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Naples? one of the cities? Italian that more? it warms my heart ... perhaps for its thousand landscapes, smells, sounds, streets, markets, architectures and varieties? of exquisite food. Maybe why? it simply knew how to plant its extraordinary roots inside me, inside my heart ... Not? the first time I go to the Campania capital, so I would like to explain what to see having only two days available.

1 day

As soon as we arrived at the station we headed to our B&B on foot to start immediately to foretaste every moment in the city. It was a bit of a difficult undertaking but in the end we arrived in the most? ancient of Naples and in the beating heart of the city. We stayed in Via dei Tribunali, in the middle of all the activities? of citizens and in the area pi? important on a culinary and historical level. In this street you can enjoy an excellent pizza, if not the best, from Sorbillo and get lost in the history of the city? going to visit underground Naples. Before reaching the hotel we stopped in the pizzeria da Michele, where it is said that the first pizza in history was born. After eating and arranging our things, we headed to the seafront to admire Castel dell'Ovo and even before that we had a taxi take us to Marechiaro one of the areas where you can admire Vesuvius undisturbed and in the silence of the surrounding landscape. Exhausted from the fatigue of the first day, we went to taste another of the pi? known in the city: friggitoria da Matteo, where you can also taste one of the most famous fried pizzas. good ever tasted.

2 day

The second day we walked towards the splendid and imposing Piazza Plebiscito. Nearby you can visit the pi? ancient theater of Italy and the Umberto I vintage gallery. If you are visiting, you cannot miss the Spanish quarters, another ancient and historical area of ​​the country. You can access it from Via Toledo, a street full of shops and very modern. While walking you will notice some climbs close to narrow alleys and climbing them you can? access the neighborhoods pi? famous of Italy. Can't? miss the visit to the famous mural of Maradona one of the street art that most? you hit me. After a few hours I went to the Via Toledo funicular to be able to see Spaccanapoli from above. When you get the ticket, ask which stop to get off at and will it wait for you as soon as you get off? a 10-minute walk to reach the square where you can better admire the landscape. Wherever you turn, Vesuvius is always present and always the main subject. Makes this place beautiful and unique and certainly the most beautiful gulf? nice that I have ever seen.
Two days are not enough to see all its extraordinary beauties. Surely in a week you could visit the whole city? and the surroundings much much better. Certainly? a place to return to? in order to find out better.

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