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I had never visited Venice, so I didn't know what emotions I would feel once I got there; to see Venice in half a day? was exciting and I would like to give you some advice to waste as little time as possible and enjoy it to the fullest, even if you happen to stay there for a short time.

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Am I aware that it is one of the cities? pi? elegant in Italy but for those who decide to see Venice in half a day or for the duration of the day, I recommend very comfortable clothing. By comfortable clothing I mean clothing that allows you a comfortable and natural movement given that the city? ? full of bridges to cross. On one of the Instagram posts, did I specify the quantity? precise. Obviously, apart from choosing the right clothing, footwear must not be outdone! I would opt either for comfortable flip-flops, or for sneakers. Another tip that I feel like writing you? to bring a backpack, rather than a handbag. This is why? Venice? consisting of very narrow tunnels where you often clash with many people, being a city? very characteristic. With a bag it would be all more? bulky and potentially dangerous for your belongings. Half a day not? a lot of time but it was what I had available, so I worked hard more? I could to see its main wonders.
As soon as I left the station, I was left speechless. The Venetian Lagoon impressed me very much! Do I have a soft spot for both cities? than for markets on the water. In Asia I fell in love with the floating market and as soon as I arrived in Venice I fell in love with this splendid place.

The Rialto bridge? something spectacular ... from up here? can you admire the immensity? of the Grand Canal and admire the lovers on the Venetian gondolas and the gondoliers who deserve praise for the hard work and constant balance on the gondola without ever falling into the water! :)

The Rialto bridge contends with the marvelous bridge of sighs. Not everyone knows the true story of this bridge. Its name does not derive from the sighs of lovers but from the condemned who were taken to prison and then sighed looking at the city for the last time.

St. Mark's Square? the point pi? visited. The Basilica? something spectacular. I'm not a lover of art but I must say that the frescoes on the basilica and the type of sculpture that characterizes it in an almost indescribable way, are something that? hard to forget. The silvery color that its domes have makes it soft and well aligned with the rest of its unmistakable and elegant style.

Next to the basilica c '? the Doge's Palace, seat of the history of Venice. Needless to say, its construction has left me speechless.

Perhaps the thing that most? has it thrilled me? the Grand Canal. When did I leave the Santa Lucia train station? was the first thing I saw and what me? remained in the heart immediately. The channel ? so large that in some places it extends for about 70 meters.
What about Venice? a dream and not only for foreigners but also for Italians. I can't imagine how beautiful it can be thanks to the Jazz music event at Nave de Vero in July. Not ? always easy for an Italian to appreciate his own country. Do I have to admit that Venice? one of the cities? pi? admire Italy and am honored to have visited it too.

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