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    Seaworld San Diego: California's water wonder park

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    La California it is many things: an oasis where you can get lost and spend time with your feet soaked in the Pacific, an eldorado for surfers, for lovers of kilometer-long beaches, girls in bikinis and guys with sculpted muscles on display on the water's edge. Simply put, the element of water reigns here! But is there a place in California where the pleasure of knowing the marine world, the thrill of water shows and the passion for games and adventures can meet? The answer is soon given: SeaWorld, San Diego!


    • How to get to Seaworld San Diego
      • The map of the park
    • Le “Aquatic Rides”
      • Journey to Atlantis
      • Shipwreck Rapids
    • Dry attractions
    • Not just rides ... scenarios and shows
      • Orca Encounter
      • Dolphin Days
      • Sea Lions Live
    • Prices and special offers
    • Accomodation

    How to get to Seaworld San Diego

    Address: 500 Sea World Dr, San Diego, CA 92109, USA

    When asked "What to see in San Diego?" One of the most frequent answers is ... "SeaWorld!", But in reality it is a very famous brand all over the States: in addition to the one in Texas, in San Antonio, the best known park with this name is perhaps that of Orlando in Florida (you have taken a look at our article about Orlando parks?). But the first park to open with this name was the one in San Diego.  SeaWorld San Diego it is located right in the city, on 500 Sea World Drive, in the Mission Bay area, a stone's throw from the Pacific. The park can also be reached by the buses of the Metropolitan Transit System, starting from the Old Town Transit Center, which in turn is well connected with other buses. If you come by car there is the possibility to park at the cost of 16$ per car.

    The map of the park

    There are many things to do in this park: you can admire the most incredible water shows, observe the behavior of marine animals and indulge in some wild rides. Here are the main activities not to be missed.

    Le “Aquatic Rides”

    What are the two "aquatic rides” more famous than San Diego's SeaWorld?

    Journey to Atlantis

    This aquatic attraction will make you relive the fantastic journey to Atlantis, along an exciting journey on a boat. You will venture on the rapids of an artificial canal, between dives, jumps and sprays of water, until you come into contact with the most fascinating marine animals.

    Shipwreck Rapids

    You will board a circular raft that will tackle the rapids of a river around the island where you have been shipwrecked. Waterfalls, caves, dives for an unforgettable and… wet experience.

    Dry attractions

    There are not only water games at SeaWorld, but also breathtaking rollercoasters like the Tidal Twister and the new Electric Eel, in addition to and of legendary and feared Manta, but also roller coasters more suitable for families but no less adrenaline-pumping, starting from Riptide Rescue.

    Do not forget the flight simulations on the Wild Arctic Ride and a ride on the very high Skytower, where you can enjoy the beautiful skyline of San Diego. For the little ones, there is no shortage of games: among others, the flying fish of Elmo’s Flying Fish.

    Not just rides ... scenarios and shows

    In addition to roller coasters of all kinds, SeaWorld will give you the opportunity to see with your own eyes all the wonderful variety of the marine world: polar bears, penguins, sharks, killer whales, sea lions, bizarre and disturbing fish, housed in very faithful ocean and arctic scenarios . You will also be able to enjoy many themed shows, which make this park unique. The sets and twists of the SeaWorld shows are matched only by those of Disneyland and Universal Studios (remaining in California), but they have their own unforgettable charm. We describe the unmissable ones, but if you organize yourself, you will be able to see them all throughout the day.

    Orca Encounter

    The orchestra they are among the most fearsome and at the same time fascinating animals that swim in the oceans. In this show you can observe them closely in all their strength and elegance. Among unthinkable evolutions in the midst of the sumptuous aquatic fountains, the fearsome killer whales will trigger a whirlwind of bright colors and will kidnap your eyes forever.

    Dolphin Days

    If the killer whales have conquered you with their oceanic strength, i Dolphins they will win you over with their lightness. Friendly and sociable, bottlenose dolphins offer a masterful show, assisted by their coaches, who will make them spin and play in front of your eyes.

    Sea Lions Live

    This show is truly hilarious. THE Sea lions they can be funnier and nicer than many of the comedians on television! Expert dancers, the sea lions will amaze you with their intelligence and their sense of humor. A show that will leave young and old satisfied and entertained.

    Prices and special offers

    Ticket prices to enter a SeaWorld leave from 91,99$ for one day entrance, parking not included. If you want to save a few dollars, you can buy tickets at one of the two links below, which often have advantageous offers.

    SeaWorld San Diego tickets on Viator

    SeaWorld San Diego tickets on Expedia

    There is also the option to take advantage of special offers that combine a visit to Seaworld with other attractions in the city and beyond, such as the San Diego Pass. In addition, we also point out the Go California Express Pass, a product that allows you to save on the combined purchase of various entrances a amusement parks throughout California. If San Diego is just a stop for you and you will continue to Los Angeles and San Francisco, you may want to consider this pass, because at an affordable price it includes access to 4 or 5 attractions of your choice, among which SeaWorld and none other than the Universal Studios di Hollywood a Los Angeles, another major California theme park.

    The great advantage of this pass, in addition to the economic convenience, is the duration of 30 days.

    About the Go California Express Pass


    The days at SeaWorld San Diego run very fast and by the time the evening comes you will be dead tired. Choose the hotel that's right for you in the Mission Beach area at this link. If you are staying in San Diego take a look at the article linked below, which will help you choose the ideal accommodation in the city.

    Advice on where to sleep in San Diego

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