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In January we decided to embark on a trip that we have wanted to organize for some time and visit the beautiful Seville, the pearl of Andalusia. We planned a three day stay, not being very big we were sure to be able to see everything that was interesting and so on. ? state.
Do I have to admit that our expectations were not met, Seville? beautiful and its Plaza de Espana? simply spectacular, it is worth taking the plane just to see it, I think I can say that it is one of the most? beautiful squares in the world.

1 day

We landed around 15.00pm, so? we went to the hotel, we refreshed ourselves and went around, to discover the surprises that it reserved for us and there were some ... we immediately visited the cathedral, a building of more? of 11.000 square meters, truly immense and majestic in its Gothic, Romanesque and Neo-Gothic architecture.
It was built in 1402 to demonstrate the flourishing period that was going through the city? and? became a symbol for its inhabitants. Then, we visited the Alcazar, a building adjacent to the cathedral and very typical of Andalusia, adorned with beautiful ceramics inside and, outside, with a beautiful courtyard full of orange trees, absolutely not to be missed!
The first day? finished with a very good tapas dinner in a typical restaurant.

2 day

The second day we left early in the morning and went to have breakfast in the most popular pastry shop. ancient Seville, Confiteria La Campana, where we tasted an excellent cortado, a coffee? macchiato, and a truly exquisite sweet pastry, made with candied fruit.
After we were ready for a nice walk and so? we arrived at Plaza de Espana, with its spectacular ceramics, its canal where we took a tour by renting a boat, its porch and its ceramic images of all the cities? of Spain, truly splendid!
Returning back, we passed along its river, the Guadalquivir, and we had lunch at the market that overlooked the river itself, with an infinite choice of food and with lots of waiters with bow ties who served at the tables, really unexpected ! We then visited the area beyond? of the river, where there was the museum of ceramics where very elaborate workings were exhibited, was worth a visit.
On our return we went to the hotel to change and take a shower and then we went to dinner in one of the many restaurants located behind the Cathedral.

3 day

On the last day, we went up to the Mirador, an ultra-modern building from which you could admire all of Seville, made of ups and downs, in a circular shape to admire the city? from every point of view,? it was a great experience.
Finally, we got lost again in the narrow streets full of spice smells, we visited the Jewish quarter and we attended a Flamenco show, and how to lose it? Seville? the homeland of this sensual dance,? It was thrilling to watch the dancers move with grace and skill!
What can I say, Seville? wonderful, I recommend everyone to visit it because? ? a city? with a thousand surprises, where you eat well and spend little and where people? welcoming and very kind.
See you next adventure!

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