautiful city born on the banks of the Guadalquivir, it had been attracting me for a while. In reality? in Seville we were already? were you in 2006 in the middle of August? but I felt it was time to return. Accomplices the Lonely Planet guide that indicates Seville as the city? to visit in 2018 and a Blue Air direct flight to Turin? Seville I decide to book.

1 day

First stop the Real Alcazar: the Moorish palace with splendid gardens. Game of Thrones fans know that? was the set for some episodes of the series! The entrance to the palace costs 11.50 Euros, you can buy tickets online or on the spot. The palace and its gardens are quite extensive and it takes at least a couple of hours. I walk among the magnificent chiseled rooms of the Alcazar, among the colorful azulejos, I go out into the gardens where the orange trees in bloom release their scent, I feel the flow of the water of its fountains and I am catapulted into a? another era, I imagine what it was like to live here in the Moorish court.
Second stage? placa de Espa? at:? a little? tacky but if so? here you can not? do not pay a visit.
On the way back we decide to stop for a cerveza in the sun-drenched bars in front of the university, a beautiful taste of spring that this year is struggling to arrive.
We return to Triana along the walk along the Guadalquivir river from the Torre dell? Oro to the Ponte de Triana. ? the sunset and there are amazing colors. The walk at sunset? truly Romanesque.

2 day

The second day begins with black clouds hanging over the city. Apparently climate change has also arrived here. Are we halfway? March and from what they tell me it's been raining for 3 weeks. We are not discouraged!

First stop the Cathedral and the Giralda Tower. The Cathedral of Seville? the most Gothic cathedral big in the world. Seville? a mix of cultures and even the cathedral testifies it, it was born on the ancient mosque. The Gothic style? my favorite and I must say the Cathedral? splendid both inside and outside. Also can you? and you have to climb to the top of the Giralda tower, the symbol of the city? from which to enjoy a splendid view over the rooftops of Seville.
When we finish the visit it is raining, and c ?? also a lot of wind? never seen so many destroyed umbrellas. We decide to venture towards the Triana market, the indoor market where there are also bars and restaurants and finally we find shelter.

In the afternoon we go shopping. Let's buy some? of ceramics in Triana and then take a stroll down Calle Sierpe the shopping street.

In the evening we go to the Carboneria, a well-known place in the Santa Cruz barrio, where can you? have a drink and attend a flamenco show. Flamenco? the typical gypsy dance of Andalusia, in my opinion? a show not to be missed.

3 day

The next day before returning to the airport, we visit the most? modern the new construction of Seville the Metropol Parasol or las Setas (the mushrooms). The Metropol Parasol? was inaugurated in 2011,? the wooden construction pi? big in the world. ? a? impressive and futuristic work that? was built to redevelop Placa Encarnaci? n. The wooden construction extends over the whole square,? possible to climb on the? mushrooms? paying 3 euros and admire a splendid view over the city.

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