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Last week I spent half a day in Bologna and from this? Little trip ?, I realized how important it is to take some time to admire more? from near the city? where you live. It is easy to fall into the monotony of thinking that there? what more? ? close to us is not to be valued. In a short time I discovered a lot of interesting information about its history, its culinary art and its monuments.

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Being both early and warm, I decided to set the alarm at 4: in the morning, in order to arrive early in the city? and enjoy a few hours of fresh air. Moreover ? the time pi? strategic to climb the asinelli tower, one of the main attractions of bologna as well as? heart and focal point for Bolognese delicacies, good reading and good company. A good breakfast before the hard work? a must! First we went to Gamberini which is located in Via Ugo Bassi, one of the most popular streets. famous in the center of Bologna. We ordered the classic local breakfast: cappuccino and rice cake. Coffee Shrimp? one of the most? known throughout the city. The second place we tried? coffee Zanarini, in Piazza Galvani. The second place more? frequented and known by Bolognese and tourists. After breakfast we headed to the two towers.

Bologna has a medieval aspect and is immediately perceived by both those who observe it from above and from below. Climbing groups are organized every 45 minutes. To climb the 498 steps and get to the top it will take no more than 15 minutes at a brisk pace.
Every 2/3 floors you will find a wooden platform where you can take a minute of breath to continue. The clothing more? suitable ? comfortable trousers combined with good sneakers. Avoid the? Gypsy skirt? and since it comes up on foot you could risk tripping and getting really hurt.

Climb with a backpack, avoid hand bags. The ticket price? for six euros and must be purchased in the information office in front of San Petronio (Piazza Maggiore). If you are a disabled traveler, ask if you can still go up using your arms. I asked for this information but they didn't give me a certain answer.
The arcades of Bologna are spectacular, not only for the majestic arches that change appearance and shape from one street to another, but also for their mosaic and Palladian flooring. They are amazing.

Bologna? one of the few cities? in the world that you can? visit even if it rains! Thanks to its elegant arcades, the city? ? accessible during all seasons of the year.
Another attraction that you can? to see in half a day? Piazza Maggiore. Did you know that? the sixth largest church great of Europe, first in Bologna and fourth in Italy? Its charm? single! Its colors left me speechless! Another of its peculiarities? ? who owns the sundial pi? big in the world. A few hours in Bologna and I discovered a lot of things about its uniqueness? and above all on its being first in the standings in many aspects. Obviously, entering from Via Indipendenza, the shopping street, you interface with the Neptune fountain, another important symbol of Bologna that serves as a preview of the spectacular Piazza Maggiore. Bologna? became famous all over the world why? owns the university? pi? ancient of the planet born in 1088!
In a short time I was also able to reach via delle Moline, where the Bolognese canals are located. We too have a little Venice!
If you visit Bologna, can't you? do not go to see its symbol par excellence: San Luca!
Taking a taxi, which takes you either to the top or to the beginning of the climb to the 666 arcades of San Luca, you can see another of the peculiarities? unique in the world of this extraordinary city. This church, which rises mightily over Bologna in a splendid area surrounded by greenery,? known for the length of its porch, or the pi? long in the world! 3,5 kilometers all uphill.

San Luca represents home, legends, history and religion. A mix that will make you? simply feel in Bologna! Whenever I visit another city? Italian, when I'm back and I see San Luca from afar I always exclaim:? Here we are, we are at home ?. If you rent a car can you get there using google maps and entering the street that will take you? directly on top: Via di San Luca, 36.

If you take a bus, opt for number 20, get off in Via Saragozza, take line 58 and you will arrive at the top.

Behind the donkey tower is Piazza Santo Stefano. Inside you will find the basilica of Santo Stefano which? a complex of religious buildings.

Finally arrived at lunchtime we tried two bistros: Sfoglia Rina and Bottega Portici. Both are located in the central area of ​​the city? near the two towers. We tasted various typical dishes of Bolognese cuisine: tortellini in broth, tagliatelle al rag ?, green lasagna with rag? and finally the tortellini in parmesan cream. We found in both a strong attachment to the traditions of the place.
From Sfoglia Rina nobody can? book a table, the coffee? is still served in the mocha and with sugar cubes, the men? is fixed to the wall and the orders are collected after the customer has written on it there? who wishes to eat. At Bottega Portici, on the other hand, we found the mayor's water; for the modest sum of only 50 cents, you can buy a glass cup and take as much water as you like. There are no plastic bottles for sale. Another peculiarity? of this tavern? that the food must be collected directly in the kitchen which is on the left of the entrance. There are no doors separating it from the restaurant area. Are the prices really low compared to goodness? of food and the effort in preparing it. You will also notice the "zdora", (an Emilian Romagna term to indicate the woman as the focal point of the house, both for the kitchen and for its administration), in the shop window working with a rolling pin the sheet for fresh pasta!

I think that anyone who wants to visit Italy doesn't just come to see the squares, the monuments, the churches or the frescoes. Those who really want to experience Italy also come to eat all that our country has to offer. Food is also part of a people's journey and culture. Let's not overlook this important aspect. In any case, Bologna bewitched me as if I were a visiting foreigner.

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